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Powers A - D
Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Hulk, Iron Fist
Related Powers: Chi

Ability Boost allows immediate self-improvement in one ability score (chosen in advance). This power adds its intensity in points to that ability score, up to a maximum of 20. This effect lasts for an aura duration. After the duration, the score drops back to its original level, regardless of the effects that causes.

When part of a suit of powered armor or other piece of equipment, Ability Boost usually just raises the hero's ability score to the intensity level while the equipment is active.

Stunt-Dual Ability Boost: Your hero can boost two abilities at once, each limited by the power' intensity total.

Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Sebastian Shaw, Strong Guy, Sunspot
Related Powers: Energy Conversion, Energy Reflection

Your hero can absorb a certain type of damage (examples include fire damage, cold damage or kinetic damage). Absorptions of different types must be chosen separately. Any attacks made in the specified mode inflict no damage on the hero, up to the intensity of the absorption. Damage totals greater than the power’s intensity are suffered as normal, as if the Absorption were additional defense.

Stunt-Absorption Boost: This is a specialized form of Absorption that allows the hero to convert energy into Strength. Your hero still absorbs up to the power's intensity in energy of whatever form, but no temporarily enhances his or her own body with it. The hero's Strength score increases by a number of points equal to the power's intensity up to a total score of 20. The heightened Strength lasts for an aura duration, and then drops to normal.
Stunt-Absorption Conversion: Your hero transforms the absorbed energy or force into another kind of damage-causing effect. This new damage cannot be redirected without a power or stunt that does so. (e.g., Fire Control).

Stunt-Absorption Healing: Damage is not only absorbed, but it can be used to restore your hero's health. This requires one exchange fully devoted to healing after the damage-causing effect is absorbed. For every 10 wounds absorbed, the player redraws one lost card, up to no more than the hero's base Hand Size. (Characters gain one-half the absorbed damage in Health, up to their maximums.)

Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Mantis, Husk
Related Powers: Life Support, Shapeshifting

Adaption physically changes your hero's body to suit hostile environments. After an exchange during which the hero must concentrate, he or she can effect a change in physical aspects such as looks, skin, lung capacity, and resistance to natural damage sources. Your hero can adapt to the strength of an alien planet's natives or to breathing methane atmospheres. The power adapts to environments, not situations; a hero can't grow wings if pushed off a cliff, but can grow gills when plunged into water. Similarly, your hero will gain no resistance to being struck, but may gain Resistance to Fire if among the Lava Men. Maximum resistances are at the power's intensity and last for days or weeks at a time.

Stunt-Life Support: While using this power, your hero doesn't have to breathe, eat or sleep.

Stunt-Situational Adaption: An average Adaption action allows your hero to consciously adapt his or her body to a situation. Without the physical need to make such a change (such as in preparation for an attack), it takes a full exchange to effect such a forced alteration. Willed Adaptions last while your hero concentrates on them.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Spiral, Doctor Octopus, Forearm, Scorpion, Nightcrawler
Related Powers: Wings

Your hero has an additional arm, leg, tentacle or prehensile tail. Extra arms allow the hero to lift multiple objects at once, while an extra pair of legs makes the hero a centaur, allowing a kick attack. A prehensile tentacle or tail can be used with the hero’s normal agility score, allowing quick movement through trees, vines, poles and wires.
Your hero can make one additional physical attack with the additional limbs. This additional attack is a contingent action, with the Strength score of the new limb equal to its intensity. Other logical contingent actions can be performed, such as lifting multiple objects.

Stunt-Constriction: Your hero’s limbs can perform a hold as a contingent action after an undodged attack. This attempt requires an average Strength (Additional Limbs) action to break free, or the next exchange’s attack cannot be dodged. The victim can try this escape every exchange, but it costs an action.

Stunt-Detachable: Your hero’s extra limbs can detach and still be controlled at up to firing distance. The hero can feel sensations with these limbs even if they aren’t attached.

Stunt-Extension: Your hero’s limbs can extend as if they had elongation.

Stunt-Seven League Strides: Your hero can cross firing distance in one exchange and still take an action.

Stunt: Telescopic Attack: Your hero can make a surprise physical attack at firing distance. This can work only if the hero isn’t in a fight at the time he or she tries this stunt.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto
Related Powers: Enhanced Senses

By physically growing, attaching, or altering additional eyes or other sensory organs, your hero automatically gains one Enhanced Sense power.

Stunt-Wandering Eye (or Ear or Whatever): Your hero’s additional sensor can move on its own and transmit information back as if using the equivalent of ESP.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Brood Queen, Mojo, Pestilence
Related Powers: Corrosion, Poison

Your hero can inflict horrible diseases by making an easy Affliction (Strength) action. These diseases may start immediately or have a prolonged onset time, at your choice. Once the disease sets in, it attacks the victim with its intensity in damage points every exchange. If the victim falls to 0 cards or 0 health, he or she drops into a coma. Someone with the Medicine skill can keep the victim from suffering damage or dying as long as he or she makes an easy Intellect action to do so every day, opposed by the intensity of the disease

Limit-Toxic: Your hero gives off disease at all times and cannot cure them. This can either cause damage equal to the power’s intensity to all within striking distance, or cause disease as above. If your hero is in a containment suit, this limit is controlled.

