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On the Nine Worlds of the Asgardian dimension system, there are six different races of intelligent humanoid beings. The gods are the most human-looking and powerful race of the six. The origin of the gods is shrouded in legend. It is believed that they are not native to the dimension of Asgard, but were born on Earth and relocated there at some point in the distant past. The gods of Asgard were worshipped about a millennium ago by the Norsemen of Scandinavia and various Germanic tribes (who called them by variant names; e.g. Wotan instead of Odin). The gods no longer have or actively seek worshippers on Earth. Certain gods, notably Thor and Odin, still take interest in the welfare of humanity. The gods possess certain superhuman physical attributes. They are extremely long-lived (though not immortal like the Olympian gods), aging at an extra, ordinarily slow rate upon reaching adulthood. Asgardian flesh and bone is about three times denser than similar human tissue, contributing to the gods' superhuman strength and weight. An average male god can lift (press) about 30 tons; an average female god can lift (press) about 25 tons. Gods are immune to all terrestrial diseases and resistant to conventional injury. The metabolism of the gods gives them superhuman endurance in all physical activities.

The second race of Asgard is the Giants, whose dwelling place is Jotunheim. The Giants are basically humanoid in appearance and color, although they tend toward the Neanderthal in body and bone structure. Their most distinguishing feature is their height. The average Giant is twenty feet tall, although some reach up to thirty feet. On occasion, Giants will produce stunted offspring who look similar to the Gods. Loki and the Executioner are both children of Giants, despite their diminutive six or seven foot stature. Giants tend to lead a simple hunter / gatherer type of existence, but their great resentment of the Gods' superior attributes frequently incite them to wage war against the Gods. Giants are frequently sub-classified by their locale: Storm Giants live in the mountains, while Frost Giants live in the frozen tundra. The eldest Frost Giant Is Ymir.

The third race of Asgard is the Dwarves. Dwarves are smaller in stature than the gods, and have squat, stocky bodies. Their average height is four feet. The Dwarves tend to be craftsmen and farmers who maintain friendly trade and peace relations with the Gods. Dwarves dwell in the land of Nidavellir, which is part of the landmass where Asgard and Vanaheim are situated. Dwarves have crafted such Asgardian weapons as the hammer Mjoinir and the spear Gungnir, although it was the magic of Odin that imbued these objects with their special enchantments.

The fourth race of Asgard is the Elves. There are two types of Elves; the Dark Elves end the Light Elves, and each dwell in their own separate world, Svartalfheim and Alfheim, respectively. Elves of both kinds vary greatly in size, from four to eight feet. They tend toward slender bodies with proportionately long limbs, although there are exceptions. The Light Elves tend to be lighter in color than the Dark Elves, end dwell on the surface while the Dark Elves dwell underground. Both types have a natural proclivity towards magic.

The fifth race of Asgard is the Trolls. The Trolls are the least human looking of the denizens of the worlds of Asgard, possessing body characteristics that are almost simian. Trolls are stocky arid massive, have thick body hair (almost fur), and tend toward a ruddy orange in color. They are on the average taller than the Gods but shorter than the Giants, around seven feet tall, although some Trolls are considerably taller. They live in scattered settlements throughout Asgard, Vaneheim, Jotunheim, and Svartalfheim, mostly underground. The Trolls toil as miners and metalworkers. As belligerent as the Giants, Trolls make up in craftiness what they lack in size. Trolls tend to be extremely strong, stronger than the average God, Dwarf, or Elf, and on a par with the Giants. Certain Trolls like Ulik rival the thunder god Thor in strength. The Trolls dislike the other races of Asgard, particularly the Gods, and have as little to do with them as possible unless the opportunity for conquest presents itself. The Trolls of the Asgard Mountains are currently united under the leadership of Geirrodur, although revolutions are commonplace.

The sixth race of Asgard is the Demons. The Demons are beings of fire who dwell in Muspelheim, but sometimes venture to the other worlds in the name of war. A nomadic race, the Demons are the offspring of the great fire demon Surtur, whose existence is said to precede that of the Gods. The Demons tend to be about the same stature as the Gods. Other than Surtur, no other individual Asgardian Demon is known.

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