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C.O.T.T Time Line of Historic Events in the 1990's
April/May 2000
3 Mutant children, names never released fall victim and die to the Legacy Virus.
June 2000
Apocalypse surfaces, and begins recruiting his Horsemen
August 2000
The 4 Horsemen of Apocalypse start running rampant, mass casualties are mounting.
November 2000
Xavier and Magneto work together to formulate a plan and rallying all they can to work to stop Apocalypse, Magneto is leary but knows this is the only way otherwise there will be no world left for the mutants.
January 2001
Apocalypse is defeated by a united front of mutants, and super beings, he was locked away hopefully never to resurface, his horsemen were also restored to some level of normal and sanity, and are undergoing treatment.
April 2001
New Breed of Sentinel are released on the Northern and Eastern most United States.
September 2001
Mutant teachers are permitted to teach in school, an ammendment being made to the EoE policy; this is a new step in the direction of mutant rights and freedoms.
February 2002
Asteroid Hits causing many of the worlds populace to perish, temporary martial law is proclaimed for those left in existance.
December 2002
After several months of living with gas and air masks: Reed Richards, Anthony Stark, Danse Creed, and Dane Whitman create a device to purify the worlds air supply and manage to get things back to some level of normal.
January 2003
A new Un-named drug hits the market causing people to appear to be mutants for a short time.
March 2003
It is discovered by Dr. McCoy that the Legacy Virus has vanished, seemingly cured by the asteroids crashing to the earth. Many mutants have a better life now, due to its extinguishing.
May 2003
FOH seem to vanish, and are assumed disbanded or dead due to the asteroids crash
August 2003
The mutant drug is latered named Mutant growth Hormone (MGH). Several cases of people dying while using it reported.
January 2004
George Bush Jr. is over-thrown as president and William Trask is appointed as his successor.
February 2004
FOH resurfaces and keeps low profile.
March 2004
William Trask begins fighting for the new sentinel bill to pass through congress to help keep the over running mutants in line.
May 2004
Numerous symbiotes start reappearing in a mutated, and more powerful form then before.. steps are being attempted to get them back under control.
June 2004
Mutant/Sentinel Bill is still in legislature being voted on.
July 2004
Mass murderer Carnage also known as Cletus Kasady is put on trial for multiple homocides.. he kills his lawyer and ecapes custody, to be later captured and escape again, and then finally recaptured.. at time no new trial date is set.
August 2004
FOH is a Major Factor in the United States and Canada and is plotting the decimation of mutant kind.
September 2004
MGH is become a wide spread drug top seller even passing the amount sold in the lifetime of coke, heroin and pot combined. Yakuza have entered NYC in an attempt to mass market it and stake a claim for themselves in the states.
End November 2004
Wing and a Prayer Foundation breaks ground on the Murdock and Logan Community Outreach Center.
December 2004
Reports of a Meteor shower were seen over downtown Gotham and parts of NYC. Two pieces hit, one in the middle of a deserted alley in Gotham, and one in the NYC River. The changes if any are at this time unknown.
February 2005
Reports of the world going crazy for 3 whole days, where the Avengers and other good doing people were attacked and where crime commiters were getting away with it all flooded precincts.. things seem back to normal.. for now.
April and May 2005
The weather goes from nice to Blizzards and Hailstorms, the normal world not knowing what has incited it but after some work and people from the future traveling to the past it is discovered the Beyonder is behind it and eventually he 'loses' interest. Whether this is true or not no one may never really know.
June/July 2005
Arcades Theme Park opens and many mutants go missing. After much debate and investigation, a lengthy court trial is held, and Arcade is convicted on several counts of wrong doing and sentenced to a healthy prison term. His accomplices are still being sought.
June/July 2006
An invasion of a large proportion takes over the cities and states. Black shrouded beings of an almost shadowy origin appear and attempt to destroy the world. They are eventually beaten back by the heros of the World.
Feb-Apr 2007
Apoc has returned and stronger then ever. Not only has his collecting of the horsemen caused massive strife but several heros were murdered in the process. Those whos names have been released are Dazzler and Swordsman. At present the person thought to be behind it all... William St. John is in custody awaiting trial.

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