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Ultimate Talents
The purpose of the Ultimate Talents List is to deepen the secret ID part of the characters, giving them realistic professions. In the old system it was taken that the character with Medicine talent was a podiatrist/surgeon/pediatrics/oncologist etc. Now, there are talent categories and these break down further into the specific talents. Taking multiple talents in one category can enhance and have positive effects in Reason FEAT bonuses or even resource bonuses. More on that later.

With detailed talents such as these, not only can the character's origin be given depth but it adds history to the player, allowing him to be unlike anyone else; i.e. Iron Man, Reed Richards, Dr. Doom and Box are all considered as having engineering talent in the old system. Booooring. Any avid reader knows that all four men use their talents in different ways. Using the Ultimate Talents List system allows your character to blast off into a specific science or skill, mastering that field much like Dr. Henry Pym, the discoverer and user of Pym Particles.

Of course, not all Marvel sciences or talents are covered since some are very secreted and known by few people like the aforementioned Doc Pym (who has Physics-Pym Particle Physics) or the scientist who has Earth Sciences-Metallurgy-mastering the science of creating adamantium and first concocted that powerful substance. That's where your player's imagination comes in, the Ultimate Talents List just gives a better basis for growing.

Reason FEAT Enhancement And Resource Bonuses

It goes without saying that when an Oncologist (a doctor who studies cancer) also learns about radiology or emergency medicine he becomes a more valuable doctor. With that in mind, it is now possible to become even more of a specialist in one's field and have it benefit one's resources and Reason FEATs; i.e. Captain Mold has a secret identity, Mike Moldenson. Mike Moldenson works as a Oncologist at BumberVille Hospital and has Excellent resources. He decides to go back to medical school so that he can help in the fight against child leukemia so he takes pediatrics for 1000 karma points. Now, since he is more knowledgeable and no doubt a more valuable oncologist, he gets 4 resource point to bring him to Excellent. In addition, he now gets a +2CS to Reason FEATs involving his profession and can be regarded as a specialist.

Keep in mind this only applies to heros or their Secret Id's that are currently employed in a field that utilizes their talents. (Of course, the judge could be hard on the players and not give their Id's this raise; unappreciative boss, etc. The Reason FEAT enhancement would still be there but not the resource bonus. That's totally up to the judge.) This system encourages having fun with the Secret Id. in addition to the normal do-gooding hero's life. Remember, the maximum positive column shift for a Reason FEAT is +3CS regardless of how many talents may apply to a repair or invention.

Judges: Keep in mind that this system will have the players running to obtain new talents that will benefit them resource wise in their present jobs. Be hard on them. Make them roll popularity FEATs to get promotions. Have their Secret Id's look for new jobs. Fire them occasionally, give them annoying work mates and when they fail on a work project demote them etc... This is a fun way to play Secret Id's

Please, keep in mind that some talents include bonus contacts. Please, refer to the original talents list to see which talents give what when rolling a character's skills and talents.

Talents Table

01-06 - Alternative Sciences
07-12 - Astronomy
13-20 - Biology
21-28 - Chemistry
29-34 - Crime and Law
35-39 - Cognitive Sciences & Humanities
39-45 - Computer Science
46-52 - Earth Sciences
53-59 - Engineering
60-66 - Fighting Skills
67-73 - Medicine
67-73 - Mystic and Mental
74-79 - Other
81-86 - Physics
87-93 - Piloting
94-00 - Weapons

(01-06) Alternative Sciences
01-25 Catastrophism The scientific belief system that attempts to pinpoint the end of the world or at least major catastrophes that could signifantly alter man's or the universe's history.
26-50 Cryonics The pratice of freezing a dead diseased person in hopes of bringing him back in the future when the cure is found.
51-75 Paranormal Phenomena The study of Paranormal Phenomena from a scientific standpoint
76-00 Parapsychology The study of psionics

(07-12) Astronomy
01-20 Astronautics The science of the contruction and design of vehicles for travel in space beyond earth's atmosphere.
21-40 Astrophotography
41-60 Astrophysics Deals with the chemical and physical composition of celestial matter.
61-80 Radio Astronomy Astronomy dealing with electromagnetic radiations of radio frequency received from outside earth's atmosphere.
81-00 Stellar Cartography Mapping space.