Stunt-Aging: Your hero can accelerate the aging process. This disease can advance the victim forward a number of years equal to the power’s intensity, or multiply the subject’s aging rate by the intensity (i.e. the subject ages the intensity in years per actual year). The hero cannot kill the subject with this power, but can make the subject old and feeble.

Stunt-Aging Reversal: Your hero can decelerate a target’s aging process. This disease can subtract a number of years equal to the power’s intensity, or divide the subjects aging rate by the intensity (i.e. subject ages one year only after the passage of a number of years equal to the intensity). The hero cannot kill the subject with this power, but can drop him or her back to the moment of birth.

Stunt-Alien Implant: Your hero can implant an alien egg. The hero makes an average Affliction (Agility) action and if any damage gets through defense, the egg is implanted. One the exchange after the implantation, the egg hatches as a contingent action; this will inflict its intensity in damage or take over the victim’s mind. Anyone with Regeneration can fight off these implants by making an average Regeneration (Affliction) action.

Stunt-Disease Remission: Your hero can arrest any disease by making an average Affliction action, opposed by the disease’s intensity.

Stunt-Mind Rot: Your hero can choose to infect a victim with a mind-rotting disease. Instead of causing damage upon onset, it reduce the victim’s Intellect and Willpower by the Intensity.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Storm, Crystal
Related Powers: Weather Control

Your hero may manipulate air and winds. The hero may also use air as a distance weapon, inflicting up to the power’s intensity in damage with hurricanelike winds. Any form of Force Field repels this attack. The hero may also generate winds of intensity strength.

Stunt-Air Elementals: Your hero can create beings of pure air, with Strength and Agility scores equal to the power’s intensity. It requires a full exchange to create each elemental. While your hero is creating an elemental, none of the hero’s other elementals can do anything. A maximum of one being may be created per point of intensity. The hero must concentrate to control these beings; if the hero falls unconscious, they dissipate at the end of that exchange. These creatures suffer double intensity damage from earth attacks.

Stunt-Air Shield: Your hero may create shields of wind up to the power’s intensity in force that serve as an equal defense against physical attacks. This can entirely block any wind attack.

Stunt-Downdraft: Your hero can flatten targets with a blast of air. The hero performs an average Air Control (Strength) attack on each individual below, and if successful, the target loses an action. One action score is generated for the attack, though individual Strengths will vary the difficulty.

Stunt-Flight: Your hero gains Flight.

Stunt-Hyper-Breath: Your hero can blow air so hard that it knocks people over. The hero must make an average Air Control (Strength) attack on each individual in the area, and if successful against a victim, that victim loses an action. One action score is made for the attack, though individual Strengths will vary the difficulty.

Stunt-Pressure Control: Your hero can influence existing weather phenomena. At most, he or she can push a developing storm in some desired direction, or blow a bank of fog out of an area, both by succeeding at an average Air Control action, opposed by the intensity of the weather condition. Your hero cannot create these weather conditions however.

Stunt-Resistance to Pressure: Your hero gains Resistance to Pressure. This protects against vertigo and other such forms of disorientation.

Stunt-Tornado: Your hero can generate a tornado that inflicts damage equal to the power’s intensity upon anyone within firing distance. The hero must make an average Air Control action to control the tornado each exchange; if this control is ever lost, the tornado acts randomly for one exchange and then dissipates. If your hero is trying to control an existing tornado, he or she can make an average Air Control action, opposed by the intensity of the storm.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Diablo, Alchemy
Related Powers: Transmutation

Your hero can change any single element into another pure element, assuming a maximum material strength equal to the power’s intensity. The power requires an easy Alchemy action to work, which is usually only an issue when opposed by the Agility of someone trying to move the element (or perhaps someone who is a moving element, such as the 107 members of the Elements of Doom.) This power offers a veritable periodic table of power stunts, a few of which are listed below.

Limit-One Element Only: Your hero can only make one elemental change, such as affecting only metals or only being able to change lead into gold.

Limit-Temporary Transmutation: The changes last for an aura duration only.

Stunt-Animation: Your hero gains Animation over objects composed mostly of one element.

Stunt-Choking: Your hero can blanket an area with choking gas, or change all the oxygen in an enclosed room to nitrogen. This inflicts the power’s intensity in damage each exchange after the first to anyone in the area, or to one individual.

Stunt-Disguise: By manipulating elements, your hero can transform his or hero appearance as if he or she had Plasticity. This provides none of the other characteristics of Plasticity.

Stunt-Dustcloud: Your hero can kick up dust to reduce visibility striking distance. This cloud affects everyone within firing distance.

Stunt-Elemental Animation: Your hero gains the stunts Air Elementals, Earth Creatures, Fire Elementals and Water Elementals, listed under their respective control powers. It requires a full exchange to create each elemental. While your hero is creating an elemental, none of the hero’s other elementals can do anything. A maximum of one being may be created per point of intensity. The hero must concentrate to control these beings; if the hero falls unconscious, the beings dissipate at the end of that exchange. These creatures have Strength and Agility scores equal to the power’s intensity, and last as long as the hero concentrates on them. Once the hero ceases concentration or falls unconscious, the elementals collapse at the end of the exchange.

Stunt-Explosion: By changing an element into plutonium or somesuch, your hero causes an explosion which inflicts the power’s intensity in damage to everyone within firing distance.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: The Falcon, Moonstar, Ant-Man
Related Powers: Empathy, Plant Control

Your hero can talk to the animals and influence their actions. Most animals can’t really speak, but communicate by verbal and nonverbal signals. This power cannot be used to control humans.

