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Ultimate Powers
41-47 Matter Control
48-53 Matter Conversion
54-57 Matter Creation
58-71 Mental Enhancement
72-85 Physical Enhancement
86-88 Power Control
89-92 Self-Alteration
93-100 Travel

Matter Control Powers
01-04 Animation The PC can cause inanimate figures made of any substance to grow or shrink, and to become animated. The PC can also mentally command the now animated figure to do any thing he/she desires. The PC can cause the figure to grow up to a height equal to its current size times the Power rank number *5 feet, and shrink to its normal size divided by the Power rank number *5 centimeters. Each figure when animated develops a bond with the PC. Both the PC and the animated figure can now and then communicate telepathically.
05-08 Bonding Bonding on molecular level, first turn Fe and +1cs each turn until power rank is reached
09-16 Collection Collect matter from your surrounding for instance salt from the sea, this can also affect phasing or ethereal targets if the user remains concentrating.
17-24 Crystallization To affect a moving target agility FEAT, victims may resist as normal. Target (living or non-living) is transformed in gem-like substance with power-rank material strength for 1 min/power rank. If a living being is shattered he remains crystallized until he is somehow reassembled
25-32 Diminution
33-40 Disruption Material strength determines FEAT, living targets may resist as energy attack
41-44 Enlargement
45-48 Extradimensional Matter Control* (See Above under Extradimensional Energy in the Energy Control section for more information regarding this special Power).
49-52 Extraterrestrial Matter Control* (See Above under Extraterrestrial Energy in the Energy Control section for more information regarding this special Power).
Note: This is a Cosmic Power
53-56 Geoforce

Locate earth-related things, create volcanoes, earthquakes etc.
# Earth Control: This power is basically unchanged from its description on p. 73-74, Player’s Book. It is possible to levitate or throw earth with this power, both considered separate power stunts. A character could, thus, learn to fly about on a hunk of rock.

* Earth Animation. The character can create a semi-living creature of earth. It remains in existence for power rank turns, or until dispelled or destroyed. An earth elemental has only FASE scores. To determine their ranks, double Earth Control power rank and divide among FASE as desired. The elemental has Body Armor equal to power rank.

57-64 Matter Animation Alter flow of raw material air, liquid or solid
# Air Control: This power is basically unchanged. Note that according to its description, p. 74, Player's Book, air control begins with four power stunts. A vengeful Judge might want to amend that. An additional stunt is:

* Air Animation. The character can create a semi-living creature of air that resembles a swirling whirlwind. It remains in existence for power rank turns, or until dispelled or destroyed. An air elemental has only FASE scores. To determine their ranks, double Air Control power rank and divide among FASE as desired. The elemental flies at speed rank equal to its Agility.
* Cold Control: by decreasing air pressure in an area, the Hero gains cold control

65-70 Machine Animation vs. machines 'Psyche' which is zero when non-sentient, machine can move at rank -2CS
71-74 Matter Teleportation* (The PC can either teleport an object to or from his/her vicinity. The amount of mass the PC can teleport is equal to the Power rank number in tons / PC's Health rounded. When the PC brings items to him/her, he/she does not create them but only seizes existing ones.
75-79 Micro-Environment In a close sphere around the hero there's fresh air, normal temp etc. this protects against acid rain, extreme temp gasses etc.
80-86 Molding shape solid material
87-90 Warping* The PC can alter the Material Strength of matter by a +/- 2CS, Shapeshift it at Power rank, and manipulate it as if he had Power rank Telekinesis.
91-95 Weather Control
96-00 Zombie Animation Physical abilities at -3cs power rank, mental abilities are zero, health as power rank up to psyche rank zombies can be controlled, they are immune to psionics or mental powers, disease, poisons, pheromones, hard radiation and sonics.

Matter Conversion Powers
01-10 Coloration Change colors, this power can equal -2CS shadowcasting, shadowshaping, heat emission, force-field vs. heat
11-20 Combustion Spontaneous combustion in 1-10 turns, power rank damage
# 21-30 Disintegration This is an especially brutal power that the Judge may wish to allow only with restrictions. This is great power for a master villain, but not a very good one for most heroes. Use of Disintegration, which normally has no range, is simple. After an Agility FEAT to hit, the character makes a Disintegration FEAT versus either Endurance, protective power rank, or Material Strength, whichever is hardest. If successful, the target is destroyed entirely. If the FEAT fails, the target still suffers power rank damage. Against non-living targets, Disintegration will only affect an amount of weight up to what could be lifted using power rank as Strength. Reintegration. The character can reintegrate anything she has disintegrated, restoring the target to its pre-disintegration condition.
31-40 Elemental Conversion Convert matters into a specific element, each pound created costs 1 health. converting a living being results in the being placed in stasis, if only part is conversed, use your imagination what happens further, probably a kill result
41-50 Ionization Target emits electricity at -1CS power rank, effects are as -2cs disintegration, -2CS Feat or become temporarily ethereal
51-60 Molecular Conversion Same as elemental conversion but this power can be used to form compounds in stead of just 1 element.
61-70 Projective Sizing The PC can alter the size of any inorganic matter he/she touches. He/she can either cause a Shrink or Growth of the matter at Power rank (See the Diminution and Enlargement Tables in the UPB). Any AI target, such as a robot, may make a Material strength FEAT roll against the Power to avoid its effects.
71-85 Transmutation* The PC has the Power rank ability to rearrange atoms and molecules in both inorganic and organic matter. He/she can change an object’s or creature's shape, IE: turns a man into a mouse. At a high rank, the PC even has the ability to change subatomic particles, IE: turns water into glue.
# 86-00 Weight Manipulation The PC can alter the mass of inorganic or organic matter, by either increasing or decreasing the weight of the target. The amount of increase is equal to the weight of the target plus the Power rank number times 10. The amount of decrease is equal to the weight of the target minus the Power rank divide by 10. If the PC is concentrating The following are possible stunts: Attack target unarmed with Power rank damage.
# Flight at Power rank.
# Alter the speed of a target.
# Attack with Power rank attacks.
# Immovability at Power rank.

Matter Creation Powers
01-10 Artifact Creation Create desired objects out of nothing, each pound costs 1 health, the character must have detailed knowledge of the designs he wants to create.
# 11-20 Chemical Creation The PC can create a Chemical out of the molecules and particles in the air at Power rank. The PC does this by secreting chemicals out of his body and using a limited Molecular Conversion he/she can make a liquid compound from water to acid. The Power rank determines how dense or how acidity the intensity of the Chemical is. The following are some chemicals that can be created: water
# battery acid
# citric acid
# dish soap
# gasoline
# turpentine
# ammonia
# etc.
The PC can create in one turn the number of fluid ounces equal to the power rank number. The mass quantity and duration of the Chemical is determined at the time of its creation.
# A Green FEAT gives the Chemical a low mass quantity and a duration of 1d10 turns.
# A Yellow FEAT raises the mass quantity to a good stability and a longer duration of100 times 1d10.
# A Red FEAT makes the mass quantity of the Chemical a very high stability and duration of 1000 times 1d10.
Each ounce of Chemical created costs one point of the PC's Health temporarily.
21-26 Elemental Creation Same as Conversion except the element is created out of nothing. This gives nearly unlimited possibilities.
27-30 Hyper-Dimensional Pocket The PC can create and open a small dimensional pocket out of the fabric of Space where he/she can store things and pull them out whenever desired. The Power rank determines the size of the opening equal to the number of inches per square foot. Thus, a Poor Hyper-Dimensional Pocket's opening would be 4 square inches.
31-39 Lifeform Creation Maximum number of ounces equals the power rank number. A green reason FEAT gives a lifetime of 100*reason, yellow gives 10.000*, red is permanent. The hero must have detailed knowledge of the organism to create.
40-52 Mechanical Creation Create machines, duration as above
53-60 Molecular Creation Same as conversion except again out of nothing.
# 61-65 Nexus Creation* The PC can create and open out of the fabric of Space a Nexus to another reality of Power rank effectiveness. A Power FEAT determines the duration of the rip in Space when it's created. Green FEAT will last for 1d10 turns.
# Yellow FEAT will last for 1d100 turns.
# Red FEAT will last for 1d100*2 turns.
# 66-76 Projectile Creation Stunning of power rank or combined with other powers the player has like power negation/control or induced teleportation. The PC can create a Projectile of any kind with an unusual Power effect. The following are Projectiles that can be made: dart
# arrow
# boomerang
# missile
# ball
# paper airplane
# etc.
77-85 Spray Does Feeble damage and visibility is -2CS, combined with other powers for instance freeze cloud when the character also has cold emission.
86-90 Undead Creation* (This is similar to Lifeform Creation, yet the Lifeform is Undead). The character can create a zombie-like creature from a corpse or skeleton at Power rank.. Its Reason, Intuition and PsycheC scores are all Shift-0. Unless commanded, it does nothing. FASE scores are as follows, based on the original creature’s ability scores: F -2CS, A -2CS, S +1CS, E +2CS. No ability score will be reduced below Feeble.
91-00 Webcasting Power rank strength upon hardening, can also be combined for instance with spirit storage to capture disembodied spirits. Power Stunts possible include:
# Stunt—Web Chute: The Hero can make a Parachute out of webbing.
# Containers: The Hero can make a variety of containers such as backpacks, bags, pouches, patches for torn costumes, etc.
# Fireproof: The Hero's webbing is Resistant to fire.
# Gloves: The Hero may make gloves or kneepads or other small protective devices out of webbing to avoid damage from touching or bumping into things. Not that the Hero is clumsy, but this stunt protects them from damage caused by them hitting especially hard, sharp, hot, cold or otherwise dangerous objects.
# Stingers: Instead of soft webbing, the Hero can shoot stingers made of web material which acts like a Stun Blast if the stingers impact with a target's nerves. This stunt is one degree more difficult due to the precision required.
# Impact Webbing: Instead of a steam of webbing, Impact Webbing are little web-balls that expand and Ensnare shortly after contact. Impact Webbing is automatically one degree easier to hit targets with, but Ensnares as a Contingent Action

