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Powers Q - Z
Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Porcupine, Quill, Sabra
Related Powers: Body Armor, Teeth, Claws, Horn(s)

The hero's skin has quills or spines, similar to those of a porcupine. The quills have a material strength equal to the power's intensity and inflict damage equal to the power's intensity at striking distance.

The quills provide a special kind of Body Armor. They don't protect the hero from damage, but anyone striking the hero with fist or other natural weaponry suffers damage equal to the Quill's intensity (minus defense).

Limit-Limited Quills: After attacking with Quills, you draw a card. If the aura is negative, the hero is out of the spiny missiles and needs to wait 24 hours for them to fully regenerate.

Stunt-Volley: Your hero can fire volleys of Quills, attacking normally at up to firing distance. The hero can also fire Quills to anchor objects in place, such as a villain's cape.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Daredevil, Stick, Iron Man
Related Powers: Enhanced Senses, Sonic Control

Your hero can gain a three-dimensional picture of his or her environment through the use of electromagnetic waves. The hero both emits and senses these waves. He or she can use the power to locate and identify objects by their electromagnetic echoes. Because of sensitivity to electromagnetic waves, magnetic attacks negate the Radar Sense for an aura duration.

Radar can be used instead of intellect to avoid surprise. The hero will know anyone he or she has met by applying the sense, andcan make an easy Radar Sense action (opposed by the target's power) to recognize Imitation and Shapeshifting. If the hero is tracking or examining an object, he or she can use the intensity instead of the Willpower or Intellect scores to gain clues.

Stunt-Back Attack: Your hero can attack anything in back of him or her as well as the hero could if the target were in front.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Firestar, Radioactive Man, Red Guardian
Related Powers:Light Control, Sonic Control

Your hero can control radioactivity, such as microwaves and gamma radiation. The hero absorbs such radiation from the environment or generates it personally. Radiation is dangerous force, causing mutations and disease. Sometimes, its effects don't show up for years.

The most basic application of this power to project a burst of harmful radiation out around the gero, inflicting the power's intensity in damage to all within striking distance. The hero can also project a bolt of radiation at one target, making an easy Radiation Control (Agility) action to cause damage.

Limit-Collateral Damage: Any time the hero damages someone or something with this power, everyone within striking distance also suffers the damage.

Limit-Toxic: Your hero gives off background radiation at all times. This can either inflict the power's intensity in damage to all within striking distance, or cause disease (see Affliction). If the hero is in a containment suit, this limit is controlled.

Limit-Unstable: If the hero is using his or her powers in a fight or other tense situation, the aura of the Narrator card is read. If negative, the hero fires an uncontrollable burst of radiation at a randomly selected person or object.

Stunt-Absorption: Your hero gains Absorption (Radiation). The radiation can be absorbed before it can do damage to others, even if not directed at the hero.

Stunt-Affliction: Your hero gains Affliction, but cannot cure the diseases.

Stunt-Blinding: Your hero gains Blinding.

Stunt-Flight: Your hero gains Flight.

Stunt-Force Field: Your hero can create a personal Force Field. This shield protects against physical and radiation-based attacks.

Stunt-Heat Control: Your hero can alter the heat levels within firing distance by roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit per point of intensity. A hero with a 20 intensity can thus make a 50 degree room into a 200 degree room in one exchange. If the temperature goes above 120 degrees, everyone in the room suffers the power's intensity in damage after subtracting defense. This power can be targeted at one individual.

Stunt-Heat Sphere: Your hero forms a globe of heat that inflicts the power's intensity in damage to anyone or anything that comes through. At 6+ intensity, this stunt melts lead bullets before they can hit.

Stunt-Mutagenics: Your hero can cause strange reactions in the bodies of mutants and those under the effects of raiation. The player draws a card when this occurs, and the mutation is positive or negative depending on the aura. If the aura is neutral, nothing happens.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Scarlet Witch, Franklin Richards
Related Powers:Luck Control

This extremely potent power lets your hero alter the flow of reality by allowingimprobable--but not impossible--events to occur. At lower intensities this ability allows the hero to muck about with chancy probabilities, while at higher intensities the hero can confidently change reality nearly at will. Reality Warping cannot be taken at intensity less than 15.

Once per exchange, you can propse a dramatic event to occur within firing distance. In the upper right corner of each fatte card is an event like Overload or Property Damage. You can pull one of these cards from your hand, and present it as a dramatic event. You state how the event affects the current situation, using the event's name: "An overload occurs in Cyclop's visor, causing him to shoot Colossus," or " The wall suffers property damage and cracks apart."

The Narrator then decides if the event is logical under the circumstances, and if so, the event occurs, if not the hero is at the mercy of fate. This happens when your explanation is weak, such as trying to make the event Cautious Acceptance into a meteor coming through the roof.