To control the actions of an animal, y our hero must succeed with an easy Animal Control (Willpower) action. If successful, you dictate the animals actions as long as the hero concentrates on the control. The Animal Handling skill reduces this action’s difficulty by one level for a hero.

Limit-One Animal Type Only: Your hero can only affect one type of animal such as birds, reptiles, or aquatic animals. Alternately, your hero can affect only one animal, which becomes his or her companion.

Stunt-Animal Summoning: Your hero can conjure one or more types of animals, to a maximum of one per point of intensity.

Stunt-Animal Telepathy: Your hero can read the minds of animals (such as they are), as if he or she had Telepathy at 1 intensity.

Stunt-Basal Ganglia Control: Your hero can control the basic brain cells of any creature descended from an animal that the hero can control By making an average Animal Control (Willpower) action, the hero can cut off the victim’s ability to breathe or move, at a loss of one card (or 5 health points) per exchange. If the hero fails in this action on any exchange, the victim immediately recovers, unless unconscious.

Stunt-Memory Dredge: Your hero can make a controlled animal recall anything it has sensed.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Wolfsbane, Man-Wolf
Related Powers: Shapeshifting

Your hero can transform into any normal animal, or any human-animal hybrid. The hero is assumed to be in control of these transformations and retains his or her normal Intellect and Willpower, unless he or she has the Transformative hindrance. The change requires a full exchange to occur, whether from human to animal or vice versa. Your hero cannot attempt any actions during that exchange.

See Critters in the Roster Book for minimum statistics of animals. The hero’s intensity must be at least equal to the minimums in each ability. For human-animal hybrids, either Strength, Agility or both may be raised to the intensity. Hybrid forms are humanoid in all but cosmetic features (fur, snout, tail, and so forth), though your hero gains all natural physical attacks, senses, and movement as well. The hero uses his or her own Willpower and Intellect for skill-based actions. Most animals have ability codes of X, though some have skills such as Tracking.

Limit-One Animal Type Only: Your hero can only become one type of animal such as a falcon, a wolf, or a fish.

Stunt-Animal Control: Your hero gains Animal Control over animals related to his or her form while in the transformed state.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Diablo, Sersi, Black Talon
Related Powers: Earth Control, Telekinesis

Your hero may cause inanimate solid objects to move and attack at mental command. These can be striking distance or firing distance attacks. This power doesn’t work on gases or liquids unless those particular stunts are chosen.

An object’s properties are based on its form. Swords slash, boulders tumble, and ropes ensnare. All use the animator’s power intensity as their Agility scores and their Strength. If the hero ceases concentration, the object collapses at the end of the exchange.p> Limit-One Object Only: Your hero can animate only one type of object, such as ropes or juggling balls.

Stunt-Gas Animation: Your hero’s powers work on the air and other gases.

Stunt-Limited Sentience: Your hero imbues the animated objects with 1 Intellect and Willpower. The objects can remember sights and sounds, repeat messages, and fetch objects, but otherwise are rock dumb.

Stunt-Liquid Animation: Your hero’s power works on liquids.

Stunt-Necromancy: your hero can animate dead bodies with a mockery of life. The skeletons and zombies so created have Strength and Agility scores equal to what they had in life, but 0 Intellect, Willpower, and Edge. If an animated corpse is missing parts such as legs or arms, it may not be able to do all actions. (This is not raising the Dead. See Immortality for that.)

Stunt-Object Swarm: Your hero animates many small objects, pummeling all chosen targets as if the items were thrown. The hero makes one challenging Animation (Agility) action for all affected, or an average Animation (Agility) action if focusing all the objects on one target.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Professor X, Doctor Strange
Related Powers: Detection (Astral)

Your hero may separate his or her astral form and travel throughout this dimension and others. While the physical body lies dormant, the astral body, a construct of pure thought, travels incredible distances at great speed.

The astral body has 0 Strength and cannot affect objects in the real world. The hero in astral form may observe actions in the ‘normal’ world, and won’t be detected by means short of Astral Detection and Telepathy. An astral hero is not affected by nontelepathic objects or forms of attack, but may be affected by Willpower powers. The astral hero may phase through solid objects without damaging either hero or object, but will be stopped by Force Fields.

While astral, your hero can travel distances within a few miles without fear of getting lost. Going anywhere else on Earth requires a random draw from the deck; if the value of the card is higher than the hero’s power intensity, the hero gets lost in the astral plane. Getting home can require a daunting Astral Projection action, although most Narrators are more inventive than that. Heroes with 10+ intensity in Astral Projection don’t have to worry about getting lost, and those with 15+ intensity can even project their astral form into space, crossing the universe.

While the astral form is separate, the body remains in a trance. The traveler will be aware of damage to the body, and it is possible for the body to perish while the astral form is away. Astral heroes whose bodies die are trapped in astral form. If the astral body is killed (such as through psychic battle), the player must succeed in a daunting Strength action or the hero’s body will die.

Astral heroes may travel to another dimension by making a challenging Willpower action. While traveling this way, the hero makes an average Strength action each exchange. If this action isn’t successful, the hero loses a card due to exhaustion.

Limit-Dreaming: Your hero can trigger this power only while asleep. If your hero’s body is awakened normally, the astral body returns to the physical body.