Mental Enhancements
01-02 Astral Projection This power is basically the same as described on pp. 84-85, Player’s Book, with two exceptions. First, range is always based on the power rank as determined on p. 16, Player’s Book. Increased range can be bought as a bonus. Second, Dimension travel is not an automatic ability; it must be acquired as a power stunt. Character’s with Astral Projection of Remarkable or greater rank do not have to worry about their astral forms not being to find the ways back to their bodies. This permits some power stunts:
# Astral Detection. The character can automatically “see” astral creatures or projections even while not in astral form herself.
# Dimensional Travel. The character can astrally project across dimensional barriers, as if she had the Dimension Travel power.
# Passengers. The character can transport a number of people equal to or less than 1/10th her power rank, taking them along in astral form as well. If the character is lost, her passengers become lost also.
# Affect Normal World. The character can use a single mental or magical power to affect the material world while she is in astral form. Each different power usable in this fashion is a separate power stunt. Power rank is always reduced by -2CS. Furthermore, the character must make a Psyche FEAT against the unmodified power rank intensity or suffer the unmodified power rank in damage to Mental Health. For example, Astral Al has Emotion Control of Amazing rank. While in astral form, he attempts to cause fear in a foe. His Emotion Control affects the foe at Remarkable rank. Astral Al must also make a Psyche FEAT against Amazing intensity or suffer 50 points of damage to his Mental Health.
# 03 Aura* The PC has an Aura of Divinity of Power rank. All other characters in the same area must roll a Psyche FEAT against this Power's roll, or they will feel a strong intimidation and are awestruck. This means they will lose initiative, and one attack. This roll must be made each round. A second Psyche FEAT roll is made by all other characters in the same area to see if they are fully under the PC's Power. All other characters that are influenced by this Power, automatically will become followers; they will follow the PC and perform anything he/she wishes. The PC can not ask anything. Character has a Power of Command every 3 rounds. This is a simple, attention drawing command like; "stop," "look," "no," "duck/look out," "unhand her, "give it to me," and so on. Everyone in sound of the PC's voice must make a Red Psyche FEAT, or lose one action in the process of obeying the command. Followers gain a bonus of; +1 to Initiative;
# +1CS to Fighting in a strike;
# +1CS to Agility in a Block, Evade or Dodge;
# and one additional attack when they are commanded to do something, like; "get him," "take him," etc.

The PC automatically gains an Amplified voice of Power rank intensity and range, a limited Enhanced Beauty at Power rank, and an Illusion of Appearance of power rank intensity.

When creating the character at start, Player can either raise this Power's rank to +1CS of PC's Psyche if roll is lower, or if roll is higher, Player can raise his/her Psyche to a -1CS of this Power's rank number.
04 Aura Alteration The PC can alter the appearance of his Aura with a limited Illusion at Power rank. This means the PC can hide his true nature with a Power FEAT. Anyone with a mental power can avoid this Illusion by making a Red Psyche FEAT. If any other character makes the FEAT, they see the PC as he/she is. Any who're affected by this Illusion will see a different character. Any other Player using the Aura Perception Power and fails, Player can hand that other Player a fake or made up Character Sheet of his/her character.
# 05-06 Bio-Manipulation* The PC can mentally manipulate biological functions or conditions in others at Power rank. There are 5 types of Bio-Manipulation effects. Blindness
# Deafness
# Mute
# Pain
# Tissue Manipulation-This can cause a variety of effects:
# Cold or Hot
# Rash
# itch
# etc.
07-08 Clairaudience Hear distant sounds, -1cs resistance vs. sonics
09-10 Clairvoyance See distant sights
11-12 Communicate with... Communicate with...
01-25 Animals
26-50 Cybernetics
51-75 Inorganics
76-00 Plants
13-14 Cosmic Awareness Automatically detect CL1000 or better ability, +1cs attacks by detecting weak spots, discover information about things in the entire universe, when used more than 5 times make a secret reason FEAT vs. going insane temporarily
# 15-16 Cyber Transmission The character must be able to access the computer by touch. By making a power FEAT against an intensity equal to the computer’s highest rank, the character gains access to the information stored on the computer. She may attempt to reprogram the computer. Each new command to be programmed requires a separate FEAT roll after access is acquired. If trying to reprogram a sentient computer or robot, this FEAT is always against Reason or Psyche intensity, whichever is higher. Haywire. By accessing a computer, the character can cause it (and any systems it controls) to do unpredictable things for 1-10 turns. She has no control over the computer or its systems.
# Machine Animation. Once linked, the character can control mechanical systems controlled by the computer, causing them to perform in whatever ways are within their capacity.
# Mechanical Link. This power can be used on any machine. This enables the character to control mechanical systems even if no computer is present.
# Cyberspace: like Astral Travel, the hero’s mind leaves their body and goes into cyberspace. This will work on any computer, but if the hero enters one that is not designed with 3D graphics capabilities, the cyberspace is abstract and may be a little disorienting unless the Hero has related skills. Specifically, this stunt can be used in conjunction with Bionics, Computers, Electronics, Robotics, Spacecraft, Time Machinery and Weapons Systems to attempt to control those devices.
# Cyberspace with proper 3d graphics and a connection to the Internet can be "hacked" into, and the Hero may gain access to files. How, and how easily they can is dependent on the system.
# Cyber Telepathy: The once Linked the Hero may communicate with the computer just by thinking.
# System Adaptation: The Hero can easily adapt their knowledge and skills from one system to the next. They automatically get no penalties from using systems that are unfamiliar to them, unless the systems are totally alien to them. This can work beyond computing systems to any complex system.
# Magitech: This power may be used on magical technological devices like the Glamour Machine, Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir, and other sufficiently complex enchanted items.
17-18 Dream Control* The PC can mentally control the surrounding area of the Dreamscape with a limited form of Reality Manipulation at Power rank. (See the Reality Alteration Power, but within the scope of the Dreamscape). The PC automatically gains Dream Travel at Power rank.
18-19 Danger Sense This is a reworked version of Combat Sense, p. 72, Player’s Book. A character with Danger Sense can become aware of imminent danger. When in a situation where some person, item, or presence poses an immediate threat, make a Danger Sense FEAT roll which warns up to power rank second before danger. FEAT intensity is determined below:

* Critical Threat (superior foe, imminent death) = Typical
* Major Threat (equal foe, imminent serious damage) = Excellent
* Minor Threat (lesser foe, imminent minor damage) = Incredible