Of course, probability is, well, chancy. The Narrator draws a card when Reality Warping is used, and if it's from the Doom suit, some additional---and usually disastrous---effect occurs. For example, the overloading visor causes Cyclops to wide-angle beam everyone in the room including your hero, or the wall and its accompanying supports crack open and collapse the roof.

You cannot use this power to affect response bonuses.

In the hands of a Narrator-run character, this power allows the Narrator to play a dramatic event whenever he or she likes. In the presence of such a character, heroes should expect anything and everything to occur.

At intensity 21 and higher, this power allows the hero to truly warp reality. The hero can actually impose new realities on the current reality, causing earthquakes and inventing cities full of people. The Narrator draw for additional effect is eliminated at this intensity. This is an unbelievably powerful ability, and is best left in the hands of Narrator-run characters.

Limit-Destructuve Events Only: Your hero can never make anything good happen. This doesn't mean he or she can't benefit from the destruction caused by this power, but the hero couldn't create something with it.

Limit-Nonliving Things Only: Your hero can affect only nonliving things with this power.

Stunt-Pocket Reality: Your hero can create a pocket reality around someone. The individual is subject to the physical laws and constraints of the new mini-universe, but no one else is.

Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Wolverine, Deadpool, Sabretooth
Related Powers:Absorption

Your hero heals (gains cards back) faster than the normal human rate, provided he or she isn't injured anew during the Regeneration period. At the intensities below, your hero gains a card at the beginning of the exchange if the Narrator's draw is:




Positive (normal people)


Positive, or Neutral and less than Regeneration's intensity


Positive or Neutral


Positive, Negative, or Neutral
(any card)


All cards regained at the beginning of every exchange

Limit-Darkness Only: This power functions only when the hero is in darkness. In daylight or while lights are on, the hero's Regeneration doesn't work.

Limit-Others Only: Others Only: The power works only on others, not the hero. See Healing below.

Limit-Solar: This power functions only when the hero is in the sunshine. Inside windowless buildings, in darkness, and other similar situations, the hero's Regeneration doesn't work.

Stunt-Aging Reversal: Your hero can decelerate a target's aging process. This stunt can subtract a number of years equal to the power's intensity, or divide the subject's aging rate by the intensity (i.e., the subject ages one year per [intensity] years). The hero cannot kill the subject with this power, but can drop him or her back to the moment of birth.

Stunt-Damage Transfer: Your hero can transfer cards from one living person to another, draining one person's Hand of Fate to heal another person. If either subject is a character, 5 Health equal one card. The hero may be either subject, or may use this power to transfer damage between two other individuals. If either subject is unwilling, the hero must make an average Regeneration (Willpower) action for this to work. If either subject successfully opposes it, the hero suffers the intended damage without any other effect.

Stunt-Disease Remission: Your hero can arrest any disease by making an average Regeneration action opposed by the affliction power or the disease's intensity.

Stunt-Healing: Your hero can repair other people's wounds. While the hero concentrates, the Regeneration power transfers to the subject. Your hero retains Regeneration while this occurs.

Stunt-Raising the Dead: Your hero may bring dead mortals back to life. This power may not be taken as a stunt without first taking Regeneration at 20+ intensity.

Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Hulk, Thor, Wolverine
Related Powers: Invulnerability

Resistance powers allow the hero to ignore certain damage. All damage of the specified type up to the power's intensity is negated. This is treated like Strength is for defense against physical attacks. Like Body Armor, this defense bonus is expressed as "plus-a-number," such as +4 --- meaning that Resistance negates 4 more damage points over This power is useless without one or more of the following stunts. For each stunt selected, your hero gains Resistance to one of the following:

(including diseases that destory cells)

(including ice)

(including all acids and bases)

(including Shadow Control and Darkforce Control)



Emotion Control

(including Wrestling attacks)

(including heat)

Force Fields

(including Pheromones)

(including lava)

(including physical attacks)

(including blindness)

(including all magical spells)


Mental Control
(including all mental control powers)

(including all metal weapons)

(including sonics and deafness)


(including drugs and alcohol)

Power Duplication
(including Power Theft and Reflection)

(including vertigo and dizziness)


(including Cosmic Energy)

(including all electronic scans)

(including only Stunning attacks)

(including lighting)

Other Resistances may be approved by the Narrator.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Nightside of the Imperial Guard
Related Powers:Darkforce Control

Your hero can generate and manipluate darkness. This is not the same as the Darkforce, a powerful dark energy. Instead, the hero dampens light and plays with shadows.

The hero can black out the area within firing distance. The effects last with concentration, with light returning to normal on the next exchange once concentration lapses. The hero can also use this power to target a specific individual with darkness; this requires an easy Shadow Control (Agility) action to succeed.

Stunt- Absorption: Your hero gains Absorption (Light), using shadows to assimilate light.

Stunt-Infravision: The individual with this ability can see in the dark, which limits visibility to striking distance. Normal darkness is 1 intensity; powerful darknesses such as the Darkforce require average Shadow Control actions, opposed by the intensity of the darkness, to defeat.

