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SECURITY ON THE GROUNDS : Located approximately 5 kilometers outside of Salem Center, relative seclusion is the first security of the mansion. However, recent housing developments and the growing awareness of some of the X-Men's foes of their location demands that they be even more viligant, even more cautious.

grounds.jpg (69913 octets)

Authorized vehicles and personnel are detected by long range sensor scans. Visitors with appointments are issued a one-shot electro-pass at the gate which serves to identify and vocally guide them through the mansion. Access to other levels can only be gained with a team member or through an emergency computer decision. 

The estate is equipped with state-of-the-art environmental and individual protective technology. Prudence distates that some of the Mansion's security parameters are not to be committed to hard copy. Complete security procedures are, however, psionically implanted in each student during orientation. As new threats to safety become apparent, environmental and individual protective technology will be upgraded.

The Sub-basement also holds the back-ups for the housing computer, this time using a Shi'ar technology and data storage facilities, occupying a fraction of the space allocated to the Computer Main Memory.

Front Gate
- Protected by Communications/Repeater Tower and Guard Robot, also outfitted with long range sensors scans, vision-voice intercom to main house, and Stark International Anti-Acceleration Field Generators to prevent ramming.
Communications/Repeater Tower - This "radio shack" provides communication monitoring and equipment logs. The structure is explosion proof and has standard battery backups. The tower provides seismic alarms below ground and motion detection alarms above.
Guard Robot - Typical guard robot mainly used for deterence but with limited offensive capability. Guard robots are part of in-ground anti-aircraft emplacements. Seismic motion sensors can activate guard robots. These robots are placed gthroughout the grounds.

tunnels.gif (69913 octets)WARNING: Estate grounds are honey-combed with tunnels and underground passageways of great antiquity. Caution is advised. (See the Morlock Tunnels) Individuals are also advised to avoid the area containing Devil's Rock (The N'gari Demons gateway). Approach this stone with extreme caution for your own security.



Cerebro Security - Finger pads (reconfigurable for other races) conduct expressive body field measurements that identify individuals. The Lo-Res Antenna info plus the Finger Field sensor input is monitored throughout Cerebro use- any irregularities could be a sign of deception or psi-intrusion. The Cerebro User List is subject to periodic review and battlefield update.
X-Men Smart Key - Most secured areas of the manison are outfitted with these "smart keys", which are basically a finger pad which scans the thumbprint and validates the ID in the Master Control.
Security Doors - Constructed of adamantium-melded steel to protect the most sensitive areas of the sub-basement complex, these specially designed doors with bio- molecular locking mechanisms respond only to authorized personnel (Xavier & Senior Staff).
WarRoom Security - Security in this area is relatively light because of the difficulty of reaching it. Individual stations have constant monitoring for user integrity. Sensitive information sources, such as The Mission Planning Globe and the Training Coordination center are "Key Switches". (See X-Men Smart Key, above)
Danger Room Security - Danger Room doors and walls are primarily constructed of a Nickel-Titanium alloy. Layered within these walls are localized force-fields tru=iggered by master Control Intruder Detection Systems. Similarly, dedicated electromechanical security devices regulate entry to the Ready Room Elevator and Control Room.

THE MORLOCK TUNNELS - Though the tunnels are no longer occupied by the often-times tunnels.gif (69913 octets)hostile group of mutants known as the Morlocks, this underground labyrinth remains the weakest area of defense. Little is known regarding the original construction of the tunnels, which predates Morlock occupation. Because of the highly unstable and progressively deteriorating nature of these pathways, (further complicated by the presence of subterranian rivers with extremely dangerous currents) much of the tunnels remain uncharted-- that which is known to us is constantly monitored by computer surveillance, with defensive stun beams installed at crucial junctures to prevent attack from this quarter.

NOTE: Admittance to the tunnels is strictly prohibitied except in the event of a full-scale assault on the mansion. If all other alternative routes have been cut off, the tunnels may become an egress of last resort. Subterranian evacuation drills are held in the Danger Room holo-grid once a month.

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