If the Danger Sense FEAT is successful, the character becomes aware of the threat and will not be surprised the turn it actually occurs. In combat, Danger Sense power rank can substitute for
# Intuition for surprise and initiative,
# Fighting for blocking
# Agility for dodging
# Strength for escaping.
Minimum rank is equal to Intuition.
# 20-21 Dream Travel The Hero can enter a surreal realm of dreams when they go to sleep, as opposed to "just a dream". The basic form of this power acts as a sort of resistance to mental controls, detection and damage while the hero is asleep. If the Judge has the old Realms Of Magic books, the Judge may decide that the Dream Realm is the one that Nightmare rules. Otherwise, the Dream Realm doesn't have a particular ruler. Other’s dreams: The Hero may enter other people’s dreams in order to communicate or in an attempt to control the dream itself.
# Telepresence: The Hero’s "dream-self" may leave their body, and appear to other characters. The Dream-self can see and hear things, but cannot interact with them. Unlike with ESP, the Dream-self can be seen by other characters.
# Precognition: The Hero gains precognition.
# Detection: The Hero may attempt to detect the exact position of people he has previously visited.
# Detection Resistance: The Hero may resist attempts to find them by psychic, dream traveling or other metaphysical means.
# Astral Travel: The Hero may enter the Astral Plane using Dream Travel.
22-23 Edetic Memory The PC has a Total Memory of numbers, codes, and mathematical problems and answers. The PC can remember, calculate and read anything that's mathematical or encrypted at Power Rank plus his/her Reason rank.
24-25 Electrokinesis The PC can create and control existing electricity by force of will and molecular agitation at Power rank. This Power works like Electrical Generation. (See Electrical Generation in the Energy Control section).
# 26-28 Empathic Transmission The PC can project false emotions into others at Power rank. By making a Red Psyche FEAT, he/she can affect more than one person at a time at a -1CS. The duration of the set emotion depends on what FEAT is made. Red FEAT-emotions will last 1d100 rounds.
# Yellow FEAT- emotions will last1d10 rounds.
# Green FEAT-emotions will last a round.
The target has one chance to resist the effects, by making a Psyche FEAT against the PC's Psyche FEAT. This Power is somewhat similar to the Pheromones. (See Pheromones in the Physical enhancement section).
29-30 Empathic Vampirism * The PC feeds off of the victim’s emotions at Power rank. The victim appears as if he/she has a heart attack or some other type of physical pain. Each time he/she feeds, the victim's abilities are -1CS for 1d10 turns. If he/she feeds with intent to kill, the victim's Endurance drops a -1CS per round, until it reaches Shift-0 at which point the victim dies.
31-32 Empathy Detect surface emotions or send empathic messages
33-34 Free Spirit* The character can survive the death of his physical body and live outside of it, he can share bonds with another host body (or posses it with the possession power), physical powers he possesses are then given to the bonded person.
35-36 Hallucinations* Illusions directly inside a persons mind
37-38 Hydrokinesis The PC can create and manipulate water by force of will and molecular agitation at Power rank. This Power works like Water Animation. (See Water Animation in the Matter Control section).
39-40 Hyper-Intelligence Add this power rank to Intuition or reason
41-42 Hyper-Invention Reason increased for invention purposes
43-44 Incarnation Awareness The hero can contact his previous incarnations and ask them to perform deeds that will help him later on. This requires a FEAT with a -1CS penalty for each generation of incarnation.
45-46 Iron Will This power absorbs up to a total of power rank damage, if it is released half of the damage is suffered for real. The hero can control when to release.
47-48 Linguistics
49-50 Memory Alteration The PC can alter another person's memory at Power rank. He/she does this by either implanting new memories or erasing existing ones. The PC must first make a Psyche FEAT, before he/she can be affected by this Power.
51-52 Mental Duplication Duplicate a target’s brain inside a part of your own brain to for instance learn secrets. The captured brain can try to take over on a Psyche -3CS roll
53-54 Mental Gestalt The PC has an intellect that composes two or more relatively merged minds to form a collective powerful being of minds. When creating the PC, the Player has to create more different character's minds. The Gestalt PC may resemble a blending of personalities from each of the merged characters, or have completely different personalities all together. All selves are required to form the Mental Gestalt.
55-56 Mental Invisibility
57-58 Mental Probe
59-60 Mind Blast Power rank damage and Psyche FEAT vs. intensity or KO for 1-10 rounds.
61-62 Mind Drain Reduce Reason and Intuition by power rank, if at Shift-0 loss is permanent. Target may resist with Psyche FEAT, if successful the target is immune for 24 hours, but if a second FEAT fails the victims Psyche is also reduced by 1CS for 24 hours,
63-64 Omniscience** The PC is ultimately in touch with the Universe. This Power is automatically CL1000. The PC has control of all Detection Powers, and Mental Powers regarding insight.
Note: this is an Omni Power. A definite must for Judge intervention.
65-66 Photographic Reflexes The PC can perform any action he/she has seen at Power rank. All FEATS requiring Agility or Fighting done in the presence of the PC, are recorded and photographically etched into his/her mind. The PC must make a Power FEAT first, and then he /she can perform those same FEATS without expenditure of Karma. The PC however, must study the target for 3 rounds. The target when confronted by the PC receives a special ill fortune of dropping his/her Fighting and Agility to a -2CS. The PC also retains the same Talents that the victim has.
67-68 Photographic Memory The PC can remember anything he/she has seen before at Power rank. This Power is similar to Total Memory, except that the PC cannot remember anything he/she's heard only what he/she's seen. Like the latter Power, Player will need paper to write down everything he/she's witnessed.
# 69-70 Postcognition See in the past for a number of weeks equal to power rank number. Green FEAT gives impressions
# Yellow gives general information
# Red gives information that the subject may not have been aware of.
71-72 Precognition the functioning of this power is entirely up to the judge
73 Psionic Vampirism Drain Reason, Intuition and mental powers (see vampirism).
74 Psychic Solidification The PC can mold and shape psychic energy into solid constructions of Power rank. Anyone touches this energy will suffer a limited Psyche drain permanently. Furthermore, the victim must also roll on Endurance, or is knocked out for 1d10 rounds. Any weapon created does specific damage only.
75 Psychokinesis The PC can control and manipulate materials by force of will at Power rank and range. The Power rank determines what Material Strength he/she can control. The PC can cause material to entangle someone at Power rank ability and range. Treat this entangle as a Wrestling hold of Materials Strength rank.
76 Psychometry
77 Purge* The PC has an ability to purge and cleanse his/her body of drugs, disease, toxins, etc. at Power rank. The PC must first make a Psyche FEAT, if he/she fails then an Endurance FEAT must be made.
78 Pyrokinesis The PC can create and manipulate fire and flames by force of will and molecular agitation at Power rank. This Power works like Fire Control. (See Fire Control in the Energy Control section).
79 Remote Sensing enhance the range of any sense
80 Sensory Link See/hear etc. through another being.
81 Serial Immortality When the character dies he is reborn either as baby, new complete body, premade clone, recently deceased other being or even a living being (psyche feat to resist).
82 Speechthrowing
83 Telekinesis Power rank is equivalent to strength As a power stunts the character can:
# Telekinetic Armor: The Hero can boost their strength by half the intensity of Telekinesis for combat purposes.
84 Telelocation
85 Telepathy Communicate on a mind-to-mind basis, unwilling targets require a power FEAT vs. Psyche.
86 Total Memory Total recall
# 87 True Charisma The PC automatically has Enhanced Beauty at Power rank. the PC has a surrounding Charismatic aura that emanates. With this Power, the PC can cause one of the three responses: Friendship/Trust
# Power/Fear
# Deception/Lie
88 Psychoblast The character with this power has the ability to send out a wave of psionic force that fires all the brain's synapses at once and short circuits the consciousness of the target. The target may make an Endurance or Psyche FEAT (whichever is lower) to resist the effect. If the target fails this roll, they are Stunned for 1-10 rounds. However, even if they succeed at this roll, this is such a devastating attack that the target is still at a -1CS on all actions for the next 1-2 rounds (Judge's discretion). In some instances of this power, a successful Psyche FEAT by the target will trigger a psychic feedback that will Stun the Psychoblaster (Yellow Psyche FEAT to resist). Players who choose this as a limitation may increase this power by a +1CS.
It should be noted that this power only works against those targets with an organic brain.
89 Psionic Weaponry Characters may create physical weaponry, such as clubs and swords (but not guns, etc.), through sheer force of psionic power. Material Strength is determined by the character's Psyche, with the damage determined by this Power rank. These Psionic Weapons will last only as long as the character concentrates on them. Should the character's weapon be broken or damaged, the character must make a Yellow Psyche FEAT or be stunned for 1-100 rounds.
90 Cyberspace Projection Similar to the power of Astral Projection, this power allows characters to enter Cyberspace as pure information. Once in the data stream, the character's physical body is represented by their digital avatar (the cyber equivalent to an astral form). All the character's physical abilities are replaced by this power rank much like the power of Dreamtravel. Willing characters may be brought into Cyberspace along with this character by "piggybacking" the signal at a -2CS per person.
# 91 Prediction This power comes in two forms - combat and non-combat. While it is possible to have both forms, the Judge should impose harsh restrictions on those who do. The combat form of this power allows the character add this power rank to his Fighting ability when in combat with someone he has observed for NO LESS THAN 5 rounds (once a Power FEAT is made, of course). Furthermore, once the 5 round limit has passed, this character does not need to declare his actions until after his opponents have declared theirs, regardless of who has initiative. Characters who have been accurately Predicted fight the owner of this power at a -2CS on all FEATs. The non-combat version of this power allows the character to make wildly intuitive leaps of reason to arrive at a future outcome with even the tiniest shred of input. Possible uses for this power include: Discovering the next place a villain will strike
# Determining the secret HQ of said villain (if the villain is GOING there)
# Being able to head off a villain in a chase by predicting the direction he's going
# Really accurate weather forecasting
As a power stunt, the character may use this power in reverse to perform such mystifying feats as determining secret identities or the whereabouts of the villain's secret HQ (if he's already been there).
92 Foreshadowing This power gives the character a limited and subconscious control over several powers, including Precognition and Reality Alteration - Past. This power allows an observant character the chance to make an educated guess about the future events in his own life. The Judge is encouraged to be as creative as possible in this respect, without getting out of Hand. At the beginning of every play session, the Judge (not the player) makes a roll to determine how far reaching the effects of this power are, with the hints provided being more frequent or obvious the higher the color rolled. On a White result, the Judge is encouraged to lie like a rug, throwing wildly contradicting events at the hero until he thinks that Galactus himself might appear!
93 Omni-Knowledge A character with this power has an innate, subconscious link to a sort of cosmic reference library. When he is presented with a question concerning information of which he was previously ignorant, the PC must make a FEAT. Green FEATs give him access to contemporary human knowledge. Yellow FEATs give him access to alien knowledge. Red FEATs give him access to Entity-level knowledge. Success means he is able to give a short, concise answer that only answers the initial question. As a limit to this power, the question must be asked of the hero by another person. Also, despite his ability to "know" any given topic, the PC might not be able to understand it. His comprehension is still limited by his Reason. This power enables the Judge to create idiot savants who can decipher the workings of Galactus's Worldship but are unable to tie their shoelaces. For example: Ref-Book and his buddy Jaunt find themselves in the Watcher's recreation room, facing a piece of alien technology. Ref-Book has no idea of what the thing is, but when Jaunt asks the magic question "What is that?" Ref-Book's power goes to work. He makes a Red FEAT, gains the necessary knowledge, and says "It's a television set." "Well, how do we turn it on?" asks Jaunt. Ref-Book fails his next FEAT and says, "Beats me."
94 Death Field Generation The hero can generate an anti-life field that destroys all but 1 health point of all creatures in range. The range is found on Column A of the Simultaneous Actions Table. A power rank feat roll is made to determine the color feat roll the victim needs. The victim rolls their psyche to reduce the damage to half their health points. The hero will then be unable to perform any actions for 1-20 rounds. This power can only be used two times/day.
# 95 Confusion The hero has the ability to induce confusion on a victim within range. Range is determined on Column A. With a successful power rank feat roll, the hero can cause the corresponding effect for three rounds. Green - victim does nothing but defend
# Yellow- all actions at -2cs
# Red - flees for three rounds
# The victim is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll to resist, with the intensity equal to the color result received on the power rank feat roll.
# 96 Fear The hero can cause fear in a target within range. Range is found on Column A. The victim must make a psyche feat roll with the power rank as the intensity. The effect lasts five rounds, but if the victim is unable to respond as indicated then they are stunned for 1-20 rounds. Psyche resistance rolls: Red resists
# Yellow all actions at -1CS
# Green flees as fast as possible
# White paralysis
# 97 Will Force The hero can mentally double any one ability or power for a duration equal to the color result once a day. Red: 10 rounds
# Yellow: 8 rounds
# Green: 5 rounds
# White: 3 rounds.
The hero must then make a Psyche FEAT roll or rest for one minute. The power rank may be raised +1CS if limited to only abilities or powers, +2CS if limited to one specific ability or power.
98 Photographic Reflexes The PC takes 3 rounds to analyze physical talents when seen in use by other people. At that point the PC may temporarily copy these talents for 1 minute times the power rank. The PC uses his/her stats, but may have the benefit of any physical talent in this fashion (fighting talents, physical ones like swimming or climbing, etc).
Optional Powers: Mental Duplication
Nemesis Powers: Invisibility
# 99 Ultimate Skill* The PC has a talent, which he's honed. The Talent is automatically Unearthly rank. Talents that may have the Ultimate skill are: Weapon skills: All
# Fighting skills: All
# Scientific skills: All
# Other skills: except bonus gaining
Note: Judge will decide on what Talents can be used for Ultimate skill
00 Karmic Tap This power allows characters to tap into their reservoir of willpower (Karma) and increase any power or ability by 1 point for every 2 Karma spent. The power rank is the limit of Karma you can use in 1 round. The Duration is the round in which you spend the Karma. Rolling an Amazing FEAT roll will get you another round of benefit from the Karma spent. If the FEAT is rolled and failed, PC must spend the same amount of Karma for that round. If there is insufficient Karma to do so, the remainder is taken from the PC's health. This power is considered a free action, may be done in addition to other actions in the round.
Optional Powers: None
Nemesis: Itself