Stunt-Resistance to Darkness: Your hero gains Resistance to Darkness.

Stunt-Resistance to Light: Your hero gains Resistance to Light.

Stunt-Shades: Your hero can reflexively draw low-level shadows over his or her eyes to protect them from blinding lights or other light-based attacks. This defense allow Resistance to Light.

Stunt-Shadow Boxing: Your hero can make someone's shadow reach up and hit the person, just as if the hero had used an intensity-based physical attack.

Stunt-Shadowplay: Your hero can change the shape and size of extant shadows and generate three-dimensional objects and creatures. These shadow images have no Strength and are immune to all forms of attack save Light Control and other light generating effects.

Stunt-Shadow Spots: Your hero can fire bursts of darkness into foes' eyes, causing Blinding.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Skrulls, Hobgoblin of the Imperial Guard
Related Powers:Imitation

This power lets your hero drastically alter his or her shape to resemble other objects or beings. To fool others into believing the change is real, the hero must make an easy Shapeshifting (Willpower) action. This action only occurs when the person would have some reason to suspect the hero isn't what he or she appears to be.

Your hero gains obvious physical powers of the form chosen such as claws and wings, but not other powers (see Power Duplication).

Limit-Unconscious Shift: Your hero shapeshifts uncontrollably, perhaps when his or her emotions change.

Limit-Signature Flaw: Your hero cannot lose a certain characteristic of his or her base form, such as skin color or facial appearance.

Stunt-Elongation: Your hero gains Elongation, but only when Shapeshifting.

Stunt-Plasticity: Your hero gains Plasticity, but only when Shapeshifting.

Stunt-Size Alteration: Your hero gains Size Alteration, but only when Shapeshifting.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Wasp, Giant-Man, Atlas (Goliath)
Related Powers:Density Control

Your hero may become larger or smaller at will. Clothes and objects won't change unless made of unstable molecules. The hero may apply any amount of intensity up to his or her maximum when using this power.

If the hero grows, he or she automatically gains 1 point of Strength (and thus defense) per intensity point of growth. But large size slows down the hero, lowering Agility in the same proportion. Your hero gains 2 feet in height per intensity point used. At 5 intensity or greater, the hero can cross to firing distance in one exchange.

If a hero shrinks, your hero gains Agility at 1 point per point of intensity, but loses Strength and defense. If a hero drops to 0 Strength, he or she is too small to be seen or targeted by anyone of full size. On the down side, the hero cannot cross distances at 0 Strength. The hero drops 6 inches in height per point of intensity used, all the way down to a millimeter or two in height. Of course, trivialities such as spiders and lighht breezes become major challenges at this height; the Narrator is encourged to play this up for all it's worth.

No ability score can drop below 0, however. Once the hero is at 0 Agility, he or she can still gain Strength to the maximum of his or her intensity. Once at 0 Strength, the hero can still gain Agility to the maximum intensity. On earth, no hero can grow more than intensity 20, and growth-assisted Strength and Agility max out at 20 as well.

As an example, a hero with an Agility of 6 and a Strength of 10 takes Size Alteration 10. If she reduces her Strength to 0, she gets an Agility of 16, her maximum. If she reduces her Agility to 0, she gets a Strength of at least16, and can go to 20.

Limit-Growth Only: Your hero can not become smaller than his or her normal size, nor raise Agility through this power.

Limit-Shrinking Only: Your hero can not become larger than his or her normal size, nor raise Strength through this power.

Limit-Others Only: Your hero can affect only other people or objects, not his or her own body. See Imbue Size Alteration, below.

Limit-Permanet: Your hero is stuck at either overgrown or diminutive size and cannot regain normal size. Obviously, 12-foot and 6- inch heroes don't fool many people with secret identities.

Stunt-Crossing the Pym Barrier: Heroes with intensity 12+ Size Alteraion can cross the "Pym barrier" and enter the Microverse, a subatomic universe entered by shrinking. Further reductions aren't possible once in the Microverse.

Stunt-Imbue Size Alteration: Your hero may change the sizes of other living beings. If the target is unwilling, the hero must make an average Size Alteration (Willpower) attack to succeed in changing the victim's size.

Stunt-Power Growth: Once shrunk, the hero can suddenly grow to perform a surprise attack at +8 intensity. This only works if the hero successfully surprises the victim.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Banshee
Related Powers:Enhanced Senses, Sonic Control

Your hero gains a 3-D picture of the enviroment through emitting and sensing sonic waves. He or she can locate and identify objects by their sonic echoes. Because of sensitivity to sonic waves, sonic attacks negate the Sonar for an aura duration.

Sonar's intensity can be used in place of Intellect for avoiding surprise. The hero will know anyone he or she has met by applying the power, and can make an easy Sonar action, opposed by the relevant power, to recognize Imitation and Shapeshifting. If the hero is tracking or examining an object, he or she can use Sonar instead of Willpower or Intellect to gain clues.

