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Air Cannon
This is a cumbersome weapon and requires three people to maneuver and operate the huge gun. It is highly effective against aerial attackers. Once per round, the cannon can fire a jet of intensified wind of Amazing rank force. Check attack results on the Force Column of the Battle Effects Table. The weapon has a range of 10 areas. If the Human Torch (or a character with similar powers) is hit by the air jet, he must succeed at a Power FEAT or lose the ability to "flame on" for 1-10 rounds in addition to any standard battle effects such as Stun or Slam.

Ionic Blade
This deadly weapon looks like an energized bayonet or combat knife. The ionic blade can pop out of the right forearm of Doom's armor, ready for use in a second.

* Ionic Blade: The knife uses ionic energy to slice through objects and other targets, animate or inanimate. The blade causes Incredible edged damage, regardless of the wielder's Strength.
* Ionic Blast: The knife can fire an ionic bolt up to 1 area away, inflicting Incredible energy damage.

Genome Toxin Grenades
These grenades disperse a unique type of nerve toxin that only reacts to aberrent DNA in a victim's body. There has been a complete mapping of standard genes in the human body done (the Human Genome Project) that allows this kind of chemical technology. The gas does Rm neurological damage each round to anyone with superhuman genetics or alterations - unfortunately, some innocent bystanders are affected by this toxin. Anyone with obviously genetically based maladies (Down's Syndrome, etc.) will be affected like a mutant or altered human. There is a 30% chance of this toxin affecting alien humanoid physiologies also. The toxin cloud is 20' by 20' by 10' high and lasts for 5 rounds.

Electro-Physiological Flux Generator
This is a rifle-sized weapon that will intensify the neurological activity in a target (Amazing intensity for determining if the effect can be resisted). What this does, in effect, is electrocute the target from within. The more neurological energy that is going through the target, the worse the target will be damaged. There are two things that will determine the level of neurological activity in the body. If the target has mentally based powers, the highest power rank in those powers determines the maximum electrical potential in the body. If the target has superhuman Agility, that rank is used if there are no higher ranks in Mental powers. The rifle has Excellent range and needs to be fired like a standard gun would to hit the target. The gun is fueled off a power pack on the belt small nuclear fusion generator.

Molecular Resonance Inducer
If you are sick of flattening ammo on natural body armor, this is the toy for you! Rather than punch an attack through armor, point the Inducer wand at an opponent, and a specifically programmed molecular structure will be pumped to bursting with energy to it's molecular bonds. What this accomplishes is a increasingly painful resonance effect as the molecule vibrates itself apart. The most common practice is to set the wand to resonate Calcium, and watch an opponents bones turn to jelly. The intensity of the field, range, and damage is Remarkable - the wand can be overloaded for an Amazing blast that affects everything of that molecular structure within 30'. The wand can hold a charge that will last for 10 rounds of emmissions.

Antimatter Extrapolator
This pistol looks much like the standard handgun. However, it is far more deadly than any typical handgun. The Weapon fires a tight beam of antimatter particles up to a range of 1 area. When solid matter and the antimatter beam meet, the result is an explosion, as a minute amount of physical matter is instantly transformed into energy. Resolve attacks on the Force Column. If the target is struck, he suffers Unearthly force damage, as the meeting of his very atoms with the antimatter particles triggers an explosion; even though this is considered a force attack, the blast itself is considered an energy attack against a target's Body Armor. In addition, the force of the explosion can cause Slams or Stuns (Yellow or Red results, respectively) like a blunt attack. This weapon can also affect individual items of inorganic matter such as walls, doors, and so forth. The pistol can be fired once per round, and has enough ammunition charges for 10 shots.

Stun Shocker
This small weapon, meant to knock opponents unconscious, can be added to the inside of either gauntlet of Doom's armor.

* Stun-Shock Pulse: This device radiates stunning energy around Doctor Doom. All characters within the same area must make an Amazing intensity Endurance FEAT or be knocked out for 1-10 rounds.

Psi-Scrambler Wave Generator
Using the same technology as the Null-Psych emitter, this backpack mounted device spews a cone shaped barrage of high-frequency beta waves at Amazing intensity. The range is a cone 100' long that is 50' wide at it's terminus. The beta waves fill the mind of anyone with Mental powers with the loudest radio static you could imagine. The victim must make a Psyche check each round to be able to concentrate on anything. If they are able to take an action, they may use any Mental powers that still operate after a 50 pt. reduction.

Phase Rockets
Fired from a standard LAW rocket cylinder, this rocket has a computerized warhead with a proximity sensor set for 1 foot. When the sensor goes off, the rocket goes out of phase long enough to travel 18 inches, then triggers two explosions. The first destroys the phasing apparatus, causing the rocket to come back into phase. The second detonates the missile a microsecond later. The result is Monstrous damage that bypasses any natural or inorganic body armor, resistances. Collateral damage is minimal, Excellent damage to anything within 10' of the explosion.

Mutant Power Intensifier
This ray gun was created by Hank McCoy. When striking a character it increases his power level up to Class 3000 rank. As most mutants could not control power of this magnitude so this is not a desirable result. The intensifier can also be set to return the character back to normal levels although this usually wears of within a few years and the characters power return to dangerous levels.

Intensified Molecule Projector
This weapon allows the user to fire special intensified synthetic molecules at a high velocity. Intensified molecules grow rapidly to the size of boulders when exposed to air, becoming a deadly projectile. The missile has a range of 11 areas and inflicts Incredible blunt damage. Because of the extremely small size before activation a standard "gun" can carry a virtually unlimited supply of the molecules. The projector can be virtually any size or shape.

Stasis Gun
A short, metal rifle with a forked barrel. When fired, the weapon emits a stream of energy upto a range of 1 area. If the target is hit, he is caught in the stream and surrounded within a super hard energy shell. At this point the shell has Incredible material strength. If the stream is maintained for a further full round the stasis shell solidifies, gaining apermanent stength of Unearthly. Victims held within the stasis shell "freeze". They have no need for food, air orwater. Nearly all body functions are suspended. They can however, see, hear, smell and feel what is happening around them. The stasis shell is permanent until physically broken or by reversing the gun's polarity and draining the shell. The gun can fire once per round and is capable of 10 shots before requiring a recharge.

Dum-Dum Bullets +1CS damage vs. Non-armoured objects only, normal caliber cost x 6
Gecko Bullets +1CS damage, normal caliber cost x 8
Glaser Bullets +1CS damage to any damage scored, normal caliber cost x 8
Hollow Point Bullets +1CS damage, normal caliber cost x 8
Uranium tipped/Mercury +2CS damage, -1 Range, normal caliber cost x 25
True Armour Piercing +2CS penetration, half normal damage only, normal caliber cost x 4 (i.e. 'Armour-Piercing')
Rubber Bullets Non-lethal, blunt damage, normal cost

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