(13-20) Biology
01-05 Anatomy
06-10 Animal Behaviour
11-15 Bio-Physics The application of physical principles to biological problems.
16-21 Biotechnology Application to biological and medical science of engineering principles or engineering equipment (as in the construction of artificial organs and bionics).
22-26 Botany The study of plant life.
27-31 Ecology The interrelationship of organisms and their environment.
32-37 Genetics A branch of biology dealing with hereditary and variation of organisms. Genetics allows the recognition of signs of genetic tampering, ability to note genetic abnormalities, and conduct genetic experiments or projects.
38-42 Immunology The science dealing with the phenomena and causes of immunity and immune responses.
43-48 Marine Biology
49-54 Micro-Biology The study of microscopic forms of life.
55-61 Neurosciences Deals with nerves and nerve tissue and their relation to behavior and learning.
62-67 Parasitology The study of parasites on living creatures.
68-73 Pharmacology The science of drugs including materia medica, toxicology, and therapeutic.
74-79 Phenology The study of the reaction of species to environmental phenomenon.
80-85 Physiology Deals with the functions of living matter and of the physical and chemical phenomena.
86-90 Psychobiology The study of mental life and behavior in relation to other biological processes.
91-95 Radiobiology Deals with the interaction of biological systems and radiant energy or radioactive materials.
96-00 Zoology

(21-28) Chemistry
01-11 Alchemy A medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base elements into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life.
12-24 Chemical and Biological Weapons
25-37 Chemical Engineering Engineering dealing with the industrial application of chemistry and development of new chemical technology.
38-50 Electrochemistry Deals with the relation of electricity to chemical changes and with the interconversion of chemical and electrical energy.
51-64 Organic Chemistry Deals with only chemical elements found occuring in natural substances.
65-77 Polymers The study of advanced chemical compounds to form other new materials.
78-88 Sonochemistry The effects of sonic energy on chemicals.
89-00 Spectroscopy Physics that deal with the theory and interpretation of interactions between matter and radiation.

(29-34) Crime and Law
01-04 Ballistics Ballistics is the study of guns, knowing what bullet goes with what gun, where a shot could have come from, etc., etc. This is the kind of stuff you see TV detectives doing when they find powder burns and bullet holes. PC gets a +1CS to Reason when trying to figure out these kinds of things.
05-07 Camoflage Allows a character +2CS to trying to camouflage equiptment, objects, and self. Requires a yellow Intuition FEAT for a person to find it.
08-10 Counterfeit Recognition +1CS to Intuition for identifying false signatures, money, art, etc. A failed roll means that the character believes its genuine.
11-12 Clue Analysis + 1CS to Intuition/Reason on gathering information on clues.
13-16 Criminology The hero with this Talent has an understanding of the criminal mind and behavior, either from studies or first-hand observation. The character with this Talent gains a +1CS on all Reason and Intuition FEATs involving criminal practices.
17-22 Demolitions The PC gets +1 CS to Reason when figuring out the best applications for explosives, or the creation of home made explosives. Allows a good chance to blow the vault door off the wall without collapsing the back half of the building.
23-29 Detective/Espionage Gains Clue Analysis, Counterfeit recognition, identification System, Law, and Police Procedure. This character is trained to notice small clues to a crime, and gains +1cs to find them, and also gains 1 contact in either Crme, Law enforcement, or Law.
30-32 Disguise Disguise gives a +1CS to two stats...Intuition and Reason. When a PC gets in disguise, two situations could come up. One is where the disguise only has to pass at a glance. In this situation, anyone having cause to notice rolls an opposed FEAT between his Intuition and the character's Reason (+1CS). The other situation is where the character must adopt mannerisms to go with the disguise (disguising voice, affecting a limp, etc.). The person the character is trying to fool must make an opposed FEAT against the character's Intuition (+1CS) using either Reason or Intuition (whichever is higher). In either case, if the FEAT is failed, nothing is noticed. Green thru Red would signify anything from knowing something is wrong to recognizing the character.
32-37 Forensics
38-42 Forgery enables a character to create excellent copies of a signature or work of art.
43-44 Intimidation A character with this knows how to inspire fear in an opponent either through the use threats, brute stregnth, or imposing size and gains a +1CS to Intimidation.
45-47 Interrogation The character is well versed in extracting information from a subject gaining a +1CS to Interrogation.
48-55 Law A character with law gains +1cs to all FEATs involving law
56-64 Law Enforcement Includes Gun and Law talents and the Police Procedure talent. If a characer is still with the Law Enforcement agency, he may carry a gun and make arrests legally
65-70 Military Includes Camouflage, Cartography, Demolition, Electronic Countermeasures, guns, and Heavy Weapons and grants a +1cs to all military matters including army weapons. Gain one co ntact in the military.
71-77 Negotiations +1CS to popularity in hostile situations.
78-83 Pollice Procedure Enables a character to avoid both police conflict and security. For example; such a character could apprehend felons and gain access to a crime scene without being arrested.
84-88 Pick Pocket
89-92 Security This talent has two benefits. First, the PC gets a +1 CS to Reason to create or remove Security devices, provided the PC has the proper background or a high enough Reason to begin with. Second, the PC gets a +1 CS to Intuition for noticing installed security devices.
93-96 Stealth Stealth is an Intuition based talent. It gives +1cs to intuiton and requires others to make an Intuition Feat at the intensity of the stealthy character's modified intuition in order to spot the character. Any movement requires additional Stealth FEAT's, or the watchers get another roll to detect the character. Detective/Espionage DOES give a bonus to spotting Stealthy characters.
97-00 Tracking This skill allows you to track others and to cover your own trail with any earthbound target and through any type of terrain. When doing the tracking +1CS for tracking people +1CS for each person over one that you are tracking.