Stunt-Astral Detection: Your her can see the forms of creatures operating in the astral plane, including ectoplasm of those adepts who can astrally project. This is an automatic ability; the individual can always recognize that an astral form is nearby. An average Astral Projection action determines if your hero can recognize an astral individual that he or she knows.

Stunt-Dimensional Travel: While projecting astrally, your hero’s astral form can cross dimensional barriers as if the hero had Dimensional Travel.

Stunt-Passengers: Your hero can transport up to his or her power’s intensity in persons into the astral plane. If the hero gets lost or dies, the passengers get lost as well.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Nightcrawler, Skrulls
Related Powers: Imitation, Invisibility Blending allows your hero to alter the pigmentation and color of his or her skin (and clothing, if made of unstable molecules) to match the surroundings, much like a chameleon. This power acts like invisibility if the hero remains motionless; against special senses and electronic detection, the hero makes an average (Blending) Willpower action to keep his or her body and outline hidden.

Blending affects only sight, so Enhanced Senses will detect a blending hero with little difficulty. While compensating for background color shifts, the hero cannot change distances. If the hero stops concentrating on the Blending, it ends immediately.

Limit-Darkness Only: The power works only in darkness. At long distances and in low light, no one can see the hero. This limit can instead apply to other backdrops, such as forests or water.

Stunt-Camouflage Clothes: Your hero’s clothes and carried objects blend as well, regardless of whether they’re made of unstable molecules.

Stunt-Camouflage Others: Anyone your hero touches can also blend into the background. This requires the hero’s complete concentration.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Quasar, Photon, Dazzler
Related Powers: Light Control

This attack can blind unprotected targets by forcing chemicals or energy into a victim’s visual organs. Your hero needs to make a successful easy Blinding (Agility) attack to blind a foe. The attack may be dodged, but if not, the victim is blinded for an aura duration. Blind individuals have 0 Agility in fights and cannot surprise or avoid surprise attacks.

Stunt-Blinding Blast: Your hero’s Blinding can affect everyone within firing distance. If the hero pushes this power, he or she cannot see or use Blinding again until restored to full Hand Size.

Stunt-Remove Blindness: With a touch, your hero can eliminate blindness he or she caused.

Stunt-Resistance to Light: Your hero gains Resistance to Light, including blindness.

Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Thing, Iron Man, Doctor Doom
Related Powers: Density Control, Force Field

Every hero has an armorlike defense equal to Strength score. Armor defense bonuses subtract damage from an undodged physical attack and many energy attacks. If the defense is greater than the amount of damage, no damage is suffered. Armor always protects against physical attacks and blast attacks unless noted in the power description or the Narrator says otherwise.

During hero creation, you may spend points for Body Armor beyond that of Strength score. Unpowered armor can be natural or artificial. Such extra armor is usually written as ‘plus-a-number’, such as +4. The human body cannot handle defensive bonuses above +10, and very few exist above +7.

Powered armor usually replaces the user’s defense bonus with its intensity.

Stunt-Self Repair: The armor repairs itself after being hit. If it is broken, after one exchange it returns to its full value.

Stunt-Unbreakable: The armor itself cannot be broken. This doesn’t change its defense value, so damage can still get through. But the armor itself is invulnerable.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Colossus, Grey Gargoyle, Hydro-Man, Photon, Vapor
Related Powers: Energy Sheath, Life Support

Your hero may convert his or her own living tissues to other materials for an aura duration. A hero in the transformed state automatically gains Strength and defense equal to the material strength of the material transformed or the intensity of the power, whichever is lower. Your hero gains any special functions and innate abilities of the transformation material.

A hero hurt while transformed suffers normal damage. If the transformed body is destroyed, the hero may reintegrate himself or herself if any cards remain in his or her hand. However, the hero must reintegrate all of his or her pieces to reform.p> Limit-One Form Only: Your hero can transform only into a very specific type of form, such as steel or photons.

Stunt-Energy Form: Your hero transforms into a coherent field of energy (which can be shaped like the hero is desired.) He or she gains that form of energy Control and Flight. While in energy form, the hero can voluntarily go to 0 Strength in exchange for invulnerability to Kinetics and other physical attacks. The hero also gains Energy Blast and can explode to affect all targets within firing distance if he or she suffers the damage as well (the hero’s defenses and Invulnerabilities are ignored.) Energy heroes suffer double their power’s intensity in damage points from attacks based on Intellect or substances to which the form is vulnerable (such as water in the case of fire).

Stunt-Gaseous Form: Gas and vapor forms have Flight 1 and can be carried through the air at the wind’s intensity. The hero is Invulnerable to Kinetics and physical attacks but reduced to Strength 0. Air Control and other wind attacks work at double their intensity against the hero. If the hero’s gas is opaque or toxic in some way, the hero may obscure sight or knock out victims.

Stunt-Liquid Form: A liquid form allows the hero to move as a liquid through tight spaces. While in this form, the hero has the power’s intensity in Resistance to Kinetics and physical attacks, but suffers double damage from Heat. The hero can draw his or her liquid back into the body, but if the hero is separated into multiple portions of liquid, he or she cannot reform.

Stunt-Semisolid Form: Your hero gains Plasticity and may mold and shape his or her body in any way that the semisolid form allows. Thus he or she can elongate, flow through tiny openings, blast enemies with a wave, and reshape his or her form into virtually any object imaginable. The hero also gains Strength and defense equal to the power’s intensity.

