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Hologram Projector
A nifty little device that works via a hand held projector and a button sized transmitter. When activated the projector displays a 3D holographic image of events occuring where the transmitter is located. Upto 3 seperate images can be displayed at once by one projector. Range is 11 areas.

The Cerebro is an amplification device. To use it effectively, the wearer must first possess the mental powers Mutant Detection or Telepathy.

* Mutant Detection: The wearer of Cerebro gains a +4CS bonus to his ability to detect mutants. Cerebro cannot amplify the wearerís ability above Shift-Y rank.
* Telepathy: Cerebro amplifies the wearerís power of Telepathy by +4CS. The device cannot amplify the userís ability above Shift-Y rank.

Energy Control Nullification Fields
These are small modular components you can wire into an electical system that you wish to be free from energy control tampering. The small modular box will set up an E.M flux field that follows each wire and circuit that comprises the system. Only one module is needed for man-sized or smaller objects. For larger items, the rule of thumb is a module for every 20 feet of wiring. The field strength with regard to resisting energy control attempts is Incredible.

Energy Amplitude/Frequency Adjuster
This module fits over the emitter of an energy based device. It can do two things.

* First, it can reduce the intensity of an effect and increase the range, by up to 2 ranks...Excellent: A laser pistol has Excellent intensity. That means Excellent range and Excellent damage. You could change the setting so that it has Remarkable range and Good damage (+1 CS rng, -1 CS dmg).
* Second, it can reduce the range of an effect and increase the intensity, once again by up to 2 ranks...Excellent: Same laser pistol as previous example. You could tune it so that the range is reduced to Poor (-2 CS) and increase the damage to Incredible (+2 CS). Your range is much reduced, but then again, you don't need as many shots to finish the job! This module will work for energy weapons, sensors, and field effects.

A series of darts fired at +2CS that (if penetrating artificial armor) do Typical damage and inflict Typical damage for 1-10 rounds while giving of Neuro-stuns of Amazing intensity. The target must make an Endurance FEAT vs. this intensity each round or be stunned for 1-10 round cumulative.

Booster Field
This field increases kinetic damage upon the wearer by +2CS which enables Maverick to absorb more energy. His power rank of the energy absorbtion power is increased by +1CS so use of this gadget is extremely dangerous since it may overload his power.

Image Inducer
This is a cigarette pack sized device that can be programmed to create an image around the user. The image can be any human character desired. This is Unearthly ranked illusion.

Interphasic Energy Dampener
There are two versions of this dampening device. One is made for defense of areas, the other is made for personal defense. They are based on the same principal, so I will describe it generically and show the intensity ranks before and after a slash for personal and area versions. The biggest difference between the personal version and the area based version is that the personal version can be worn in a backpack sized casing. The area based version is about the size of a shopping cart. The device is based on the principal that with sound, if you generate a sound that has a peak in the wavelength where the opposing sound has troughs, and vice versa, the result is silence. This theory is applied to all E.M bands of energy in use around it. Any energy in use is detected as it is being brought into use, and a counter-pulse or stream of energy is emitted in response. The result is that any energy emission or control is reduced by 20/40 points. The range of the Dampener is 10/50 feet.

Null-Psych Beta-Wave Emitter
A fairly pricy item, usually only found in the hands of govornments or very rich individuals who must have their privacy. This portable emitter throws a barrage of beta waves that resemble radio static for anyone trying to use mental powers on anything within 10 feet of the emitter. The emitter is small enough that it can be clipped to someone's belt. All mental powers in use in the 10 foot radius or that are targeting anything in the 10 foot radius are reduced by 40 points (eg: Amazing intensity becomes Good).

Gateway Threat Response System ("Gator" system)
The Gator system is a backpack mounted device that makes use of technology that most humans do not understand. What it does is in response to targeted input from the operator or a computer system, it will create a 2 foot gateway in front of a targeted ranged attack and will either create an exit gateway to a preprogrammed coordinate or default to a gateway behind the operator, creating an unbroken line of fire. This will work only for ranged attacks like Energy Emission powers or Ballistics. This device is extremely difficult to get a hold of, unless you own a small country or have extremely good contacts! The intensity of the gateway is Good.