Physical Enhancements
# 01-03 Abnormal Physiology The PC has a human appearance, but there is a slight difference in his/her Physiology, than a normal human. The PC's powers derive from this unique abnormality. When creating the character, Player must work with the Judge and using their imagination, come up with an abnormality. The following are some abnormalities: Prehensile toes/feet
# tail
# wings
# claws
# mirrored eyes
# completely double-jointed
# etc
04-06 Armor Skin Permanently altered skin (plates, leather, inorganic) gives body armor
# 07-08 Bodily Tension The PC can either expand or contract his/her muscles at Power rank. The PC has two unique abilities: Expansion: The PC can flex his/her muscle tissue and fat enabling him/her to break through any restraints of Material Strength equal to -1CS of his/her Strength or lower.
# Contraction: The PC can flex his /her muscle tissue and fat enabling him/her to entrap objects within the folds of his/her flesh at a-1CS of power rank.
The PC automatically gains a body armor at Power rank.
09-10 Body Resistance Body armor without apparent changes
# 11-12 Chemical Touch Hallucinogenic: Fighting and Intuition drop -3CS
# Bioluminescence: light generation
# Napalm Grip: create fire on contact
# Boom Boxing: combustion on contact
13-14 Cocoon* The PC is able o spin a Cocoon of Material Strength equal to Power rank. He/she can create this Cocoon within seconds. Once inside, the PC can be healed at a +2CS of Power rank ability. This includes a purification of toxins or disease found in the body at Power rank.
15-16 Death Simulation The PC's metabolism slows to a degree that he/she appears dead. The PC goes into a state of Suspended Animation at Power rank, and cannot react for the duration of the Power. When in the Simulation, he/she can hear, feel a touch, or see with a limited ability. The PC can come out of the trance at any moment desired. The PC can not be detected alive; not even an Aura Perception can tell if the PC's alive.
17-18 Detonation The PC can cause dramatic explosive magnitudes with just the clap of his/her hands of Power rank intensity and range.
19-20 Digestive Adaptation the character can digest anything and has +4CS resistance to poisons
21-22 Enhanced Beauty * The PC has a natural phenomenal beauty. This counts as an Aura of Power rank intensity. He/she also has a limited Hypnotic Control of the opposite sex at Power rank. Those that behold him/her must make a Red Psyche FEAT to avoid becoming a slave to the PC. (See the Power Aura in the Mental Enhancement section of this update).
23-24 Hyper-Agility The PC has a phenomenal super Agility. The Power rank of this Power is added to the natural Agility of the PC, and this becomes the new Agility when performing unnatural Agility FEATs.
25-26 Hyper-Breath The PC can create a Power rank intensity wind by just blowing his/her breath. Also the temperature of the breath is at Power rank intensity to each respective temperature. IE: Cold or Hot. The Breath can encompass an area equal to number of the Power rank / 10. Thus, our fearless hero with a Hyper-Breath of Monstrous can freeze a lake of 7.5 areas.
27-28 Hyper-Endurance The PC has an unnatural super Endurance when desired at Power rank plus his/her natural Endurance rank. This superior rank can also be used during a Hyper-Charge, that the PC automatically can perform at this new adjusted rank. The PC also gets Body armor at Power rank, before adjustment is made.
# 29-30 Hyper-Strength The PC has a phenomenal enhanced strength through certain stimulus. There are three stimuli that give the PC his/her Hyper-Strength. The following is a list of the types of Hyper-Strengths. When creating the Character the Player may choose only one: Adrenaline Surge: This is caused by severe temper or stress of the PC.
# Emotion Enhanced: This is caused by the severe increase of Emotions of others around the PC.
# Psychological Enhanced: This is caused by some Psychological factor (Judge must work with Player to develop a Psychological stimuli).
The Maximum Rank of this Hyper-Strength is equal to the Power rank rolled added to the natural Strength rank. The natural Strength rank increases/round up to this new adjusted Strength rank as long as the stimuli is present.
31-32 Hyper –Speed Can perform tasks at rank times as fast
33-34 Hypnotic Voice
35-36 Immortality* The PC has Immortality
37-38 Immovability The PC has the unique ability to firmly plant himself to the ground at Power rank. When firmly planted, his/her natural strength becomes that of the Power rank plus his/her natural Strength, and no one with strength less than this adjusted rank, can move him/her. It requires a newly adjusted Power rank equaled Strength FEAT plus a red Endurance FEAT to move him/her, and even this pulls up the ground around him/her. This also gives him/her a Body Armor of this same new adjusted rank. The PC can never be stunned or slammed, regardless of what MA or attack column is used.
39-40 Immunity The PC has Immunity towards a certain attack. When creating the character the Play can opt to either choose or role one Immunity. (See Force Fields):
Die Roll Immunity
01-11 Emotion Attack
12-20 Energy Attack
21-35 Magic Attack
36-70 Mental Attack
71-87 Physical Attack
88-92 Power Manipulation Attack
93-00 Vampirism Attack
# 41-42 Karma Power* The PC can adjust the odds to his/her favor just by relating to Good Karma. Only a Good PC can have this Power, if the Character is meant to be a vigilante or any Character not of an Alignment of Captain America, Dare Devil, Spiderman, etc. Player must re-roll another Power. When the cause is just and the motives are good and/or selfless, the following bonuses apply to the PC: +2CS to all Abilities
# +1CS to Endurance FEATs for stun, slam, or kill
# +1CS to Psyche FEATs for Mental or Magic attack.
# +1 to initiative
# +1 attack
# Kill results only stun opponents
The Karma Power can also affect others in the same area as the PC, if the he/she is concentrating on them. This is done by the PC taking off 1 round to concentrate. He/she cannot perform any action that round or he/she loses concentration and the benefits below:
Bonuses for others:
# +1CS to all FEATs
# +1 to initiative
Penalties for Villians:
# -1CS on all FEATs
# -1 on initiative
Bad Karma: When the PC performs anything involving a negative Karma, all bonuses become nil, until he/she performs something of positive Karma. A second offense gives the PC the Penalties of Villains. This Disadvantage lasts till the PC does something worth 100 points Karma.
43-44 Life Support * The PC can survive under hostile conditions for the length of time in turns equal to the Power rank number. Life Support is opposed to the intensity (rank) of the environment to make sure you can survive. Possible power stunts are:
# Life Sphere: Your Hero can create a sphere roughly the intensity’s feet in radius from the hero’s body. Within this sphere, all occupants have Life Support equal to the Hero’s rank.
45-46 Longevity* The PC is not Immortal, but has a life span of the Power rank number / 10 in number of years in millions. The PC also has an True invulnerability to all Disease and toxin at Power rank.
47-48 Lung Adaptability Can breathe gas or liquid even poisons
49-50 Malleability* The PC has the natural ability to reshape, and stretch his/her body at Power rank range. The PC is so malleable, he/she ignores all kill results, and has Power rank Regeneration and Recovery equal to his/her Health. For example if the PC's Health was 110, then he would have a Regeneration of Unearthly, and a Recovery of Unearthly.
51-52 Metabolic Resistance The PC has an innate resistance to Drugs, Toxins, Disease, and other harmful factors involving the PC's metabolism at Power rank.
53-54 Non-Detection The PC is not registered to be detected by any Power at all, or any type of visual mechanism. The PC is not invisible, however; just not detectable within any range, no matter of what the Column Shift is.
55-56 Omnipotence** The PC's life is ultimately protected. The Power rank is automatically CL1000. The PC has control of all Defensive and Physical Enhancement Powers regarding protection.
Note: this is an Omni Power. A definite must for Judge intervention.
57-58 Pheromones An aerosol version of hypnotic control, the target must be able to smell and taste
59-60 Quills The PC has a natural hide of Quills at Power rank Body Armor. The Quills can also be fired upon targets with Power rank accuracy and range. The PC delivers +1CS damage on touch.
61-62 Regeneration the character heals power rank/10 points of health per combat round
63-64 Retarded Aging * The PC will forever stay in Peak physical condition. When first creating the Character, the Player can bring all the PC's Physical abilities to a +1CS(FASE).
65-66 Self-Revival A new body grows from the largest remaining piece when the character is dead
67-68 Self-Sustenance Survive without air, water or food
69-70 Stealth Subtract rank from those tracking him (Monstrous tracking vs. Excellent stealth is decreased to Typical tracking)
71-72 Strength Absorption* The PC can drain the physical Strength energy of others within the same area equal to Power rank. This is done by a Power FEAT against the target's Strength. If the PC makes the FEAT, he/she absorbs an equal number of points in Strength, and adds them to his/her Strength. The victim's Strength lost is only temporarily while the PC has drained it, and this weakens the victim to a lesser Power rank. The PC can drain the Strength as long as he makes his/her Power FEAT. If the target's strength reaches 0, then that person is disabled, and cannot perform any action until he/she gains their Strength back. Strength comes back at a rate equal to the Original Strength rank / 10 per round. Neither the victim’s nor the PC's Health changes when this Power is in effect.
73-74 Suspended Animation
75-76 Techno-Organic Body * The PC's metabolism is a combination of skeletal and musculature along with machines. The PC has Power rank Shapeshifting; Communication w/ Cybernetics; and Energy Path. The PC also has a virus which he can affect others with the same Power. To pass this virus on, the PC must make a Red Power FEAT with no Karma.
77-78 True Invulnerability* Damage is reduced by the number of power ranks, so excellent damage on one with Good True Invulnerability would do only Feeble damage (since the difference is 1 rank)
79-80 Unstoppability* The PC cannot be stopped when he/she starts moving. This Power is automatically CL1000 to block. When creating the Character the Player may increase the PC's Strength and Endurance to the Power rank rolled plus the natural Strength and Endurance roll. Once the PC starts moving, it takes CL1000 strength or better to completely stop him/her.
81-82 Vocal Control Duplicate any sound or voice
83-84 Waterbreathing
85-86 Water Freedom No negative effects under water. When above water Strength and Endurance +2CS and Agility -2CS
87-88 Longevity A specialized form of Immortality, this power grants immunity to the ravaging effects of time. The player will not age, but may still be killed normally. Players who use this power to create a history for their character automatically get the Linguistics Talent and an additional number of Contacts equal to this Power rank divided by 10 (i.e. Incredible Power rank would grant an additional 4 contacts). The player does NOT have to choose these Contacts during character creation, but rather may choose them during game play.
89-90 Non-Stick Substance The hero is able to secrete a substance that is extremely slippery and may even be frictionless. The most common use of this Power in the Marvel Universe is as a Body Coating. When used in this manner, the Non-Stick Coating provides Power rank resistance to Blunt Physical attacks and Grappling (including Powers such as Webbing, Wall-Crawling, et al.). If the hero covers the bottom of his feet with this substance, he may "skate" along the ground at up to Good ground speed.