Stunt-Back Attack: Your hero can attack anything in bach of him or her as if the target were in front.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Banshee, Siryn, Klaw, Songbird
Related Powers:Light Control, Sonar

Your hero amplify, deaden, and focus exsiting sound. If the hero raises the sound so that it's overwhelpming or cuts out all the sound in the room, players cannot talk to each other unless they have some form of Telepathy or other communication. Players can talk to the Narrator, but only if they don't communicate their intentions to other players.

The ambient sound in a normal office or park is considered intensity 0, while a stadium rock concert would be intensity 5. A sonic boom cause by fast Flight is intensity 10 and a huge explosion might generate sound at intensity 15.

Limit-Harmful Frequencies: Your hero can be attacked by certain frequencies of sound. When he or she hears these frequencies, they act as 20 intensity attacks. Sound-dampening vibranium also inflicts double the normal intensity in damage against the hero.

Limit-Loudness Only: Your hero cannot lower the volume in an area, just raise it.

Limit-Silence Only: Your hero cannot raise the volume in an area, just lower it.

Stunt-Absorption: your hero gains Absorption (sound).

Stunt-Echo: Your hero can duplicate any sounds, allowing him or her to mimic voices or other noises.

Stunt-Force Field: Your hero can erect sonic personal Force Fields.

Stunt-Hypnosis: Your hero gains Hypnosis.

Stunt-Resistance to Noise: Your hero gains Resistance to Noise, including sonics and other attacks that cause deafness.

Stunt-Sonar: Your hero gains Sonar.

Stunt-Sonic Body: Your hero becomes a creature of pure sound. While in sonic form, the hero can go to 0 Strength in exchange for invulnerability to Kinetics and other physical attacks. The hero also gains Energy Blast, and can explode of affect all hearing targets within firing distance if he or she suffers the damage as well ( ignoring all defenses). Sound bodies suffer double the power's intensity in damage from attacks based on sonics.

Stunt-Sonic Flight: Your hero gains Flight 4.

Stunt-Sonic Scream: Your hero can attack everyone within firing distance. If the hero pushes this power, he or she cannot use Sonic Control again until restored to full Hand Size.

Stunt-Sonic Shapes: Your hero can create semisolid objects of material strength equal to the power's intensity and mobile sonic creatures of Strength and Agility scores equal to the power's intensity. The hero can create one object or creature per point of intensity. Though sound is normally invisible, these creations are visible.

Stunt-Sonic Vibration: Your hero gains Disintegration, with the Disruption Only limit.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Silver Surfer, Quasar
Related Powers: Flight

Your hero can move through blackest space. The hero is assumed to have the ability to navigate in space, either instinctively or through starcharts. This power does not automatically confer the ability to survive in space. Also, Space Flight cannot be used in a planet's atmosphere, except to enter the atmosphere and leave it at high speed.

Your hero can cross space at sublight speed at intensity 1, and light speed at intensity 10. Faster-than-light travel happens at greater intensities, but at that point there's little reason to track speed. The hero doesn't usually have to worry about how long it takes to get somewhere, since prominent warp nexus points exsit throughout the stars.

Limit-Unguided: Your hero has no idea where he or she is when traveling in space. The hero is assumed to be lost at all times.

Stunt-Flight: Your hero gains Flight.

Stunt-Life Support: You hero gains Life Support.

Stunt-Passengers: Your hero can take along a number of paasengers equal to the power's intensity, conferring upon them what ever speed and life support he or she has.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Paladin, Hawkeye
Related Powers: Kinetic Control

Your hero possesses a weapon, energy bolt, or touch power that inflicts a stunning attack. Stunning is little different than any other form of damage, except that it is resisted by Willpower as a defense. Stunning attacks cannot affect those who are unconscious.

Stunt-Resistance to Stunning: Your hero gains Resistance to Stunning.

Stunt-Stun Bolt: Your hero can shoot the stun blast to firing distance.

Stunt-Stun Wave: Your hero can affect everyone within firing distance by making an average Stun Blast (Willpower) action. One action score is generated for all victims, though differences in Willpower may alter difficulties from target to target.

Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Sabretooth, Cottonmouth
Related Powers: Claws, Horn(s), Quills

Your hero has an enhanced tooth and jaw structure, or mandibles that extend from the mouth. The intensity refers to the damage bonus of the Teeth, which can never be more than +10. Very few heroes have natural weapons above +7, however.

Stunt-Matter Comsumption: If the hero manages to destory an object by biting it, he or she can swallow and disintrate it with no ill effect.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Phoenix, Justice, Nate Grey
Related Powers: Force Field, Animation

This power allows your hero to lift and throw objects--without touching them--as if he or she had a Strength score of the ower's inensity. The hero can also throw objects with this material strength as well. If the hero ceases concentration on the Telekinesis, the objects fall to the ground. This power can be used to lift someone, if the hero makes an easy Telekinesis (Strength) action against the target.

Stunt-Forceflight: By moving the air under the hero, he or she gains Flight.