(35-39) Cognitive Sciences & Humanities
01-13 Anthropology Reason FEAT bonuses only if a specific culture is taken. However, an overview is known on the subject. More than one branch can be selected, each taking a talent slot.
14-21 Archaeology Reason FEAT bonuses only if a specific culture is taken. However, an overview is known on the subject. More than one branch can be selected, each taking a talent slot.
22-29 Cartography Enables a character ot draw and interpret maps and grants +1cs to all attempts.
30-39 History This character can pick a specific branch of history to be an expert in (World War II, South African, Mayan, Neolithic) and gets a +1CS to Reason FEATs involving the branch. More than one branch can be selected, each taking a slot.
40-52 Philology (linguistics) The study of human speech including the units, structure, modification of language. (Character gets to pick one language other than English to be fluent in.)
53-66 Music Cognition The study of musical development throughout human history. This does not automatically grant the character with the performer talent.
67-80 Philosophy
81-00 Psychology +1CS in all FEATs involving the mind. A popular talent for those with mental powers. These character gain a +1CS on FEATs involving Mental Contact, Domination, Hypnosis, Emotion Control, and Mental Probe powers.

(39-45) Computer Science
01-13 Architecture +1cs in architecture FEATs
14-29 Artificial Intelligence The study and research of man made thinking systems.
30-45 Computer Engineering The design and construction of computer hardware.
46-51 Electronic Counter Measures Enables a character to understand, operate, and detect the use of bugs, jammers, and decoders. +1CS to Reason in using them, Intuition for finding them.
52-58 Graphics Web designer, advertising, printing product design and familiarity with the printing industry and various paper products and design tools.
59-75 Security and Encryption
76-89 Programming The creation and development of computer software.
90-00 Virtual Reality An indepth knowledge of human's interaction with computer systems.

(46-52) Earth Sciences
01-11 Agriculture Deals with field crop production and soil management Also, a combination of the producing operations of a farm, the manufacture and distribution of supplies, and the processing distribution and storage of such supplies. The development and repair of farm equipment, irrigation systems and landscape planning. Can also include forestry, the science of developing, caring for and cultivating forests and/or timberlands.
12-25 Ecology Ecology is the study of living things and how they interact in an ecological system. A PC with ecology will gain a +1CS to Reason to checks involving learning or reasoning out things about a natural balance, like what is throwing it off ("See this, the bugs are going wild on these plants...somewhere there must be a tremendous nest underground...somewhere..."). Will be an expert on most ecological situations, and may guess at alien ones also.
12-25 Geography Mapping the earth and its surface.
26-38 Geology Deals with the history of the earth and its life esp. in rocks.
39-50 Hydrology Deals with the properties, distribution, and circulation of water on the surface of the land, in the soil and rocks, and in the atmosphere.
51-64 Meteorology Study of weather systems.
65-75 Metallurgy The study of metal and its practical uses.
76-90 Oceanography Study of the oceans movements and effects on land and atmosphere.
91-00 Seismology The study of earth movement. Includes glaciology and volcanology.