Alternately, this power may be projected from the hero to cover other things and people. Covering the ground (or walls as the case may be) causes his opponents to make an Agility FEAT versus the Intensity of this Power rank or fall. Characters who find themselves unwillingly covered in this Substance must subtract this Power rank from their Agility and make a Green Agility FEAT (under the new rank) or be unable to act. The Non-Stick Substance used in this fashion is a Power rank antidote for such powers as Webbing, Bonding, Wall-Crawling and other such adhesive powers.
91-92 Threshold- Physical The character with this power is unable to feel anything over a certain threshold. Their ability to feel pain is severely reduced and as such are immune to Stun results, though not Slams. The power rank is used to determine exactly how desensitized the character is. For example, someone hits a character with a Remarkable rank Threshold with a punch with Incredible Strength. The character would only feel as if they had been hit by a Good strength punch. If the punch had been of Remarkable Intensity, the character would not have felt the punch at all. This power in no way reduces the damage done, only what the hero FEELS. This power has the added bonus of negating the Endurance rules regarding Automatic Stuns. Characters may add this power rank to their Psyche when determining the effectiveness of torture and other nasty things.
93-94 Hyper-Fighting When this power is rolled, it adds its power rank number to the character’s Fighting rank.
95-96 Body Enhancement The hero may temporarily increase one body function. This power adds the power rank to the hero's ability, or temporarily gains the listed power. The duration is the number of rounds equal to the power rank number, but can only be used once every six hours. At the end of the duration, the hero must make a Psyche FEAT roll. Failure and the hero must roll his endurance with the following effects:
Red no effect
Yellow stunned 1-4 rounds
Green stunned 1-6 rounds
White stunned 1-10 rounds
Die Roll Effect

1. telescopic vision
2. hyper-hearing
3. hyper-olfactory
4. hyper-fighting
5. hyper-psyche
6. hyper-intuition
7. hyper-strength
8. hyper-agility
9. hyper-endurance
10. body resistance

97-98 Dual Brain The hero has two brains. This power grants power rank resistance to mental attacks and adds the power rank number to the hero's reason.
99-00 Poison Generation The hero can administer a specific poison on touch. The intensity is equal to the power rank. If a red result is rolled, the victim takes power rank damage and must roll his Endurance with the following effects:
Red: half damage
Yellow: -1CS on all mental attributes and power FEAT rolls for 1-6 rds
Green: stunned 1-4 rds.
White: stunned 1-10 rds.
This only happens if a red power FEAT roll is made and is in addition to whatever type of poison the hero has. The victim receives an Endurance FEAT vs. the intensity to resist. Roll die to see effect.

1. drugged- -1cs physical abilities 1-10 rds
2. sickens- endurance feat or incapacitation 1-10 rds
3. progressive damage- power rank damage on contact + next rd.
4. paralysis- endurance feat or paralyzed 1-10 rds. only use mental powers
5. knockout- Endurance FEAT or asleep 1-10 rds
6. knockout- Endurance FEAT or asleep 2-20 rds.

Power Control
01-04 Assimilation The PC has an extraordinary ability to copy genetic structures of the superhuman at Power rank and range. The intensity of this Power determines how well the PC can use the duplicated Powers and talents, and how many powers and talents at once he/she can use. Should the Player decide to limit the range by touch, he/she can raise this power rank a +1CS. The range is of this power is found under column B of the Range Table. The PC can assimilate a maximum number of powers. The Player must make a Red Power FEAT at the time chosen, then the number of targets the PC can copy at one time is determined by the maximum rank number (rounded off by tens) and/10. IE: Xerox has the Assimilation power at a power rank of Monstrous (the maximum rank number rounded off to tens is 80). Therefore at a maximum ability, he can copy 8 powers and talents at once.
05-08 Avatar* The PC automatically is given the bonus Power of an Alter Ego of a Diety. This Alter Ego is an Avatar of another Diety or conglomeration of many Diety's abilities. Therefore, all source of powers of the PC are derived from the Avatar. Any previously generated powers are automatically now a portion of the Avatar's powers. When creating the character, the Player follows the rules for creation of a diety combing all previously generations into one. The player must work with a Judge and design the statistics of the Avatar, which he/she has chosen or imagined.
Note: This is a Godly Power.
09-12 Base* The PC has a mental link with every portion of his/her base at power rank. The Base moves and shapechanges upon the merest commands of the PC. The Base can also develop both offensive and defensive gadgets, powers and abilities at Power rank.
# 13-16 Control* Manipulation: Change directions by a Green FEAT, alter effects on a Yellow and completely alter a power with a red.
# Magnification/Reduction: increase or decrease by this power rank.
# Negation: negate at a successful feat. Indirect control can be dodged
17-20 Cosmic Host* The PC is linked mentally with a cosmic entity. When the Player chooses this power, he/she must set aside all previously generated powers, or choose another power. The entity is a separate persona that is a part of the PC, which thrives on his/her emotions. When a certain emotion chosen by the Player and accepted by the Judge is displayed, the PC's persona reverts into the entity's persona. When generating this power, the Player may choose 3 primary abilities to be enhanced a +3CS, and 1 primary ability at a +6CS. All remaining powers generated, automatically are raised a +3CS. All primary abilities have a limit of (Unearthly) except 1 primary ability. All powers also are limited to (Unearthly). Should the PC reach this limit or beyond it, Player must then retire for the True persona of the entity has taken over and becomes an NPC now. This is a delicate and powerful ability, which must be periodically maintained, and reviewed with the Judge.
Note: This is a Cosmic Power.
21-24 Dance The PC's powers are generated by a Dance, which he/she performs. When generating the character, the Play may opt to choose any number of the previously generated powers and combine them in the Dance. The character's powers involved with the Dance automatically receive a bonus of a +1CS.
25-28 Hyper-Power* The PC has a psychological stimulus that increases his/her FASE or RIP to a +1CS when in effect. When creating the character, the Player must come up with a psychological stimulus, and choose which group of ability stats that he/she wants the PC to have enhanced when in contact of the stimuli. IE: Moonknight's FASE ability ranks are enhanced during a full moon.
# 29-32 Investment* The PC can invest a chosen target with powers at Power Rank. The Player must make a Power FEAT, to determine the duration of the bestowed powers. The following is a list of intensity FEATs and the duration: Green: 1d10 hrs.
# Yellow: 1day
# Red: Permanent
Note: Should the PC decide to invest a target with permanent powers, he/she must also spend an additional amount of Karma 5 times the Power rank number.
33-36 Multi-Tasking The PC has the unique ability to basically use any two powers at once. Player gets to generate one more additional power. He/she may opt to discard this power and choose another.
37-40 Omniversal** The PC has an extraordinary ability to use any power at Power rank and range. All previously generated powers must be discarded when this power is chosen. The PC however must still make a Power FEAT in order to use a chosen power. Should the PC fail his/her FEAT, then he/she must make another FEAT on a different chosen power. Moreover, any power that the PC was not able use, cannot then be used until the following day.
Note: This is an Omni Power.
41-44 Power Absorption* The PC can absorb the superhuman powers of his/her victims at Power rank.
45-48 Power Creation* Create up to power rank power at -3CS (not on himself) duration is 1 day times the creators Reason on a green FEAT, yellow gives 10 days times Reason and red gives permanently.
49-52 Power Domination Some sort of domination the character can control the use of powers, it's a FEAT of power rank vs. Psyche.
53-56 Power Duplication This is the only power a character can have, he duplicates any one power at a time at his own power rank, a green FEAT enables him to store the knowledge of the power for future use, otherwise he must be within 10 feet of the power used. The other powers rolled when the character was created are powers, which he previously encountered.
57-60 Energy Source The hero draws his power from an outside source. (you may roll another power)
61-64 Energy Source Creation The character can create objects that can hold powers and that are released on special circumstances. The item for instance can act as another characters power source.
65-68 Power Focus Channel all his power ranks and ability ranks in 1 ability or power burst. They are all totaled together in one massive outburst, afterwards all ranks drop to Feeble. This power rank number is the number of points the character can regain each turn.
69-72 Power Gestalt A power created when two characters touch
73-76 Nemesis Replaces all other powers. In 2 round the characters can develop a counter-power vs. his adversary or up to a +1CS version of the adversary’s own power. The nemesis power can cope with only 1 person at a time
77-80 Power Transferal Transfer a part of your powers to another
81-84 Power Vampirism Drain powers as vampirism
85-88 Residual Absorption Duplicate a power by absorbing leftover traces. green FEAT gives a duration of reason x 100 turns, yellow: reason x 10.000 turns, red: permanent
89-91 Scream The PC can emit a Scream that is the source and focus of his/her powers. The Player may opt to choose this power or another. The rank of the power caused by the scream is equal to the original power rank of the power, plus the rank of this power. Should the Player decide to keep this power, he/she may opt to choose an additional power.
92-94 Selection Only one of the characters powers can be used at a time (roll another power)
95-97 Weakness Creation Bestow a character with a weakness with a duration of 10 turns x reason when a green FEAT is made, 1000 x when yellow, 10.000 x when red
98-00 Imbuing* The character with this power has the ability to charge an object or person with raw power. How that power is released is dependent on which form of the power the player rolls.
01-70 Objects only
71-95 Beings only
# 96-00 Objects and Beings Objects only: The character may take power from an extra-dimensional or cosmic source and imbue it into an item. These items may inflict power rank damage if thrown. Optionally, the Judge may determine that the size of the object may affect the damage done with larger objects gaining a +1CS and smaller object inflicting -1CS. It may also be stated that for every additional round that the character spends imbuing the item, the damage may be increased by +1CS, with a maximum of +3CS. If the item is not released before the beginning of the fourth round, the energy becomes internalized and the character takes damage equal to his power plus +3CS.
# Beings only: The character with this form of the power may grant superhuman abilities to ordinary beings. Powers granted may not exceed this power rank. When granting powers to others, a power FEAT roll must be made. On a White result, powers granted are at a -3CS to this power rank; on a Green result, powers are granted at power rank intensity but are determined randomly; On a Yellow, the powers may be chosen; and on a Red FEAT, the powers are granted permanently.
# Objects and Beings: POOF! You're Galactus!