Stunt-Force Bolt: Your hero can create telekinetic force missiles of the power's intensity, shooting them to firing distance.

Stunt-Force Field: By stiffening the air, your hero gains a personal Force Field of effectiveness equal to the power's intensity against physical and energy attacks.

Stunt-Object Swarm: Your hero animates many small objects, pummeling all chosen targets as if the items were thrown. The hero makes one challenging Telekinesis (Agility) action for all affected, or and average Telekinesis (Agility) action if focusing all the objects on one target.

Stunt-Passengers: Your hero can lift a number of passengers up to the power's intensity at flight 1.

Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Professor X, Phoenix, Psylocke
Related Powers: Psychic Blast, Psi-Screen

Your hero may establish mind-to-mind communication with any other individuals. The telepath may read only surface thoughts, but does so without any visile or audible signs. The telepath can sense through the eyes and ears of the person contacted. He or she may also speak directly into the mind of the person or persons conacted. Language is never an issue.

When trying to make telepathic contact, your hero must make an easy Telepathy action. This action is unopposed if the target is willing. Against an unwilling target, the action is opposed by the target's Willpower. If the target is also a telepath, and has a greater power intensity than the user, contact is impossible unless the target is willing.

Stunt-Life Detection: Your hero can tell when living creatures are nearby with an average Telepathy action. You can declare an action in any exchange where a surprise attack is launched.

Stunt-Mental Probe: A Mental Probe is a search for a specific image in a person's mind. You must state what your hero is looking for before beginning the scan. The hero must make an average Telepathy action opposed by the Willpower of the target, if the target is resisting. In any case, the strain of being probed reduces the target's Intellect and Willpower by 1 for the next 24 hours, and the target may not be probed again for that time. A successful Mental Probe will reveal the information known by the individual being probe, strickly limited to that person's knowledge. In addition, your hero can glean the target's calling and personality notes.

Stunt-Psi-Screen: Your hero gains Psi-Screen.

Stunt-Psychic Detection: Your hero is attuned to exceptional mental radiation in general, and as such can make an average Telepathy action to detect the use of nonmagical paranormal abilities including mind-reading, thought-casing, mind control, and psychic attacks.

Stunt-Psychic Invisibility: Your hero gains Invisibility, with the Fools Only Creatures limit.

Stunt-Psychic Surgery: Your hero can enter the mind of a willing person and repair psychic damage. By making an average Telepathy action opposed by the number of damage points, your hero can restore one card (or 5 Health) from damage caused by mental attacks. This surgery can also repair long-term damage, though the difficulty may rise if the scar is buried deep.

Stunt-Psychic Weapons: By focusing mental powers, your hero creates a weapon of psychic energy. This weapon activates with a Telepathy action, resisted by Willpower as a defense instead of Strength. Use of psychic weaponry drains your hero's telepathic abilities for an aura duration.

Stunt-Rangeless: Your hero can communicate with anyone he or she can find regardless of distance, perhaps through Psychic Detection or other powers.

Stunt-Sedation: Your hero can make an average Telepathy (Willpower) attack to cause a person to black out. The person cannot wake up for at least 15 minutes.

Stunt-Team Link: Your hero can link the minds of a number of allies up to the power's intensity. So that all team members are aware of each other's actions. The hero can maintain this cantact regardless of the subjects' physical proximity to each other. If anyone blacks out, the hero must make a challenging Telepathy action to maintain the link with all other teammates.

Stunt-Telelocation: Your hero can locate one or more known individuals whereever they are, simply by making an average Telepathy action. Any Mind Control or Telepathy powers can affect the individual at the extended distance.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Nighhtcrawler, Fatale, Vanisher, Zero
Related Powers: Astral Projection, ESP

Your hero can move instantly from point to point without physically crossing the distance between. The hero enters another dimension, moves through that demension, and returns to the original dimension at another location.

Teleportation---the pros call it 'porting---is disorienting. Each time the hero 'ports, he or she must make an easy Teleportation action. Failure indicates the hero arrives at the location, but is disoriented by the experience and may take no action in the following exchange. The teleporting hero may carry something or someone the hero is touching, up to normal Strength limits. Those carried by the hero must make a challenging Strength action or be disoriented for an exchange.

If the exact layout of the location is not known by the teleporter (even if it has been changed for a few minutes), the hero risks teleporting into a solid object. The player draws a card, and if the value is higher than the hero's intensity, he or she suffers damage equal to the material strength of the object. If not, the hero arrives safe and sound. This risk is ignored by 'porters with intensity of 10+, but low-intensity heroes usually won't try to teleport into an unfamilliar place.

The exact distance of teleportation is unimportant. Those with intensities below 5 are usually limited to a few miles or line of sight, while those with 20+ can teleport anywhere in the universe.

Limit-Location-Specific: Your hero can teleport to one place only.