(53-59) Engineering
01-06 Aviation and Aeronautics Engineering This is not piloting. It is the understanding and development of flight principles and aircraft design. There are people who know how to build planes but not fly them. Characters with this talent get the benefit of having their projects cost -1CS less in resource rank to build.
07-11 Astronautic Engineering This allows the character to design, build and modify out of atmosphere space craft. Characters with this talent get the benefit of having their projects cost -1CS less in resource rank to build.
12-16 Automotive Engineering
17-19 Battlesuit Design This skill allows the character +1cs to design and build battlesuits, harnesses, etc.
20-21 Civil Engineering Deals with roads, city works, water systems, overpasses, etc.
22-25 Cybernetics/Bionics Study of living systems with the intention of applying their principles to the design of engineering systems. Drawing on interdisciplinary research in the mechanical and life sciences, bionics has been used in audiovisual equipment based on human ear function, to design air and naval craft patterned after biological structure of birds and fish, and to incorporate principles of the human neurological system in data-processing systems. Another application has been the development of artificial limbs controlled by recognition of the electrical patterns in muscle tissue and direct electronic stimulation of the visual cortex via an implant and camera system. This talent allows the character the ability to design advanced cybernetic creations. With medicine/surgery, the character can actually perform surgery, allowing the construction of replacement organs, limbs, etc.
26-28 Demolitions Precise knowledge of how to build, use and diffuse explosive devices.
29-31 Gadgetry Can build gadgetry, and recieve a +1cs to all FEATs involving them.
32-35 Identify Gadgets Enables a character to Identify and use Gadgets but not build them. Alien technology results in -1cs to -5cs
35-38 Electrical Engineering
39-44 Locksmith
45-50 Marine Engineering Includes the building of ships, submarines and underwater constructs.
51-57 Mechanical Engineering The character with talent is capable of building complex machines for an assortment of tasks.
58-63 Military Engineering
64-69 Nuclear Engineering Deals with the construction and development of nuclear powered, manipulating and control devices.
70-76 Repair/Tinkering Modification of existing machines or equipment.
77-82 Robotics This skill allows a +1CS in dealing with Robotic construction, design, matianence, and theory. When used with the computer skill, the character can design AI constructions.
83-88 Structural Engineering This allows the character to design, build and modify structural complexes (buildings, bases, tunnels, mines, etc.) Building bases or hideouts are -1CS to effective cost of course.
89-95 Weapons Engineering Precise knowledge of how to build, use and modify guns, missiles and artillery. This talent does not include explosive devices. (see Demolitions.)
96-00 Weapons Tinkering Modification of existing weapons.