01-04 Age Shift Alter apparent age
05-08 Alter Ego
09-12 Anatomical Separation The Hero can split their body up into several pieces and control the pieces individually. This may represent a mechanical Hero remote controlling robotic hands or a mutant with total telepathic control of their body. The piece are hereby referred to as Homunculi. The Hero can be decapitated or otherwise take "lethal" cutting damage and survive; though the shock may make them fall unconscious. All the parts of the Hero's body are able to move independently. They usually work in unison when together.

Each time the Hero deliberately detaches a Homunculus, they must add an H point. If the total value of cards in the Hero's hand is ever equal to or less than the H-points, than the Hero falls unconscious. In addition, there can never be more Homunculi than the Hero's Homunculus Intensity, unless the Swarm stunt is taken.

Homunculi usually have 1/2 the Strength of the Hero, twice the Agility(max 20) of the Hero, and the same amount of Endurance. All Homunculi are aware of their surroundings even if they lack sensory organs.

If a Homunculus is "lost" from the Hero for more days than the Intensity of Homunculus, then the Homunculus dies and the Hero can regenerate that part of their body or otherwise grow a new Homunculus. Loosing a Homunculus is always distressing for the Hero.
# Sidekick: The Hero can actually produce a small character or two that can act as their sidekick. The sidekick will be totally loyal to the hero and have the same Intellect as the Hero. The player may "pay" for the Sidekick to have a power or several of their own as if the player were paying for a Hero's power. The Sidekick is able to temporarily "merge" with the Hero, but their natural state is separate.
# Critter: Instead of detached body parts, the hero may "generate" small creatures which act as scouts. This is not the same as Sidekick as the Critters have Intellect 0.
# Swarm: The Hero may become a swarm of Homunculi. Homunculus must be 10+ for this to work. This may take the form of zillions of tiny versions of the Hero, a shape-shifting blob, a swarm of insect-like critters or whatever. While in a Swarm, the maximum damage the Hero can take from non-"area of affect" attacks is 5. The Swarm may make as many actions as 1/2 the Intensity of Homunculus
# Wandering Eye: This is just like the Additional Sensor(s) stunt
# Regeneration: The Hero(and Homunculi) gains Regeneration.
# Resistance to Blades: Anything that could cut a regular person or hero is much less effective against the Hero with this power, not because The Hero doesn't get cut, but because the cutting doesn't hurt them…
# Telekinesis: The Hero gains Telekinesis limited to the Homunculi.
# Telepathy: The Hero gains Telepathy limited to the Homunculi.
# 13-16 Animal Transformation The FEAT roll to transform is against the animal’s highest rank. FASE become that of the animal imitated. The character can also assume the animal’s Intuition, if desired. All of the animal’s powers are gained. Power Stunts: Exceptional Animal Form. The character can become an exceptional specimen of a specific animal. Each different exceptional animal is a separate power stunt. The character is allowed to divide her Animal Form power rank among the animal’s ability scores and powers. No single ability score or power can be raised more than +2CS from the normal.
# Powered Animal Forms. The character can retain one super power while in any animal form. Each different super power to be retained is a separate power stunt. For example, Animus has four powers: Animal Form, Lightning Speed, Protected Vision, and Water Breathing. Normally, in any animal form, none of his powers except Animal Form function. As a stunt, Animus could learn to become an animal with, say, his normal Lightning Speed power.
# Talking Animal. The character retains the ability to speak while in animal form.
# Mythical Animal Form. The character can become a type of mythical, imaginary, or extinct animal, such as a griffon, a winged tiger, or a dinosaur. The ability scores and powers of the mythical animal must be worked out in advance by the player and/or the Judge. No ability score or power should be ranked higher than Animal Form +1CS. It always takes a FEAT roll using Animal Form versus the mythical animal’s highest rank to transform. Each different mythical animal form is a separate power stunt.
17-20 Animal Mimicry With it, a character acquires abilities of an animal, but does so without changing shape. Animal Mimicry does not affect the character’s other powers. For example, Mimicimal uses Animal Mimicry to acquire the abilities of an eagle. He can fly as an eagle even though he doesn’t have wings. FASE and Intuition only change if the animal’s ability score is higher than the character’s. To continue the example, since Mimicimal has an Excellent (20) Strength, when mimicking an eagle, his Strength does not change. Mimicking requires a FEAT against the animal’s highest rank. Some of the power stunts under Animal Transformation apply here as well.
# 21-24 Blending Power Sunt includes: Crowds: The Hero can make him or herself simply unnoticeable in a crowd or in a place here there are usually a lot of people. They simply blend in to the situation. People can see them, but they don't recognize or think much of them.
25-28 Body Adaptation By means of this impressive power, the character’s body actually changes to adapt to hostile environmental conditions. These changes require one turn of concentration to effect. When in use, Adaptation duplicates whatever powers would counteract the harmful environmental condition, doing so at the same power rank as Adaptation or the rank of source of damage, whichever is lower. There are, however, a certain class of things that Adaptation will not defend against. Adaptation normally provides no defense against attacks, such as those that result from other super-powers or raw Strength. Some common sense is needed when adjudicating Adaptation’s effects. Only damage from persistent sources of harm can be negated by Adaptation.

For example, Adaptrix prepares to charge into a burning building. She has Adaptation of Amazing power. The Judge has ruled that the fire has Remarkable intensity. Adaptrix acquires Resistance to Fire of Remarkable power, protecting her from the flame. If the Judge had decided on a smoke hazard as well, Adaptrix’s lungs would have altered to protect against smoke inhalation. While searching for people trapped in the building, Adaptrix is attacked by Pyron the Evil Flame Lord. If Pyron attacks Adaptrix with a flame blast, Adaptrix still has Resistance to Fire, but her Adaptation power will not allow her to boost the defense against Pyron specifically. If Pyron should choose to whomp her with a chair, Adaptation provides no defense at all.
# 29-32 Body Transformation Change elemental nature of his own body, this includes changing into liquid or gas. Each different transformed state is a separate power stunt (see below). In any form, the character gains Body Armor equal to power rank or material strength, whichever is less or more appropriate. Energy State. The character can transform into a coherent form of energy. While in energy form, she has Flight, Energy Blast, and the appropriate energy control power at Body Transformation power rank. Other abilities may be developed as additional power stunts.
# Liquid State. As a liquid, the character can flow through narrow spaces. The character acquires Elongation at Body Transformation power rank,as well as Strength at -2CS power rank. Other abilities may be developed as additional power stunts.
# Semi-solid State. Similar to liquid state, the character can flow through narrow spaces. She acquires Plasticity and Elongation at Body Transformation power rank, as well as Strength at -2CS power rank. Other abilities may be developed as additional power stunts.
# Solid State. The character acquires the properties of a solid, such as steel or rock. She gains Strength equal to Body Transformation power rank or material rank, whichever is less.
33-36 Body Coating This coating prohibits the use of any powers but also protects the hero vs. any harm until the coating is destroyed.
37-39 Chemical Mimicry Only chemical alteration of his body, no visual changes
40-41 Density Control - Self For every rank of Density Control above Typical in effect, the character enjoys a +1CS to Strength and a -1CS to Agility. This change takes precedence over the third paragraph of Density Manipulation - Self, p. 77, Player’s Book. At Shift-0 Agility, the character can no longer move, but may act normally in place. Density Control also grants Body Armor rank equal to current level of Density Control. For example, a character with a Good Strength, an Excellent Agility, and Remarkable Density Control assumes maximum density. Her Strength increases +3CS, her Agility decreases -3CS, and she acquires Remarkable Body Armor.