Stunt-Solid Form: Your hero can assume a solid form of up to the material strength in intensity. So for example, a hero with an intensity 6 solid form can have a body of lead, which is material strength 6. He or she replaces his or her own Strength and Body Armor and other physical qualities with those of the form assumed.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Iron Fist, Shang-Chi
Related Powers: Ability Boost

The power of Chi is the control over one’s exhaustion when pushing oneself to the limit. When your hero pushes an ability or power an amount equal to or less than the intensity of his or her Chi, you don’t send the card lost to the discard pile. Unlike normally, you place that card face up in front of you and then redraw that card.

At the beginning of the next exchange, discard the face-up card and lose cards from your hand of value equal to the value of the discarded card. If this reduces you to no cards, the hero falls unconscious immediately and cannot act until conscious.

Your hero’s Chi cannot be higher than his or her Willpower. This power cannot raise an ability score or power intensity over 20. You can’t declare a second push until your first push is fully resolved.

Limit-One Ability Only: The Chi can be used to focus only one ability score or power’s intensity, or through one specific type of action.

Stunt-Last Kick: After you discard from a Chi-influenced push, you can declare an action in the next exchange even if this reduced you to no cards. Your hero then drops unconscious at the end of the exchange. You may not declare a push during this last kick.

Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Wolverine, Black Cat, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike
Related Powers: Teeth, Horn(s), Quills

Claws are sharp pointed items that inflict great amounts of damage. The power’s intensity refers to the damage bonus of the claws, which can never be more than +10. Very few heroes have natural weapons above +7, however.

Stunt-Retractable: The claws can go back into your hero’s hands or arms.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Iceman, Blizzard
Related Powers: Weather Control

Heroes with Cold Control can shift temperature downward in a nearby area. Your hero can drop the temperature roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit per point of intensity; a hero with a 20 intensity can thus make a 50 degrees room into a -150 degrees room. If the temperature drops below minus 50 degrees, everyone in the room suffers the power’s intensity in damage points after subtracting defense. This power can be targeted at one individual if the hero desires. If the hero stops concentrating on controlling the temperature, it rises to normal at the end of the exchange.

Limit-Non-Generative: Your hero cannot generate ice, and the temperature must be below 32 degrees F for the power to work. Only if ice of the desired intensity exists can he or she use ice stunts of Cold Control.

Stunt-Absorption: Your hero gains Absorption (Cold). He or she can absorb cold (1 point of cold intensity per point of power intensity) and can effectively melt any ice or protect others from cold attacks.

Stunt-Body Armor: The power’s intensity can be used instead of strength for defense. If the hero is hit by heat or fire, the hero has no defense and loses the Body Armor for an exchange.

Stunt-Cold Fire: Your hero can project a cold flame from his or her body. This can be used as a firing distance attack causing damage equal to the power’s intensity. This power is similar to Fire Control, but provides none of the stunts (for that, take Fire Control with the Light Only limit)

Stunt-Cold Waves: Your hero can project pure cold energy waves. Non-cold Resistant individuals within striking distance have the difficulty ratings of their actions raised by one level. This stunt can be used to counteract heat damage.

Stunt-Ensnarement: With an average Cold Control (Agility) action, your hero can freeze a foe so that he or she cannot move. The target may use an action to make an average Strength (Cold Control) action to break free; otherwise, he or she will have to wait till the ice melts away.

Stunt-Flash Freeze: Your hero can push the Cold Control to the max, hitting all within firing distance with a cold burst equal to the power’s intensity. Not only does this harm the hero, but the hero cannot use the power until you’re restored to full Hand Size.

Stunt-Ice Missiles: Your hero freezes water droplets to create iceballs and snowballs that he or she can shoot up to firing distance. These missiles cause damage equal to the power’s intensity, while snowball missiles inflict half that.

Stunt-Ice Patch: Your hero can create slick patches of ice. Those walking over the area must make average Agility (Cold Control) actions to avoid falling and losing an action.

Stunt-Ice Ramps: Your hero skates on ramps of ice that allow Flight 1 while in firing distance of the ground. The hero cannot make quick turns or stops, but with supports can cause the ramp to rise. Ice ramps aren’t permanent and their melting may cause property damage.

Stunt-Ice Sculpture: Your hero can create statues of ice, including mirror images. Heroes with the skill of Art can lower the difficulty by one level if trying to impress others with the sculpture.

Stunt-Ice Shield: Your hero creates a shield that can block multiple attacks with a material strength equal to the power’s intensity. Attacks that get through shatter the shield but don’t damage the hero. The hero must concentrate to use the shield.

Stunt-Ice Walls: Your hero can create columns, walls, and other large geometric shapes with material strength equal to the power’s intensity.

Stunt-Resistance to Cold: Your hero gains Resistance to Cold.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Machinesmith, Ultron, Techno
Related Powers: Telepathy

Your hero may communicate with and retrieve information from computer systems. The hero must be able to access the computer in some way, usually by means of an implant relayed to a predetermined computer. If trying to break into a new computer, compare this intensity to the Intellect score of the computer of mechanical being. This power also allows the reprogramming of simple robots, but sentient machines require a challenging Computer Link (Willpower) action.