(60-66) Fighting Skills
01-03 Aerial Combat This skill allows a character +1CS to fighting when engages mid-air. The character has some knowledge of aerial tactics, and possesses keen ability to use such.
04-07 Underwater Combat The Skill allows a character to operate in combat conditions without penality underwater.. Furthermore the character recieves a +1CS to all Fighting and Agility FEAT's whilst submerged
08-11 Climbing Allows you to climb trees, telephones , buildings cliffs, etc. +2CS to Agility when trying this. Failure can be painful.
12-15 Dodging +1CS to dodging
16-19 Gymnastics Enables a character to perform flips, rolls , etc, and also allows a character to juggle. This skill will readily impress a crowd and increase the popularity of the hero +2 every time he works it into a battle where popularity is available.
20-23 Martial Arts A This form of martial arts concentrates on using an opponent's strength against him, and is typical of oriental- American forms such as judo and karate. The practitioner of this type of martial arts can Stun or Slam an opponent regardless of their comparative Strengths and Endurances.
24-27 Martial Arts B This form of martial arts is keyed on offense and inflicting damage in short, quick bursts, and includes such disciplines as boxing. The practitioner of this form of martial arts gains a +1CS to Fighting ability when engaged in unarmed combat.
28-31 Martial Arts C This form of martial arts concentrates on holds and escapes. The practitioner of this form gains a + 1CS to his Strength for Grappling attacks (including damage), a + 1CS to Strength for Escaping and a +1CS to Agility for purposes of Dodging.
31-34 Martial Arts D This meditative form of martial arts searches out the weak spots of the opponent's defenses and strikes against them. The practitioner of this form of attack may ignore the effects of Body Armor for determining Stun and Slam results. The attack by the character with this Talent does not have to inflict damage to force a check for possible Stun and Slam. The disadvantage is that the target of this attack must be studied for two rounds before the effects may be brought into play. The character with this Talent does not have to attack the character, only watch him in battle for two rounds previous to attacking.
35-38 Martial Arts E This form of martial arts encourages quick striking to catch the opponent off-guard. Heroes with this form of Martial Arts are at +1CS to initiative rolls in unarmed combat.
39-42 Martial Arts F This martial arts focuses on circular movements and deflecting. The character receives +1cs to strength for blocking and checks vs. Slams and Stuns. This form has no offensive applications, but instead keys in on defense by outlasting the opponent.
43-45 Martial Arts G This fighting form relies more on intuition than intelligence. The practitioner of this form can wait until all actions have been declared before he or she must declare an action. This is limited to melee fighting situations only, and cannot be used to state anything but a fighting oriented action.
46-49 Martial Arts H The martial artist has trained to have complete control and awareness of his body. He can use this martial art to apply a +2CS to Endurance for the purpose of healing lost health. Alternatively, he can apply a +2cs to endurance for the purposes of holding his/her breath underwater or under gas attacks, provided the martial artist does not move or attack while using this talent.
50-53 Martial Arts I This martial arts is very unique. It allows a teacher (sensei) to gain karma from the actions of his/her pupils. A character with this martial art will gain 10% of karma gained from the student (s) and can channel their energies to allow a karma pool between himself and his student (s) even when the master is not nearby his student (s).
54-57 Martial Arts J This martial art involves using your surroundings to become an extension of yourself. The martial artist is totally aware of all furniture, props, natural objects etc in the surrounding area For example, slamming a refridgerator door on your opponent or pulling the carpet out from under their feet. The martial artist never needs to make a successful grab for any loose (not possessed by anyone) objects in the area while fighting despite being stressed. As well, any attacker must make a successful intuition feat. Failure means the attacker has struck a nearby item of the Martial Artist's choosing and may receive damage as per the rules on breaking things.
58-61 Martial Arts K This martial art focuses on understanding the pressure points and weak spots of the human body. Characters with this talent may opt to strike a target during slugfest combat with a "nerve pinch". A yellow fighting feat roll is needed (the equivalent of a slugfest "bullseye" result). Instead of doing normal damage, the target must make a successful Endurance Feat vs Remarkable Intensity or fall unconscious for 1-10 rounds. If the target is Blindsided, treat the intensity as Incredible. Note: this martial art can only be used against human targets.
62-65 Martial Arts L This Martial Art focuses on sumo wrestling and absorbing/redirecting force. So called "rolling with the blow" The martial art allows a character a +1CS to endurance for the purpose of checking for slams and stun checks as a result of slugfest combat only. This martial art can not be applied if the hero is blindsided.
66-69 Martial Arts M This Talent focuses on fighting, for the purpose of evading. Allow a +1cs column shift to fighting for determining the effects of evasion only.
70-73 Martial Arts N This martial Art involves putting all of your energy focused on to a single blow. An example would be a haymaker, or a long flying kick to finish an already shaky opponent. The good news is the effects of this attack are amplified. Apply a +1CS to damage rolled under the slugfest column. When the target is checking for effects the target must shift his endurance down -1cs for checking slams and stuns. The Bad news is this attack requires a significant amount of timing and energy. The target is +1cs for evading this attack. As well, the martial artist must check for a red fighting feat. Failure indicates the attacker may not take any actions in the next round. As well, even if this feat is successful the attacker always loses initiative in the next combat round.
74-77 Martial Arts O The martial artist has trained in the martial arts through it's original form, studying the movements of animals. The martial artist may apply a +1cs to the applicable ability (fighting for evading, strength for blocking etc.) for performing any offensive or defensive actions when fighting wild animals. Note: this martial art requires a talent feat. Automatic - Any animal indigineous to the area the martial artist has trained. Green -- Any earthly animal, regardless of a martial artist's familiarity. Yellow -- An earthly animal but one that operates beyond the normal realm of similar animals Red- Alien/Other-dimensional Animals
78-81 Martial Arts P This martial art concentrates on working with teammates and soldiers and was demonstrated on the battle field of the ancient orient. A chaacter with this talent does not need to make an agility check if he is the weaker attacker in a combined attack. Nor would his partner need an agility feat if he/she is the weaker attacker.
82-85 Martial Arts Q The martial artist is trained as receving damage, such as breaking a wooden chair on his/her back without flinching. The martial artist must be standing still and requires a psyche feat. If these conditions are met, the martial artist will receive excellent body armour against blunt and slugfest attacks.
86-89 Martial Arts R the martial artist is trained to break objects with his body such as wood, bricks, blocks of ice, etc. Apply a +1cs to damage for the purpose of breaking inanimate objects only. This martial art can be combined with Martial arts N to allow a +2cs to damage for breaking things but all of the limitations of martial arts N still apply.
90-92 Quick-Striking Characters with this talent gain +1CS to Fighting FEATs involving trying for multiple attack rolls. Also gains a +1 on initiative rolls.
93-94 Wrestling The hero with this Talent is proficient in applying holds. It includes familiar types of wrestling as well as the sumo forms of the art. The hero with this Talent gains a +2CS when making Grappling attacks, but gains no benefit in damage. A hero with Martial Arts B and this Talent gains a +3CS to hit in a Grappling attack, and a + 1CS for damage.
95-96 Thrown Objects The hero with this Talent gains a +1CS with all Throwing attacks, and +1CS on Catching. This applies to both thrown weapons and normal items. If the hero has the Thrown Weapons Talent as well, the modification is +2CS when using thrown weapons.
97-98 Acrobatics The hero with this Talent is very limber and as such gains advantages when under attack. The hero has a +1CS when dodging, evading, and escaping.
99-00 Tumbling The hero with this Talent knows how to fall and land without undue injury. Individuals with this Talent may make an Agility FEAT to land feet-first after any fall that does not inflict damage.
* Note: Additional info supplied in original talent list.
** Note: The fighting skills listed here are ones available to the general public.