Of course, the character can also decrease her density, with normal effects as described on pp. 77-78, Player’s Book.
42-43 Energy Body Body consists of one type of energy
44-46 Energy Sheath An energy sheath surrounds the characters body and as with body coating damage to the sheath does not result in damage to the body only when the heath is destroyed, it takes a red FEAT to restore the sheath
47-49 Evolution Evolve in a caveman (increase FASE, decrease RIP) or giant brain (decrease FASE increase RIP). Caveman has Typical tracking, brain has Typical telekinesis and True Flight
50-52 Imitation Change form (gain outward powers)
53-55 Invisibility
56-58 Physical Gestalt Two normal person form into one superhuman
# 59-60 Plant Mimicry Change into plantform (form does not change much). This can have varies effects: Photosynthesis: no need of food
# Fragrance: summon insects
# Rooting: immovability,
# Poison touch
61-62 Prehensile Hair Number of actions and Strength and Agility of the hair are given in the following table:
Rank Number of Actions Strength/Agility
Feeble 1 -2CS
Poor 1 -1CS
Typical 1 No changes
Good 2 No changes
Excellent 2 +1CS
Remarkable 3 +1CS
Incredible 3 +2CS
Amazing 4 +2CS
Monstrous 5 +3CS
Unearthly 6 +3CS
Shift-X 8 +4CS
Shift-Y 10 +4CS
Shift-Z 12 +4CS
CL1000 20 +5CS
CL3000 30 +6CS
CL5000 40 +7CS

If the power is somehow nullified characters agility and movement -4CS
63-64 Prehensile Skin Characters with this powerhave the ability to move their skin itself as if it were an independent limb, stretching and flexing it to manipulate objects with an effective Strength rating equal to the skin's power rank. While the skin is usually at a normal length and consistency, the skin can become rubbery and stretch a number of yards equal to the power rank number. Direct attacks on the skin, when it is all stringy, inflict an amount of damage proportionate to the surface area of the damaged skin. The maximum amount of damage being one fourth of the character's health score; any more simply destroys the elongated skin, leaving a nasty mark on the character until the lost hide grows back. Skin lost in this manner heals as soon as the character recovers all the Health lost with the skin.
65-66 Razorskin Characters with this power, as the name implies, possess skin of the very sharp variety. When attacking with this sharp stuff, the character will inflict +1CS EA damage, based on either their Str or End (razorskin can enhance melee and charging attacks). Likewise, when a body attacks the razorskinned person with barehanded attacks (like a punch) they'll inflict as much EA to themselves as they inflict BA to their target.
67-68 Self-Duplication A character with this power can form duplicates of herself at a rate of one dupe per turn. Each duplicate has all of the characters abilities, talents, and powers (except this one), but with a -1CS penalty where applicable. The maximum number of dupes depends on power rank:
Power Rank Number of Dupes
Shift-0 - Poor 0
Typical - Excellent 1
Remarkable - Amazing 2
Monstrous to Unearthly 5
Shift-X or more 10 upwards

Each dupe is capable of independent action. There is no special telepathic link between dupes and the original character, though this could perhaps be developed as a power stunt. If a dupe is rendered unconscious or killed, it vanishes. Furthermore, dupes must remain within power rank range of the original; those that move farther away also vanish. Dupes appear within arm’s reach of the original when first formed. They can be absorbed only by touch. Damage to a dupe does not affect the original. The original acquires the memories of her dupes when they are reabsorbed.
69-70 Shapeshifting Change in any form, animate or not
71-73 Spirit Gestalt Join with a spirit being to become a superhuman, ancestral spirits, demonic or divine etc.
74-76 Bouncing Ball This is a specialized form of Shapeshifting. The hero can transform his body into a resilient sphere, apparently transforming his body into a balloon-like caricature of himself. Heroes with this power are rarely taken seriously, but, despite the image problem, this power offers substantial benefits to the hero. While he is inflated, the bouncer can travel at power rank speed. This power’s rank number increases his Fighting rank. He has +3CS resistance to blunt physical attacks. On the down side, he also has –2CS resistance to slashing attacks. In a given situation, the bouncer can maintain this power for the number of turns equal to his power rank number before he has to deflate and rest. After 10 turns, he can then reinflate himself.
77-79 Elongation The hero can temporarily increase the length of any part of his body without losing leverage or strength. The hero can elongate any single part a maximum number of yards equal to his power rank number. If two or more parts are elongated, this limit is the total combined length for all parts concerned. The hand counts as part of the arm unless the hero is specifically elongating his fingers; in this case, the maximum is divided by the number of fingers elongated. The hero can maintain any single act of Elongation for a number of turns up to his power rank number
80-82 Growth The hero can temporarily increase his physical size at will. As he grows, the hero becomes an easier target. The bonuses to be hit, given in Table 3, are not cumulative. There are three ways the power can be attained: Atomic Dispersal, Atomic Gain, and Atomic Growth. The player randomly determines the method when he creates the character or when the character first gains this power, using the sub-table below.
Die Roll Form
01-33 Atomic Dispersal
34-66 Atomic Gain
# 67-00 Atomic Growth Atomic Dispersal: The hero increases the distance between his own atoms, thus increasing his overall size. His mass remains the same no matter how large he becomes. The hero also becomes increasingly fragile; his body’s material strength decreases –1CS with each doubling in size. At Shift-X rank, the body becomes less dense than air. At CL1000 rank, the hero becomes intangible and can phase through normal matter.
# Atomic Gain: Enables the hero to somehow create or gain new atoms and incorporate them into his atomic structure. As the hero gains new matter, his size and mass increase as well. As the hero grows, his strength increases +1CS for each +2CS of growth. The hero’s Primary and Secondary abilities are unaffected. However, Health seems to increase because physical attacks do less relative damage. Bullets, for example, would be nothing more than grains of high-velocity sand to a giant hero. Note that when the hero returns to his original size, wounds decrease in size- but imbedded bullets and other objects do not!
# Atomic Growth: Enables the hero to increase the size of his own atoms, thus increasing his overall size and mass. The hero’s strength increases only enough to enable him to move his own body; lifting strength does not increase. This form of Growth has a dangerous side effect. As the hero’s atoms grow, they are unable to interact with normal atoms. The hero is unable to breathe, drink, or eat normal matter. Fortunately there is a 95% chance that the power envelops the hero’s body in a field that temporarily increases the size of consumed matter. Note that this is the only form of growth that will enable the hero to travel into macroverses or, if the hero is originally from a microverse, enable the hero to reach our own universe.
To-Hit bonuses Against Growth-Using Characters
Rank Size Bonus to hit
Feeble X 1.5 +1CS
Poor X 2 +1CS
Typical X 3 +1CS
Good X 4 +1CS
Excellent X 6 +1CS
Remarkable X 8 +2CS
Incredible X 10 +2CS
Amazing X 12 +2CS
Monstrous X 15 +3CS
Unearthly X 20 +3CS
Shift-X X 50 +3CS
Shift-Y X 100 +3CS
Shift-Z X 200 +3CS
CL1000 X 500 +4CS
CL3000 X 1000 +5CS
CL5000 X 10,000 +6CS
83-85 Mass Decrease The hero can diminish his body’s mass. His weight decreases to a percentage equal to his power rank number. For example, the Vision’s Un rank in this power decreases his weight by 100%, making him completely weightless. At Shift-X and higher, the hero attains buoyancy and can lift additional weight. The added weight is a percentage of his normal body weight; for example, a 160 lb. Man with Shift-Z rank in this power can carry an additional 800 lbs. (500% of 160 lbs.). When the hero is created, the player can increase the power’s rank +1CS by making its effect permanent.
86-88 Mass Increase The hero can increase his body’s mass. His weight is multiplied by the power rank number. For example, a 98 lb. Weakling with Rm rank can increase his mass to 2940 lbs. (30 x 98). Fortunately, a side effect of this power increases the hero’s basic strength. No matter how much the hero weighs, he can still move as if he were his normal weight. Lifting strength remains the same. Of course, as the hero weighs more, he has a greater effect on the environment. At 2940 lbs., our hero can fall through previously sound flooring or collapse the shocks on his 1973 VW Beetle. Physical force has a decreased effect on the hero because of his greater mass. In game terms, the power gives the hero power rank resistance to physical attacks. The hero can also use the power rank instead of his strength to inflict charging damage. Formerly weak characters can embarrass their adversaries with this newfound might. For example, the macho super-criminal Manbrute may flee into obscurity when Wimp-man simply sits on him with all 2940 lbs. then delivers a stinging lecture on the benefits of niceness while the camera crews have a field day.
89-91 Phasing The hero can render his body intangible to normal matter. This enables him to pass harmlessly through any object. The hero’s power rank must exceed the barrier’s material strength in order for phasing to occur. The hero can Phase through Force Fields, Body Armors, Resistances, and Invulnerabilities of lower ranks by making a green FEAT. Because the hero is out of phase with normal matter, he cannot breathe. Thus, the practical duration on this power is the length of time the hero can hold his breath. If the hero has some way around this problem, the duration is unlimited. Phasing has a damaging effect on delicate electronic devices. By Phasing through such devices, the hero can disrupt normal activity and scramble any on-line programming.
92-94 Plasticity The hero can change his body’s topology; that is, he can twist, bend, pull, stretch or otherwise distort his body’s shape into any form. The only limitation is that the hero cannot normally create new holes in his body. If the hero wants to assume a shape that requires holes, he must make a red FEAT.
The hero’s malleable flesh gives him power rank resistance to blunt Physical attacks. The hero is able to survive without harm a fall from the number of floors equal to his power rank number by turning into a bouncing shape before he hits the ground. The hero gains the bonus power of Elongation. Bouncing Ball is an optional power or may be simulated by a power stunt.
95-97 Shrinking The character can temporarily decrease his body’s size. The character’s primary and secondary abilities remain unaffected. Even Strength is undiminished, although it is much harder for a shrunken hero to gain enough leverage to perform tasks that would be otherwise be simple to perform. As the hero shrinks, he becomes harder to hit but conversely suffers greater damage if struck. This is handled by the column shift as shown in the table. The column shift decreases the attacker’s chance to hit and increases the damage by an equal shift. A hero with Remarkable rank is –2CS to his but suffers +2CS damage if the attack is successful.
Die Roll Form
01-20 Atomic Collapse
21-40 Atomic Reduction
# 41-00 Atomic Shrinkage Atomic Collapse: decreases the distance between the body’s atoms and subatomic particles, thus decreasing overall size. Mass and strength are unaffected. As density increases, the hero’s body could collapse into neutronium (CL3000) or into a black hole (CL 5000).
# Atomic Reduction: decreases the number of atoms in the hero’s body. The lost atoms are either disintegrated (if the shrinkage is permanent) or temporarily removed from the hero’s plane of existence and stored "elsewhere" until the hero reverts to his original size. If the hero loses too many atoms (by exceeding Shift-X rank), his remaining structure becomes too simple to sustain his life force. For this reason, a hero with this form cannot voluntarily exceed Unearthly rank. If the limit is passed, the hero’s life-force is automatically stored away on the same plane with all the displaced matter that normally forms his body. At Shift-Z rank, the hero’s body consists of a single DNA molecule, which then vanishes when the next rank is reached.
# Atomic Shrinkage: reduces the size of the hero’s atoms, thus reducing overall size and mass. Strength remains proportional to the hero’s current size. This is the only form that enables the hero to reach a microverse. While this is the most popular form of shrinking, it has a potentially deadly disadvantage. As the hero’s atoms shrink, they can no longer interact with other, normal-size atoms. As a result, the hero cannot breathe, drink, or eat normal-size matter. Fortunately, there is a flat 95% chance (determined at the time this power is first gained) that the power envelops the hero with an aura that temporarily reduces all atoms to be consumed. If the hero lacks this aura, he must have a proportionally sized supply of material for consumption or somehow not need to breathe. If not, the duration for this power is equal to the time the hero can hold his breath. There is an advantage to not possessing this aura in that electrons cannot flow from normal to shrunken matter; hence, the power acts as rank-level Resistance to Electricity.
As the hero shrinks, he becomes harder to hit but conversely suffers greater damage if struck. This is handled by the column shift as shown in the table. The column shift decreases the attacker’s chance to hit and increases the damage by an equal shift. A hero with Remarkable rank is –2CS to his but suffers +2CS damage if the attack is successful.
Attack Modifiers Against Shrinking Characters
To-Hit bonuses Against Growth-Using Characters
Rank Reduced Size Chance to hit
Feeble 50% +0CS
Poor 25% +0CS
Typical 12.5% +0CS
Good 6.25% +1CS
Excellent 3% +1CS
Remarkable 1% +2CS
Incredible 0.5% +2CS
Amazing 0.25% +2CS
Monstrous 0.1% +3CS
Unearthly 0.01% +3CS
Shift-X 0.001% +4CS
Shift-Y 0.0001% +5CS
Shift-Z 0.0000001% +6CS
CL1000 10 E-12 +8CS
CL3000 10 E-18 +10CS
CL5000 10 E-33 +12CS