Stunt-Haywire: The hero can make large numbers of electronic objects do crazy things for an aura duration, but can’t control the objects’ actions when doing so.

Stunt-Machine Animation: Once linked, the hero can cause a computer-controlled machine to move and perform actions at his or her behest. If the machine cannot move on its own, the hero can give it a limited ground movement.

Stunt-Mechanical Link: The power may be used on any machine with a motor, regardless of whether it has a computer.

Stunt-Multiple Machines: Your hero may extend this power to any number of machines.

Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Man-Thing, Styx
Related Powers: Digging, Poison

Your hero has a corrosive, acidic, or rotting attack that causes decay and destruction. If Corrosion gets through defense, cards lost aren’t put into the discard pile. Instead, they are placed face up in front of the player of the damaged hero. At the beginning of each exchange, one card is removed, and that card’s value in damage is dealt again to the target. When the face-up cards are all gone, the corrosion is finished. If the corrosive is removed before the end of this process, so is the threat of further damage.

Corrosion also can damage objects by eating away at their material strengths. The corrosion inflicts its intensity in damage to the object, and if any damage gets through the material strength, the additional damage reduces the material strength by that amount. If this exceeds the material strength of the object, it is destroyed. So if a 14 intensity acid strikes steel (material strength 10), it reduces the steel’s material strength to 6.

Limit-Emotion-Sensitive: Damage is delivered only to those living creatures who harbor a particular emotion, such as fear.

Limit-Material-Sensitive: Damage is delivered only to a particular type of material, such as wood or flesh.

Stunt-Corrosive Missile: Your hero can launch the corrosive attack at firing distance. If it misses, it will still hit something (usually resolved through a random dramatic event.)

Stunt-Resistances to Corrosion: Your hero gains Resistance to Corrosion

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Captain Mar-Vell, Ego the Living Planet
Related Powers: Detection, Danger Sense

Your hero is in tune with the universe and can perceive powerful entities and glean information from the cosmos. Any cosmic-powered being in the same league as the Silver Surfer can be detected within 100 miles of the hero with an average Cosmic Awareness action. So can any large cosmic disturbance within the same universe with a challenging Cosmic Awareness action.

If your hero’s Cosmic Awareness is 10+, once per game session you may ask the Narrator a yes or no question that he or she must answer truthfully. This power is not Precognition, however, and does not give the hero foreknowledge of events. narrators can use this tool to give a player awareness of an event critical to the game, even if the hero is nowhere near it.

Limit-Location-specific: Your hero knows about the events in only one limited area, though he or she can be anywhere within the same universe and known this information.

Stunt-Weakness Detection: Your hero can look at any being, and by performing an average Cosmic Awareness action can learn any of the being’s limits or hindrances, including diseases and curses. The hero can even use this power on himself or herself.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Galactus, Havok, Silver Surfer
Related Powers: Kinetic Control, Light Control

The power cosmic is the most potent force in the universe. Manipulation of this omnipresent energy is difficult, but with mastery comes great power. The basic use of this power is to fire an energy blast at the power’s intensity.

Heroes toy with the power cosmic at their peril. Every time this power or any of its stunts are used, the hero’s player draws a card. If the value of this card is higher than the power’s intensity, the hero suffers that amount of damage (ignoring all defenses) and cannot use this power again for the next exchange. Heroes with 10+ Cosmic Energy Control don’t have to draw.

Limit-Plasma Only: Your hero can control only the most volatile form of cosmic energy, plasma. This limits the stunts available to Absorption.

Stunt-Ability Boost: Your hero gains Ability Boost, with a maximum ability score total of 30.

Stunt-Absorption: Your hero gains Absorption (Cosmic Energy)

Stunt-Alchemy: Your hero gains Alchemy and can transmute elements but not reshape them.

Stunt-Energy Detection: Your hero can detect waves of energy. The hero can identify the general type of energy (X-rays, light, nuclear exhaust, etc) and can track the energy trail of that specific type. Faint trails or confusing patterns of energy may require challenging or even daunting success.

Stunt-Energy Gift: Supreme control of this energy allows your hero to change the very nature of persons and objects. The hero may imbue anyone with energy powers that he or she possesses, but only if the subject makes a daunting Willpower (Cosmic Energy Control) action. If this action fails, the subject suffers power intensity damage.

Stunt-Healing: Using cosmic energy, damage can be repaired, either for the hero or another person. The hero can repair up to the power’s intensity in Health for a character. A hero draws cards until either at full Hand Size or the value of the cards drawn equals or exceeds the intensity.

Stunt-Resistance to Radiation: Your hero gains Resistance to Radiation, including Cosmic Energy.

Stunt-Starburst: Your hero can push the Cosmic Energy Control to the max, hitting everyone within firing distance with an energy burst equal to the power’s intensity. Not only does this harm the hero, but the hero cannot use his or her power until you are restored to full Hand Size.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Spider-Man, Taskmaster
Related Powers: Cosmic Awareness, Enhanced Senses, Radar Sense

This inherent warning of danger is also called Combat Sense- or in the case of its most famous possessor, Spider-Sense. This power's intensity can be used in place of Agility for the purpose of dodging attacks.

A hero with a Danger Sense of intensity 5 or more cannot be surprised- that is, you get to declare an action in any exchange where anyone declares a surprise attack on your hero. This doesn't reveal the type of the attack, just that one is coming. A Narrator might tell you that there's something bad behind the door before your hero goes in, but not exactly what it is.