(67-73) Medicine
01-05 Acupuncture
06-10 Cardiology
11-15 Chiropractic
16-20 Dentistry
21-25 Emergency Medicine This character is capable of working in a trauma unit, emergency room or any other kind of immediate care.
26-33 First Aid This Talent grants the character the ability to immediately halt Endurance rank loss, the and the recovery of one rank immediately. In addition, the hero with this Talent can stabilize a dying character at Shift-0 Health up to 5 rounds after that character reaches that level.
34-39 Geriatrics Medical care for older people.
40-44 Obstetrics and Gynecology. Women and babies and related problems.
45-49 Oncology The study of cancer.
50-54 Pathology The study of diseases and their nature.
55-60 Pediatrics Children
61-65 Pharmacology The study of drugs
66-70 Physical Therapy
71-75 Plastic Surgery
76-81 Psychiatry Deals with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. The hero with this Talent has a background in studies of the mind, and as such gains a + 1CS on all FEATs involving the mind.
82-87 Radiology The use of radiation in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
88-93 Sports Medicine
94-98 Surgery Allows the charactre to repair extensive physical damage. Surgery skill gives you the ability to perform surgery and a +1CS to Reason FEATs while performing them. If the surgery is performed anywhere but a hospital type setting, the surgery is done at a -2cs. Extensive surgery on an Alien or other abnormal physiology there is also a -2CS. Surgery is very dangerous to the patient. If the Surgery is succesful the patient recieves twice his endurance points in health. If the surgery is unsuccessful the patient Loses three times his Endurance points. If the character reaches Shift-0 he may die. Completing a succesful surgery should be worth a lot of Karma.
99-00 Veterinary Taking care of animals medical needs.
*Note: All of the medicine talents include first aid. All can bring back a character that has reached Shift-0 health since Medical School provides basic emergency training. However, this character specializes in the field of which talent he/she rolls.