In practical terms, a Shrinking rank of Shift-X, Y, or Z is sufficient to reduce a normal human to the size of a single cell or virus. Either CL 1000 or CL 3000 will reduce him to atomic scale. CL 5000 reduces him to the point at which he/she can enter the microverse worlds. On such worlds, the hero is proportional to his new environment. There are three forms of this power. When the power or the hero is first created, the player must determine which form is involved, using the following sub-table.
Optional power is Diminution. The nemesis is Enlargement; the specific forms are, in order, Atomic Dispersal, Atomic Gain, and Atomic Growth.
# 98-99 Addtional Body Parts This is basically the same as Extra Body Parts, p. 86, Player’s Book. Here are a few more power stunts: Constrictor Limb. Whether this is a tentacle, a tail, or specially altered arm, a constrictor limb is useful for making Grappling attacks. It does so with a minimum Strength rank of +1CS the character’s normal Strength
# Detachable. The limb in question can detach and still function normally out to power rank range. The character can feel sensation with the limb even when it is detached. Damage to the limb is subtracted from the character’s Health as normal.
# Extension. The limb in question has Elongation at power rank ability. No Elongation power stunts are acquired automatically.
# Remote Sensor. The character can detach one of her sensory organs. The sensory organ can broadcast information back to the character out to power rank range.
# Mobile. This stunt is useful when combined with Detachable or Remote Sensor. It enables the limb or sensor to fly at power rank -2CS speed, but it cannot pass beyond power rank range from the character.
00 Two-Dimensionality The hero can harmlessly reduce his body (and any nonliving matter he carries) to a flat, two-dimensional version. To an onlooker, the hero appears to have transformed himself into a life-size photograph. The hero’s body functions and abilities are unaffected. Because the hero is now extremely thin, gaining leverage on three-dimensional objects is extremely difficult. He is also extremely hard to hit if he can turn his flat side toward his opponents. While in a flattened state, the hero suffers less damage from blunt physical attacks; the power rank number decreases the damage by that much for each attack. On the other hand, a flat hero can suffer all sorts of abuse that he would normally ignore, such as being folded like a map and locked in a glove compartment.
How thin the hero can get is determined by an intensity FEAT. A green FEAT reduces the hero to the width of a piece of paper. At this point the hero can pass through the cracks around a door or adhere to a wall and pretend to be a poster. A Yellow FEAT reduces the hero to one atom’s width. At this width, the hero can pass through solid barriers by slicing through them as if he were an incredibly fine knife. The power enables the hero to pass through any barrier with a Material Strength up to +5CS greater than his power rank. Note: if the barrier is larger than the hero’s body (such as a wall) then the slice made by the hero’s passage immediately reseals itself. But if the barrier was smaller than the hero then the pieces fall apart as soon as the hero severs the entire width. A red FEAT removes the third dimension entirely; at this point, the hero can pass through barriers without damaging them, or he can be transported into a Flatland-type dimension where everyone has only two dimensions. In the latter case, the hero vanishes from sight. The hero can choose to flatten himself in any direction. He can appear to be a front-back, left profile-right profile, top-view-bottom view, or similar shaped two-dimensional image.
Note: that while the one dimension is drastically altered, the remaining measurements remain the same.

01-04 Carrier Wave Propel the character’s body by use of energy (magnetism, sound, light etc.)
05-08 Astral Body
# 09-12 Dimension Travel It is suggested that the Judge assign an intensity to specific dimensions to reflect how difficult it is to access them. This will have the effect of keeping certain dimensions out of the reach of characters without sufficiently high power ranks. A character with the Dimensional Geography talent gains a +1CS to all Dimensional Travel FEATs. In addition to the basic travel function, there are two other uses that can be developed as power stunts. The first is Banishment, used to strand a target in an alien dimension. In order to use Banishment, the character must make a Dimensional Travel FEAT to open the gateway into the other universe. If this is successful, the targeted creature must make an AGI or PSY FEAT (whichever is better) to avoid being sucked through the portal. Banishment can never be used against an object whose Material Strength or weight exceeds Dimensional Travel’s power rank (counting power rank as STR in the case of weight). Each different dimension to which a character can banish is a separate power stunt.
# The second function is Summoning, used to pull an alien creature or object from its dimension and to the character. The procedure and limitations for Summoning are the same as for Banishment. Furthermore, the character must have prior knowledge of the creature or object to be summoned. Summoning does not give the character any sort of influence over a summoned creature’s behavior.
13-16 Energy Path The hero is transformed into a specific type of energy and can travel at power rank speed along currents of that energy
17-20 Floating Disc
# 21-24 Gateway Travel to any point in space, time or dimension. Location requires a green FEAT
# Time a yellow FEAT
# Dimensions a red FEAT.
25-28 Gliding Top speed is Shift-X
29-32 Hyper-Digging
# 33-36 Hyper-Leaping Possible power stunts include: Kick Attack: The Hero can make a kicking action with Leaping as a substitute for strength.
# Midair-leap: Despite the physical impossibility of it, the Hero may make one single leap in midair without any support.
37-40 Hyper-Running
41-44 Hyper-Swimming
45-48 Levitation
49-52 Rocket Flight by means of a rocket-like exhaust.
53-56 Skywalk Walk along an invisible path created by the hero only usable by him.
57-60 Spiderclimb
61-66 Teleport – Self

Power Stunts:
# Stunt—Teleportals: With this stunt, the Hero can open temporary "holes" or portals in space, connecting two different points in the same dimension. If an object passes into one end of a portal, it instantly passes out the other side, wherever the other side may be.
# Stability: Any one portal can stay on even if the Hero doesn’t concentrate on it. It will not move unless the Hero wills it, however.
# Multi-portal: The Hero can open more than one portal at once, and can move the portals.
# Portal attack: The Hero may make a striking distance attack within seeing distance by punching (or kicking, or whatever) through their portals to their target. The Hero should bear in mind that the Teleportals are two-way, and opponents may reach back through the portals if he doesn’t close them.
# Portal slicing: The Hero can cause Intensity damage to anything by closing a portal around it.
67-72 Telereformation Disintegrates the characters body and transports the life force to the new location where the body is build up from available material. At a limitation of -1CS the character can recreate his original body when he returns to the site where it was destroyed.
73-76 Time Travel Up to power rank number * 1000 years in the past, times 10 years in the future.
77-80 Troubleseeker Character is unwillingly transported to a site where a person is in need of help, he must remain within 10 areas of the spot where help is needed. The character can transport up to 1 pound per rank number in matter (including maybe unwilling persons).
81-84 True Flight
85-88 Water Walking
89-92 Whirlwind Transport by creating small whirlwinds.
93-95 Spinner
96-98 Displacement The hero has the power to avoid danger by automatically teleporting away when first encountering a hazard or suffering damage at the start of a round. The distance teleport is found on Column A. The judge decides where the hero teleport to. If there is no safe place, the automatic response won't work. The hero may intentionally teleport with a successful power rank feat roll, but the distance is halved, round fractions up. Failure indicates the hero is stunned for one round
99-100 Super Flight With this power, the character has the ability to fly at speeds greater than light (or, FTL). To determine the exact multiple of lightspeed the character can move at, simply cube the power rank. For example, a character with Amazing Super Flight can move at
50 X 50 X 50 = 125000 times lightspeed.
Now, this power doesn't allow for such things as atmospheric friction, or even breathable air. In other words, the character must bring his own air with him. Also, trying to use this power in an atmosphere is suicide, as the atmosphere would melt him like wax paper due to the enormous friction involved.

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