Stunt-Danger Sense Tracking: Your hero can use a tracer of some sort that keys into Danger Sense. This imbues a skill in Tracking an individual who bears such a tracer.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Darkstar, Cloak, Shroud, Blackout

Related Powers: Shadow Control, Light Control

Your hero may summon the extra-dimensional energy field called the Darkforce. The frigid Darkforce inflicts damage equal to the power's intensity when it hits. Victims who don't dodge have defense equal to Willpower, not Strength.

Limit-Darkforce Hostility: The Darkforce is sentient and it doesn't like the hero. Thus, every time the hero uses the power, he or she must discard a card, which is not redrawn.

Stunt-Create Darkness: By bringing the Darkforce to Earth, the hero can black out everything within firing distance. Normal vision is obscured, and those with infravision or light powers must make challenging actions opposed by the intensity of the darkness to use those powers.

Stunt-Darkforce Aura: An energy shield wraps around your hero's body, acting as a personal Force Field equal to the intensity. It covers the body in blackness, but allows the hero to see outside.

Stunt-Darkforce Missile: Your hero may form Darkforce arrows, daggers, stones, and so forth, inflicting normal Darkforce attacks at firing distance.

Stunt-Flight: Your hero gains Flight.

Stunt-Force Shapes: Your hero can create Darkforce Cages, large gloves, hands, hammers and other shapes of a material strength equal to the power's intensity.

Stunt-Force Fields: Your hero can generate Darkforce auras that can surround a number of people equal to the power's intensity. These people must be within striking distance

Stunt: Resistance to Darkness: Hero has Resistance to Darkness

Stunt-Resistance to Light: Hero gains Resistance to Light

Stunt-Teleportation: Your hero gains Teleportation, usable by moving through the Darkforce.

Stunt-Window: By superimposing Darkforce around his or her body, your hero can make things pass into the Darkforce Dimension and out behind. If used as a defense against an attack, the hero must make an average Agility action opposed by the attacker's ability score or power intensity.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Vision, Will o' the Wisp
Related Powers: Phasing

Your hero can alter his or her density at will. As density rises, a hero automatically gains 1 point of Strength (and thus defense) per point of density changed. However, a high density will slow down the hero, lowering his or her Agility in the same proportion.

If your hero reduces density to less than normal, he or she gains Agility, but loses Strength and defense. At 0 Strength, he or she is insubstantial. At 0 density, the hero cannot pass through solid objects, but is immune to physical attacks (though not energy or force attacks.)

No ability score can drop below 0, however. Neither ability score can be raised above 20 with this power, but reaching 20 in one ability doesn't stop the other ability score from going lower.

As an example, a hero with Strength 6 and Agility 10 has Density Control 10. If he drops his Strength to 0, he can raise his Agility to 20. If he reduces his Agility to 0, he can only attain a Strength of 16.

Limit-Higher Density Only: Your hero cannot lower Strength below his or her base Strength, nor raise Agility above his or her base Agility.

Limit-Lower Density Only: Your hero cannot lower Agility below his or her base Agility, nor raise Strength above his or her base Strength.

Stunt-Floating: Your hero gains Flight 1 if at density 0.

Stunt-Phasing: Your hero gains Phasing at the power's intensity if at density 0.

Stunt-Remote Density Control: Your hero can use his or her power on another individual by making an average Density Control (Willpower) action. The target of the power can choose not to oppose this action.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Cerebro, Doctor Strange, Quasar, Sentinels
Related Powers: Danger Sense, Enhanced Senses, Telepathy

Your hero can detect certain kinds of energies. The hero must have at least one stunt to use this power. This power is limited to line of sight, unless the hero also has ESP. Typically, you must trigger the Detection to learn if something is present; the Narrator isn't required to tell you if something shows up unless you ask.

Stunt-Astral Detection: Your hero can see the forms of creatures operating in the astral plane, including ectoplasm of those adepts who can astrally project. This is an automatic ability; the individual can always recognize that an astral form is nearby. An average Detection action determines whether your hero can recognize an astral individual that the hero knows.

Stunt-Chromometric Detection: Your hero can know the peculiar energy signature of each time period, with an average Detection action. The hero knows what day it is at any moment.

Stunt-Dimensional Detection: Your hero can detect the energy signature of each dimension, and with an average Detection action will know when he or she is on an unfamiliar plane.

Stunt-Energy Detection: Your hero can detect waves of energy. The hero can identify the general type of energy (X-rays, light, nuclear exhaust, etc.) and can track the energy trail of that specific type. Faint trails or confusing patterns of energy may require challenging or even daunting success.

Stunt-Evil Detection: Your hero can detect evil in persons and objects. If the target's calling is villainous, the hero will know. Evil is a complex concept, so sometimes a person with such a calling won't be evil, while sometimes a person with another calling will. The Narrator gets the final say over whether a person manifests as evil.

Stunt-Lie Detection: Your hero can detect lies by making an average Detection (Willpower) action. If this power is used against a hero, the player may be reluctant to tell another player or the Narrator if he or she is lying. If the Narrator thinks the player isn't telling the truth, he or she may impose a negative response bonus.

Stunt-Life Detection: Your hero can tell when living creatures are nearby with an average Detection action. You can declare an action in any exchange where a surprise attack is launched.