Stunt-Displacement: Your hero can teleport into a solid object or person, causing the target to be displaced to where the hero started. This is an average Teleportation (Agility) attack which, if undodged, inflicts no damage but causes the displacement to occur as a contingent action.

Stunt-Fusillade: Your hero teleports quickly from place to place, feinting to cause damage to one or more targets. The hero may divide his or her ability and pre-cardplay modifiers among as many attacks as desired, all of which are performed as contingent actions after the teleport occurs. However, you don't redraw cards played in these attacks until all attacks are finished.

Stunt-Gateway: Your hero opens a rift in the universe and allows people to step through. Each exchange after the first, the hero needs an average Teleportation action to hold the rift open.

Stunt-Passengers: Your hero can teleport with a number of passengers up to the power's intensity.

Stunt-Quick Turnaround: Your hero can teleport back to where he or she started as a contingent action to the first teleport.

Stunt-Summoning: Your hero can teleport other persons or objects from remote locations to his or her side. If used with ESP and Mind Control, this stunt allows the summoning of powerful beings from other dimensions. Not that they usually like being summoned, mind you.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Timeshadow, Tempo
Related Powers: Postcognition, Precognition, Time Travel

Time Control allows your hero to alter the flow of time in a very limited manner. The hero can go back and forth within a few seconds of time, jumping around to avoid being hurt and seizing the moment. The hero cannot adjust time outside the boundaries of an exchange, however.

Heroes with with Time Control can change their declared action after anyone else declares an action. If two heroes with Time Control declare at the same time, their powers cancel out.

By slowing down the timestream, the hero uses the Time Control intensity instead of Agility for purposes of dodging one (and only one) attack made against the hero from within firing distance. The hero must declare which attack he or she is using this power against.

Heroes with Time Control may divide their attack into a normal attack and one or more contingent attacks. The hero's normal ability score and all pre-cardplay modifiers are divided among the number of attacks, rounded down.

Time Control can only be selected at a minimum of 10 intensity.

Stunt-Paralysis: With a touch, the hero can slow or halt the flow of time around a target, gaining Paralysis. This can be used positively, to protect injured, poisoned, or dying heroes; for this and to slow time around objects, the effect lasts for a number of minutes equal to the power's intensity. The hero can also use this power in combat to paralyze an opponent; see the Paralysis power.

Stunt-Speed Burst: Your hero can jump forward in time to cross distances as if he or she had Lighting Speed---from an observer's perspective, that is. Your hero gains none of the other powers of Lighting Speed, however.

Stunt-Timetwisting: Your hero can cause hiccups in time for allies, as long as the hero concentrates on Timetwisting. Only willing individuals who are fully aware of the effect have their actions affected by Tinetwisting. They gain the ability to divide their attacks as above. Every exchange, anyone under the effects of Timetwisting must make a challenging Willpower action or suffer 10 damage points which ignore all defenses.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Kang, Doctor Doom, Rama-Tut
Related Powers: Time Control

Your hero can travel into the past or future. Needless to say, this is an immensely potent ability, and the Narrator who opens this Pandora's box should realize that it'll be awfully hard to closes. That said, time traveling makes for wildly exciting and unpredictable adventures.

Time is amazingly resilient in the Marvel Universe. Villains often believe that they can go back in time to alter some critical event that will change everything. As far as we know, they're wrong. Than again, how would we know if they weren't? This question has baffled chronologists for ages.

Without resolving this question, the Time Travel power gets the hero to a place that sure looks like the past or the future. You draw four cards, and if the combined value exceeds the hero's intensity in Time Travel, the hero appears in a universe that's somehow different than expected. Regardless of the destination, the time travel method cannot be used again for at least an hour.

A warning to players: Your heroes enter the timestream at their peril. Narrators know that time travel is just an excuse to play with reality. You've been warned.

Limit-Future Only: Your hero cannot travel farther back in time than his or her starting point.

Limit-Past Only: Your hero cannot travel farther forward in time than his or her starting point.

Stunt-Chronometric Detection: Your hero can know the peculiar energy signature of each time period, with an average Time Travel action. The hero knows what day it is at any moment.

Stunt-Passengers: Your hero can take one passenger per point of the power's intensity. If a passenger wants to stay in the current time, the hero has to make an average Time Travel (Willpower) action to force the passenger through time.

Stunt-Time Tracking: Your hero has a fix on one object or person, and knows when that target is at all times.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Grey Gargoyle, Molecule Man, Sersi
Related Powers: Alchemy, Body Transformation

Your hero may convert objects or creatures into other forms by touching them. The hero makes an easy Transmutation action, opposed by the object's material strength or the creature's Willpower. While transformed, a creature cannot recall what has occurred and has the material strength or other abilities of that object or creature (see Material Strength and Critters). To transform a creature, its flesh or similar substance must be touched.

These alterations typically last for days or month or years, as determined by the Narrator. The hero can use this power to revert the change target to its normal form. In any event, the target regains his or her normal form following the transformation, even if pieces are broken off or dispersed. At its highest levels of power, Transmutation can allow the hero to create whole castles and cities.