(67-73) Mystic and Mental Skills
01-08 Bibliophile The character has an extensive knowledge of magical books, scrolls, or other primarily informational items, and the lore concerning them. He has a +2CS when using or researching these.
09-16 Demonologist The character has studied accounts of demons in the Marvel Universe and he knows how dangerous and hostile they are. The character receives a + 1CS in any situation involving demons, including research, communication, identification and combat.
17-24 Mesmerism and Hypnosis This talent is a primitive form of Mind Control at the Power rank number equal to the Reason of the character with this Talent. Information can be gained as per a Mental Probe, and posthypnotic suggestions may be implanted within the victim's mind. Any attempt to force an individual to do something that he would not normally do, or divulge information that he would not normally reveal, will cause the hypnotism to break. A hypnotic command fades in 1-10 hours after it is given.
25-32 Mystic Background This "Talent" shows that the character has some background with magical forces. A character with this Talent may have Magical Powers, with the approval of the Judge.
33-40 Occult Lore The character has made extensive studies into the area of occult happenings, including: unexplained events and mysteries of the world, hauntings, and other manifestations of the spirit world. He has a +2CS when researching or dealing with occult events.
41-48 Resist Domination This permits the character to resist mental attacks as if the character had a mental power of Psyche +1CS.
Ritual Magics Reason FEAT to perform magical ceromonies. To do this you need knowledge of the ceremony (usually from a book), equiptment, and time. Time is 1d20 times 2 = rounds of spellcasting needed.
49-56 Runesmith The character is a transcriber and translator of runes, especially ancient, magical runes. The character has a +2CS whenever studying, deciphering, or inscribing runes.
57-65 Scholar of Antiquities The character has an extensive knowledge of antiques, especially ancient magical artifacts and lore concerning them. He gains a +2CS when dealing with them
66-74 Sleight of Hand The character with this Talent may palm small items, making them appear or disappear with Agility +1CS ability.
75-83 Theogony The character has a +2CS when researching information on the powerful extradimensional beings and gods of the Marvel
84-92 Trance The character may place himself into a trance. While in a trance the character slows his body functions to such a level that he may be assumed to be deceased. A character in a trance reduces needs for food and water to a minimal level, and may regain Endurance ranks at one rank per day.
93-00 Zoologist of Magic Allows a + 1CS when attempting to identify magical creatures and their powers.

(74-79) Other
01-05 Accounting
06-09 Actor This gives the ability to be used to disguis a character. An actor recieves a +1cs to all disguise attempts and opponents recieve a -1CSs to seeing through the disguise
10-14 Animal Training This Character may teach animals simple tricks. If the Char acter has animal communication, control, or empathy they recieve a +1CS
15-19 Artist The character with an artist background creates works of art, either for himself or for sale to others. This includes painting, sculpting, and writing.
20-25 Business/Finance The hero is familiar with the world of business, corporate finance, and how money works. Initial resources are a minimum of Good, and the hero gains a +1CS for FEAT rolls dealing with money.
26-30 Escape Artist +1CS to strength in trying to escape holds or bonds.
31-32 Heir To A Fortune This is not a Talent, but a situation which brings the character into a lot of money. The minimum Resources of a character with this Talent is Remarkable
33-36 Instructor Allows the character to teach a particular ability, allowing students the learning bonus. The teacher is given the same bonus for instruction, and is profficent (+1CS) in a particular skill
37-41 Journalism Hero gains 2 additional contacts in the media
42-46 Leadership The Hero with this talent is a natural born leader. If this Character forms akarma pool with a team then that pool receives a 50 point bonus, provided that this character is recognized as the team leader. When the leader leaves, the 50 points go with him. The leader does not gain them, they simply leave the pool. Only one leader per team.
47-52 Performer The character is someone who acts, sings, dances, mimes, or otherwise uses his Talents to entertain.
53-57 Persuasion This talent provides the ability to convince someone to believe something or perform some action. Like Interrogation, a persuasion attempt normally requires 15 minutes.
58-63 Pick Pocketing Allows the character the ability to "borrow" items from another person without their knowledge. Can grant as much as +2CS to Agility if item is in an accessible place (outside pocket of an overcoat.)
64-69 Politics Being involved with politics in the public eye, you are either realy liked or really hated. If the charcter is already freindly you gain a +1cs in getting help, but if the character is unfriendly or hostile you recieve an additional -1CS. You gain 2 contacts, Usually your chief supporter
70-76 Seduction The character receives +1 to Persuasion attempts with members of the opposite sex
77-82 Sewing and Tailoring
83-89 Streetsmart Character know the streets and how to survive theere. Character also gains 2 contacts at the street level
90-93 Student Similair to Heir to fortune, this talent may only be chosen at the start of play. The student character has no other initial talents, but may gain other talents at a discounted price.New talents cost 1000 karma points if learned from another player, 800 if learned from an outside source. Students may maintain Advancement totals for a Talent along with other forms of advancement funds.
94-96 Thief Allows the ability to picklocks, access security, and safecracking
97-99 Trivia Pick a subject to be a know-it-all about.
00 Writer Enables a character to produce novel, screenplays, comic books, poetry, coloring books. Takes at least a week to complete.