Stunt-Illusion Detection: Your hero can ignore illusions with an average Detection action.

Stunt-Invisibility Detection: Your hero can see anything invisible.

Stunt- Magic Detection: Your hero can detect magic. When magic is in force around your hero, he or she makes a Detection action. An average result indicates the hero knows that there is magic in the immediate area. A challenging result means that the hero knows who is using the magic. A daunting or higher result gives the player the type of spell of magic involved.

Stunt-Mutant Detection: Your hero is attuned to the specific mental radiation given out by mutants. A challenging Detection action can find a particular mutant.

Stunt-Psychic Detection: Your hero is attuned to the exceptional mental radiation in general, and as such can make an average Detection action to detect the use of nonmagical paranormal abilities including mind-reading, thought-casting, mental control, and psychic attacks.

Stunt-Telelocation: Your hero can locate one or more known individuals wherever they are, simply by making an average Detection action. Any Mind Control or Telepathy powers can affect the individual at the extended distance.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Armadillo, Vindicator, the Moloids
Related Powers: Claws, Corrosion

Your hero can move below the ground by digging a tunnel. He or she moves through earth as if on the surface, slower if digging a tunnel well-supported enough to allow others to follow (otherwise the tunnel collapses behind the hero). The hero may dig through materials of a lower material strength than the power's intensity, but not those of a higher material strength.

Stunt-Direction Sense: Your hero cannot lose his or her sense of direction underground.

Stunt-Earth Consumption: Your hero actually consumes and disintegrates the earth as he or she goes along.

Stunt-Lightning Speed: Your hero gains Lightning Speed when digging through the earth.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Doctor Strange, Quasar
Related Powers: Darkforce Control, Teleportation

Your hero can travel to other dimensions. The hero can pop into a random dimension with an easy Dimensional Travel action, but must make an average Dimensional Travel action under pressing conditions.

A challenging Dimensional Travel action is always required if the hero is trying to go to a particular alternate plane, especially when the hero is trying to go home. If the hero possesses Dimensional Geography, he or she can use the skill to reduce the difficulty of finding the way home.

Even when the hero knows where he or she is going, the dimensional travel is fraught with danger. When the hero leaps dimensions, the Narrator draws a random card. If the value of this card is greater than the hero's intensity in Dimensional Travel, the hero will believe he or she is in the right place, but in fact is in an alternate reality. The subtle differences of the new reality will make themselves apparent soon enough. Heroes with 10+ intensity ignore this draw (including those with the Dimensional Detection stunt).

Limit-One Plane Only: Your hero knows how to get to just one dimension and back.

Stunt-Dimensional Detection: Your hero can detect the energy signature of each dimension, and with an average Dimensional Travel action will known when he or she is on an unfamiliar plane.

Stunt-Passengers: Your hero can take up to the power's intensity in persons into the new dimension.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Mandarin, Molecule Man, Sersi
Related Powers: Transmutation

Your hero can convert inorganic matter into pure energy. This is treated like a normal attack, except it only works if the total damage is greater than the material strength of the target. In such cases, the object is destroyed. This destruction occurs at the end of the exchange.

Against sentient but inorganic matter, Disintegration must not only overcome the target's defense, but must inflict enough damage to reduce the target to 0 Health (or 0 cards). In this case, the target vanishes at the end of the exchange. Otherwise, it has no effect.

Limit-Disruption Only: Your hero cannot reduce inorganic matter to pure energy, but can reduce it to very small fragments.

Limit-Temporary Disintegration: Anything the hero disintegrates will reintegrate after an aura duration.

Stunt-Disintegration Ray: Your hero can shoot a beam of disintegration to firing distance.

Stunt-Pinpoint Disintegration: Your hero can destroy atoms of a target instead of the entire target. If a sentient inorganic creature is targeted, it suffers damage equal to the percentage of the target that is destroyed, rounded down.

Stunt-Reintegration: Your hero can reintegrate anything he or she has disintegrated.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Multiple Man, Flashback
Related Powers: Gestalt, Illusion

Your hero can replicate himself or herself into exact duplicates for an aura duration. Each dupe is an exact copy of the hero, with all the hero's skills and powers. However, each duplicate has an Edge of 0 and a Health of 10. You don't draw cards for duplicates, but instead mark off Health when they take damage, as if they were Narrator controlled characters.

If requires an action to activate this power; which creates one duplicate as a contingent action. Dupes last until the hero is knocked unconscious or takes an action to reabsorb them. The duplicates are capable of independent action and thought but they have a subliminal link with their creator; if a duplicate is hurt of under attack, the others know of this.


Maximum Duplicates














Duplicates disappear when they wander beyond firing distance. Your hero can absorb duplicates, gaining the duplicate's memory while it was separate. If a hero absorbs more than one dupe in an exchange or if a duplicate is killed, the original hero must make a challenging Willpower action or black out for an aura duration. This power cannot be pushed.

Limit-Future Duplicates: Your hero pulls duplicates out of his or her own future. If a duplicate dies, the hero must make a successful desperate Willpower action or be paralyzed with fear. This continues until the hero succeeds at such an action.

Limit-Living Duplicates: The duplicates are alive and have their own personalities. If a duplicate dies, the hero's intensity in Duplication drops by 1

Stunt-Reabsorption Healing: Your hero can attempt an actio to reabsorb duplicates for healing. Each dupe returns one card.

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