Limit-Creatures Only: Your hero cannot transform nonliving objects.

Limit-Form Only: The target retains its basic abilities and powers, unless those powers depend on senses or limbs that are no longer present. For example, a villain who transforms the Human Torch into a frog will suddenly be facing a flaming frog that flies and shoots fireballs. The hero must be able to transform living creatures to take this limit.

Limit-Objects Only: Your hero cannot transform living creatures.

Limit-One Change Only: Your hero can only make one type of change, like turning flesh to stone or men into pigs.

Stunt-Rapid Shift: Every exchange, a transformed creature or objects makes a random change decided upon by the Narrator.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Venom
Related Powers: Claws, Web-Slinging

Your hero can move along walls and ceilings as if walking on floors. The intensity indicates how strong the adhesion is (the mechanism--suction cups, atomic field suppressors, whatever--is left to the player). The hero will use the intensity to determine the ability to stick, according to the slipperiness of the surface. If the surface is sloped so that it is easier to climb, reduce the difficulty by one level; if sloped so that it is harder to climb, increase the difficulty by one level. A hero with Climbing skill can subtract a level from these difficulties:

Rock with handholds
Concrete or brickwork
Glass and/or Steel
Surface coated with oil
Nonstick surfaces
Frictionless surfaces

Limit-One Surface Only: Your hero can only climb one type of surface.

Stunt-Claws: Your hero gains Claws. This means that anywhere he or she climbs, the surface is likely to be damage by the claws.

Stunt-Imbue Wall-Crawling: Your hero can permit others (a number of persons up to the power's intensity) to Wall-Crawl as he or she does.

Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Sub-Mariner, Kymaera, any Atlantean
Related Powers: Life Support, Lighting Speed, Water Control

This power lets the hero breathe water, either through air tanks, gills, or somesuch. It allows the hero to withstand the pressure in great depths of water and to see underwater as if on land (acting as Telescopic Vision underwater---see Enhanced Senses).

The hero may use the Waterbreathing intensity to resist Pressure attacks, including vertigo.

Limit-Air Toxic: Your hero cannot breathe surface air and gains the Hindrance of Fatally Vulnerable to Air.

Stunt-Resistance to Gses: Because of an increased ability to hold his or her breath, your hero gains Resistance to Gases.

Stunt-Waterwalking: Your hero can cross the surface of water as if it were land.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Crystal, Water Wizard
Related Powers: Cold Control, Waterbreathing

Water Control allows the hero to control liquids. The water may be used as a missile weapon, inflicting damage equal to the power's intensity at firing distance. The water also may be used as a shield against energy, reducing energy attacks by the intensity of the power.

Your hero can also calm or roil waters at will. The distance of this aspect of the power is whatever your hero can see, though it is always difficult to control large bodies of water.

Limit-Submersive: Your hero must be submerged in the water he or she wishes to control to use this power.

Stunt-Air Bubbles: Your hero can create air bubbles so that a number of people up to the power's intensity can survive underwater.

Stunt-Dehydration: Your hero can destroy water. The hero can lower water or use this stunt as an average Water Control (Strength) attack against humans and others mainly composed of water.

Stunt-Drowning: Your hero can choke a victim with water using an average Water Control (Strength) attack. Each exchange this attack affects a victim, damage increases by one level.

Stunt-Fog: Your hero can create Fog as if he or she had that aspect of Weather Control.

Stunt-Melting: Your hero can melt solid ice.

Stunt-Propulsion: Your hero can use water to speed water vechicles, as with Lighting Speed.

Stunt-Tsunami: Your hero makes an average Water Control action to form existing water into a wave, then as a contingent action can bring it crashing down on all within firing distance. The hero makes an average Water Control (Agility) action to damage targets within firing distance.

Stunt-Waterbreathing: Your hero gains Waterbreathing.

Stunt-Waterwalking: Your hero can cross the surface of water as if it were land.

Stunt-Water Creation: Your hero can create any amount of water.

Stunt-Water Elementals: Your hero creates beings of water or other liquid, with Strength and Agility scores equal to the power's intensity. It requires a full exchange to create each elemental; while your is creating an elemental, none of the hero's other elementals can do anything. A maximum of one being may be created per point of intensity. The hero must concentrate to control these beings; if the hero falls unconscious, they trickle away at the end of the exchange. These creatures suffer double intensity damage from fire attacks.

Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Storm, Thor
Related Powers: Air Control

Your hero can manipulate the weather, including winds, temperature, precipitation, and even lightning. In its basic form, the power allows the hero to reduce or increase weather effects by his or her power's intensity. He or she can quell a rainstorm, thicken fog, or cause lighting to strike randomly. Your hero can predict the weather with 100 percent accuracy.