The bio-enhancer is a healing device. It consists of a table surrounded by computer consoles. Energy is showered upon the subject and the table, artificially stimulating the bodies natural healing processes to it's ultimate extent. The bio-enhancer restores lost health and Endurance ranks to injured characters at Amazing rank, once per day. The machine will heal all types of damage except for damage from diseases and poisons.

Genetech Genetic Resonator
This device uses high-spectrum radio waves to resonate genetic structures and detect variances in the genetics of the target from a preset "norm". The device can cause damage to the genetics of the target if exposure is too long (usually a minute is a little too long). A reading can be obtained in about 3 combat rounds. Intensity of scan is Remarkable. The device can be foiled by radiowave control powers, and electrical control can, on an In FEAT cause the scanner to show a false reading. (this weakness is inherent in each of the scanners listed) Range is about 3 feet.

Energy Spike/Waveform Detector
Military and govornment organizations will most likely have access to this type of sensing device. Scanning intensity is Incredible, and they need to be calibrated to filter out background energy patterns, or scanning ability is only Good intensity. The scanner will detect all Energy Emission powers, all Energy Control powers, and any Travel powers that are not psychically based. Will not detect magic or strictly biological energies. The range can be calibrated for 10 feet to 10 miles.

Wells-Ordin Bio-Metabolic Indicator
This device scans at Excellent intensity. This scan is a purely physical scan. It uses thermal, sound, and humidity based sensors to match metabolic activity to a "norm" variance. As an example, Armorskin will dull the readings the device recieves, heightened strength or endurance will show a higher body temperature or increased blood flow, etc. This will detect Self Alteration powers, Physical powers, and others on a case by case basis. Range is within 50 feet of the sensors.

Forges Scanner
This hand held scanner will tell a character trained in reading its output who is or is not baseline human, mutant or alien. It even differentiates between Kree, Skrulls and other alien races. The scanner has a range of 10 areas.

Healing Tube
Healing tubes are metal capsules (Excellent material) with a clear plastic door (Poor material) through which the patient may enter/be seen in the front. Anyone using a healing tube is placed in a deep sleep from which the capsule automaticlly wakes the patient from if it is placed under attack. Anyone sleeping in a working healing tube is stabalized as if treated by someone with a remarkable rank medical talent. They regenerate 2 health points per round, regain 1 Endurance rank AND gain a new save vs. on going negative effects (like posion) each hour and regenerate all lost body parts in one day. The healing tube can be programed to remove or preserve cybernetic implants.

The healing tube heals any scar that is less than 72 hours old. It can't bring someone back from a 3 month old (or older) coma and it has no effect against ongoing mystical afflictions (like a curse).

Healing tubes can give a full diagnostic of a patients health in one round as though the patient recieved a full check up by someone with a remarkable talent in medicine. The patient doesn't have to be asleep for this check up to be done though if an affliction is mystical in nature the healing tube will only detect its physical effects.

Healing tubes have a 2 week power supply though they are usually pluged into a larger power supply.

Monitor Console
This device resembles a desk-size computer console with a large viewing screen. The console has a chair builit into it. The console is built of Monstrous-strength materials, and has the following detection powers at Class 5000 rank:

* Psionic Detection
* Power Detection
* Life Detection
* Magic Detection
* Environmental Awareness
* Extra-Dimensional Detection

Minimum range of all detection powers is 15,000 miles. The monitor console is keyed to operate for one specific user. If the user is under duress, the console will not function. If anyone else attempts to use the device, they will be struck by a mind blast of Unearthly Intensity. If the attempt is by remote-control, feedback will cause Monstrous damage to the one who is making the attempt and the equipment he or she is using.

This hand-held device is about the size of a cell phone. It is made of Ex/20-strength materials, and has the following abilities:

* Life Detection: Remarkable
* Power Detection: Remarkable
* Energy Detection: Remarkable
* Environmental Awareness: Remarkable

Power Amplifier
This device is made of Class 1000 materials. When worn, it raises the level of any personal powers to Class 1000 rank. It will not work on mutants, or on heroes whose powers are derived from an external source.

Physical Amplifier
A Physical Amplifier resembles a large metal cabinet with a door and a control console (made of Amazing-strength materials) . Using it has the effect of raising a subject\'s FASE scores as follows:
# Fighting: +6CS (maximum of Unearthly)
# Agility: +6CS (maximum of Unearthly)
# Strength: +8CS (maximum of Shift-Y)
# Endurance: +8CS (maximum of Shift-Z)

In order for the elevated scores to remain in effect, the subject must receive regular treatments over the course of one year (two per month). At the end of that time, the subject must make a yellow FEAT for the boost to become permanent. If the FEAT roll fails, the treatments must continue for another year before another yellow FEAT can be attempted.