(81-86) Physics
01-15 Acoustics Deals with the study of noise control and Sonoluminescence, using sound to produce light in liquids.
16-32 Atomic Physics The study of solely atomic physics. Includes nuclear physics.
33-48 Cryogenics Deals with the production and effects of very low temperatures.
49-66 Energy and Particle Physics The study of the electromagnetic spectrum of energy and research into new power sources.
67-83 Mathematics The character with this talent is a math whiz, unbelievably good with numbers and as such gets a plus +1CS to all problems that can be solved mathematically.
84-00 Quantum Physics Research and development into teleportation, worm holes, warp theory and other MARVELous ideas. The character can even start off by creating a new specialty field. Counts as two talents.

(87-93) Piloting Skills -
01-15 Airplane Pilot Includes commercial jets, small planes and fighter jets.
16-27 Automobile Specialist +1CS to driving and controlling cars, trains, tanks, hovercrafts, etc.
28-38 Boat Pilot +css to all FEATs involving sailboats, aircraft carriers, submarines, tugboats, and so on.
39-50 Helicopter
51-63 Military Vehicle Specialist Includes tanks, jeeps and other off-road warcraft.
64-77 Motorcycle
78-89 Spacecraft Includes space shuttles and out of atmosphere ships.
90-00 Submersible Vehicle Includes submarines, diving bells and other underwater vehicles.
Note: All talents give +1CS to Agility FEATs when piloting.

(94-00) Weapons Skills
01-06 Ancient Weapons This skill gives the player the ability to use weaponry from a specific period and setting previous to the advent of gunpowder. Further, the Hero must pick the style and period of said weaponry, wheter it be Ancient egypt or Latter Rome.
07-12 Battlesuit operation The Hero gains the ability to use a battlesuit without penality. This ability, while not conferring a +CS, eliminates the -CS for using unfamiliar technology, new weapons systems, or new versions of said suit.
13-20 Blunt Weapons +1CS with Clubs, bats, etc.
21-27 Bows With this talent gain a +1CS, and may fire and reload in a single round. They may fire multiple arrows on a successful Agility FEAT. Without this talent -1CS to Agility to hit when using bows
28-34 Energy Weapons The Hero gains a +1cs to using energy weapons, such as lasers, electrostun rifles, or plasma blasters, save for heavy weapons such as Laser Cannons and Vehicle Weapons.
35-42 Guns +1CS to all hand guns and Rifles
43-49 Marksmen +1CS to hit with any distance weapon that requires line of sight to hit, and marksman takes no penalty for range.
50-56 Oriental Weapons This grants the character a +1cs to fighting or agility when using the following; Shurikens, crossbows, sais, and oriental swords and daggers
57-63 Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons allows the character +1CS for the operation of most heavy weapons, including vehicular mounted weapons and tripod mounted weapons.
64-70 Fencing The Fencing skill allows the hero +1cs for the use of fencing, and also allows for the skills of parrying, disarming, and quickstrikes with a successful Yellow Agility FEAT.
71-76 Paired Weapons
77-83 Sharp Weapons +1CS to hit with swords, daggers and spears (unless thrown). Does not include Claws and other natural extensions
84-90 Thrown Weapons +1CS to Agility for Spears, disks, shurikens, snowballs, etc.
91-96 Weapons Master Character gains a +1CS to hit with any weapon that requires a Fighting FEAT to hit.
97-00 Weapons Specialist Character gains +2CS with a single weapon of choice. Character also recieves a +1CS to initiative when using that weapon.

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