Weather's intensity can dwarf the power of anything on earth---but usually doesn't. Weather should be treated like any other attack or power: Rainstorms don't usually hurt, and even really hot days aren't all that dangerous. But when a Weather Controlling hero alters these effects, they become monstrous: localized hurricane winds, bone-chilling snow, drenching waves of rain, heatstroke aplenty. Thus, the hero can generally inflict the power's intensity in damage to all within firing distance. When the hero ceases concentration, the weather returns to normal.

Limit-Runaway Weather: If the hero starts using Weather Control, the effects will turn disastrous and uncontrollable on a negative card draw.

Stunt-Arc Riding: Your hero rides arcs of electricity that allow Flight while in firing distance of the ground. The cannot make quick turns or stops. If the hero shorts out, he or she will fall (see Electric Control).

Stunt-Downdraft: Your hero can flatten targets with a blast of air. The hero makes an average Weather Control (Strength) attack on each individual below, and if successful against an individual, he or she loses an action. One action score is generated for the attack, though individual Strengths will vary the difficulty from target to target.

Stunt-Flight: Your hero gains Flight.

Stunt-Fog Cloud: Your hero can obscure vision to all within firing distance, reducing vision to striking distance. The effects of maximum coverage last with the hero's concentration, and disperses during the next exchange. The hero can also use this power to target a specific individual with fog; this requires an average Weather Control (Agility) action to succeed. The hero can also use this stunt with snow if he or she desires.

Stunt-Heat Control: Your hero can alter the heat levels within firing distance by roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit per point of intensity. A hero with a 20 intensity can thus make a 50 degree room into a 200 degree room in one exchange. If the temperature goes above 120 degrees everyone in the room suffers the intensity in damage after subtracting defense. This power can be targeted at one individual.

Stunt-Lighting Bolts: Assuming a storm is present, the hero can strike any individual within firing distance with a bolt of lighting. This is an average Weather Control (Agilty) electrical attack.

Stunt-Resistance to Weather: Your hero gains Resistance to Weather. The hero isn't resistant to attacks that come from sources other than weather, so the hero would be Resistance to lighting bolts but not electricity from a transformer station.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Spider-Man, Venom
Related Powers: Ensnarement, Wall-Crawling

Your hero can project sticky webbong, which can be used to swing from rooftops and bind up foes. Each exchange while using this power, the hero must make an easy Web-Sling action to catch onto a target, opposed by the target's Agility if it's moving. The hero can swing from building to building, catch flagpoles and television antennas, and latch onto moving vehicles.

This power offers Ensnarement effects at the intensity of Web-Slinging. Your hero can ensnare a person by making an easy Agility action; if undodged, the attack entangles the opponent as a contingent action. On the next exchange and any thereafter, the victim may make an average Strength (Web-Slinging) action to break out of the snare. Ensnared victims cannot move or take other actions until freed.

Webbing is an unstable substance. All effects of a cast web wears off after an hour at most.

Stunt-Adhesion: The substance is so sticky that it can adhere whatever it touches to any object. On the next exchange and Therafter, the victim may make an average Strength (Web-Slinging) action to break out of the adhesive.

Stunt-Instant Freedom: Your hero can choose to let someone free from his or her ensnarement just by thinking about it.

Stunt-Multiple Targets: Your hero can hit any number of targets within firing distance. One action score is generated for all targets, even though the Agility of the victims may vary the individual difficulties from target to target.

Stunt-Net: Your hero can use the power's intensity rather than Agility for catching falling items or people. The hero suffers no damage from falling objects of human size or less landing on him or her.

Stunt-Resistance to Ensnarement: Your hero gains Resistance to Ensnarement at the power's intensity and can wriggle free of most bonds.

Stunt-Web Shield: Your hero can make a shield out of webs, gaining defense equal to the power's intensity againts physical attacks.

Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Archangel, Deathbird, Vulture, Wasp
Related Powers: Flight

Your hero has wings which give him or her the ability of flight. The hero's wings are vulnerable, and an undodged aimed shot (see Aiming) at the wings will cripple the wings if the intensity of the attack is greater than that of the Wings. In this case, the hero suffers no damage, but loses the ability to fly. The hero can intentionally bring about this fate by wrapping the wings around his or her body, cuasing the attack to be aimed at the wings.

Limit-Glider Wings: Your hero can fly only downward and at the whims of the winds.

Stunt-Downdraft: Your hero can flap the wings to project a blast of air. The hero makes an average Wings (Strength) attack on each individual below, and if successful against an individual, he or she loses an action. One action score is generated for the attack, though individual Strength will vary the difficulty from target to target.

Stunt-Feather Blast: Your hero can detach and project his or her feathers as an attack at the Wing's intensity within firing distance.

Stunt-Protected Wings: Your hero's wings have a material strength of the power's intensity and cannot be affected by the aimed shot described above.

Stunt-Wing Slash: Your hero can use his or her wings to slash a foe. The hero must cross at least one distance in the exchange, and can slash only if the hero is within striking distance at the time of the attack. The attack is a normal average Strength (Agility) attack.

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