Mental Enhancer
This device is a chair with an attached control console. A cable leads from the console to a helmet which is placed on the subject's head. As with the Physical Amplifier, use of this device raises a subject's RIP scores as follows:

* Reason: +5CS (maximum of Monstrous)
* Intuition: +6CS (maximum of Unearthly)
* Psyche: +6CS (maximum of Unearthly)

In order to retain the elevated RIP scores, the subject must have regular treatments with this device, as if it were a Physical Amplifier. There is also the same chance for the boost to become permanent

"Magic" hat of Miracle Maxx
The nano-factory uses ambient air molecules to create items from seeming nothingness. This can be anything from the classic rabbit (Hey Rocky!), to explosives and laser wands. Any item created by the hat has a max ability/rank of Remarkable

* Material Strength: Remarakble
* Material: Unstable molecule fabric top hat concealing a micro nano-factory
* Known Powers: Artifact/Lifeform/Weapons Creation: Remarkable

Cosmic Crown
This device is a circlet of Unearthly strength material with a round gem set in the brow. Wearing it bestows Cosmic energy manipulation at Mn rank (along with the bonus power of Cosmic energy force bolts at Monstrous rank). The exception is thatif the wearer has a Reason of less than Amazing, the crown's powers will be at a level equal to the reason score. Every month spent wearing the crown will raise the power scores +1CS.

For example, a person with Good reason puts on the crown; CE manipulation and CE force bolts will be at Good rank. One month later, the scores will be Excellent rank, etc until the full ranks of Monstrous are reached.

All manner of power stunts (manipulation, etc) can be developed.

Electro Magnetic Pulses

The following are different types of EMPs:
# Winter-Bringer: This type emits concentrated amounts of protons that collide with existing electrons in electronic devices. This in turn cancels out the electric current. This can be considered as Unearthly Electrical Control, and Radiowave Control. It also has the side effect of Amazing Plasma Generation (Magnetism, Electricity). In Marvel Magneto can do this. Dr Doom has also used beam weaponry containing this type of pulse.
# Gravimetric Pulse: This type is the most dangerous and has the potential to cause a star to go super-nova by expanding the EM field of a star or planet to a point that gravity is centered at the poles of the object tearing it apart. This can be considered as Unearthly Vibration, Unearthly Gravity Manipulation, Unearthly Plasma Generation (Magnetism, Radiation). Nova of the New Warriors has use this before.
# Ion Pulse: This type can cause the most damage to mechanical devices, robots, cyborgs, and spaceships. This pulse can be used to ionize inert gases in space. This in turn causes them to explode with concussive force (Unearthly). When used against electrionics it overloads them by causing causing power surges up to Unearthly rank. This can be considered as Unearthly Ionization, Amazing to Unearthly Electrical Control, Amazing Plasma Control, Amazing Plasma Generation (Electricity, Light, Magnetism). This type of pulse is the easiest to make in a beam cannon form. This was seen in Empire Strikes Back with the Rebellion's Ion Cannon.

Lot Six
Lot Six is a drug created by Dr. Dennis Terral for the Project. A steroid derivitive that enhances physical prowess and enhanced his senses in some cases it enhanced regenerative processes within the body and they bodies ability to resist both Diseases and Toxins. The problem with this is that most of those who survived the process became amoral killers with little conscience and a low frustration tolerance level. There is a 90% chance that Lot Six will kill the character, if they survive then the following occurs.

Ability Increase:
+2 Ranks Fighting (Max of Amazing)
+1 Ranks Agility (Max of Amazing)
+2 Ranks Strength (Max of Remarkable)
+2 Ranks Endurance (Max of Remarkable)
+3 Ranks Intuition (Max of Monstrous)

Standard Features:
* Enhanced senses or Tracking: (1-50 Enhanced, 51-96 Tracking, 97-00 Both)
* Regeneration/Recovery
* Resistance to Disease and Toxins: (1-50 Toxins, 51-96 Disease, 97-00 Both)
* Beserker
* Natural Weapons or Claws: (Choose)

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