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Lucy in the Sky
Lucy in the Sky
Karolina Dean
Fighting Good
Agility Remarkable
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good
Health 90
Karma 36
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity 0


  • Is a Majesdanian alien with light projectile powers and flight.



Real Name: Karolina Dean
Former Aliases: Lucy in the Sky, LSD, K
First Appearance: Runaways (1st series) #1, Runaways (1st series) #6 (as Lucy in the Sky)
Known Relatives: "Frank Dean" (father, deceased), "Leslie Dean" (mother, deceased), Xavin (fiancée)
Group Affiliation: "Runaways"
Known Allies: Xavin, Old Lace, Cloak & Dagger
Major Enemies: Young Avengers, formerly The New Pride, Excelsior, Gibborim, Alex Wilder, Cloak & Dagger, Topher, The Pride
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Multi-colored (true), Blue (with bracelet in use)
Hair: Multi-colored (true), Blonde (with bracelet in use)
Other distinguishing features: Incandescent, multi-colored aura when in true form

Karolina's parents were alien overlords and part of 'The Pride', a six-family cadre of criminals also consisting of crime bosses, time-traveling despots, evil mutants, dark wizards and mad scientists, who secretly ran all the criminal operations in Los Angeles. Twenty-some years ago, an ancient race known as the Gibborim summoned six couples to their underwater base, and offered these twelve the power to rule L.A., and six individual shots at eventual eternal life. In exchange, they were to assist the Gibborim in destroying the world, which was to occur after twenty- five years of faithful service. They accepted, and everything went according to plan, until Mrs. Stein became pregnant.

Deciding it was more reasonable to guarantee immortality to a shared child than take a chance at missing out entirely, each couple had a baby, and seemingly agreed to give them the six spots. Years later, the children, now teenagers and ignorant of their parents' true standing, witnessed them kill a girl in the 'Rite of Blood', an arcane ceremony in accordance with their infernal agreement. Horrified by what they'd seen, the children ran away from home, taking various information and technology with them. They settled in a sunken mansion in the hills called 'The Hostel'. While housed there, the kids had various adventures, battling a vampire as well as Cloak and Dagger, and they also learned more about The Pride's past from the Abstract, a mysterious ancient book written in riddles.

When one of their parents' plants in the LAPD located The Hostel, the team was forced to move out, so they took the fight to their parents. They interrupted the 'Rite of Thunder', in which The Pride was going to offer up the soul of the girl they'd killed during the 'Rite of Blood'. As Alex revealed himself as a traitor and the kids prevented their parents from completing the ritual, the Gibborim killed Alex and, in one last attempt to save their children, The Pride stayed to fight, giving their kids time to escape. Placed in various homes, the children eventually ran away again and got back together. Rescuing Old Lace and the Leapfrog from storage, they found one of their parents' old bases, located beneath the La Brea tar pits.

The kids began taking on new threats, trying to fill the Pride's void. Karolina, who had been attracted to her teammate Nico Minoru for some time, finally attempted to kiss her, which only made her embarrassed and feel even more different than the others. A moment later a skrull named Xavin appeared, claiming to be her fiancé. Fifteen years previously, Xavin’s father, the royal leader of Tarnax VII, led an invasion against Earth but was stopped by Frank and Leslie Dean, Karolina's parents. In exchange for sparing Earth, the Deans revealed the coordinates of their birth world, Majesdane, hidden beneath the corona of a white dwarf, which had exiled them as a punishment for their crimes. As assurance that the coordinates were real, the Deans offered Karolina to be wed to Xavin.

Tarnax VII attacked Majesdane and the two worlds fought each other ever since. Xavin’s parents were both killed in the war. Xavin had began a training to become a Super Skrull and followed his late father as a royal leader. He hoped to end the war by marrying the Majesdane- born Karolina. Xavin followed Karolina’s energy signature from the Andromeda galaxy all the way to Earth. At first, Xavin ended up fighting Karolina and the other kids but in the end Karolina agreed to leave to space in order to make up for her parents deeds. However, Karolina did not agree to marry Xavin. Nevertheless, Karolina fell in love with Xavin during the following months in space. They are now going to get married, which would bring their home planets together. For other Skrulls Xavin is a male, but for Karolina Xavin shape-shifts into a lovely human female.

Karolina can still send coded messages to her friends through a transmission tower in Los Angeles but recently solar flares have prevented these telegrams.

Karolina is an alien with solar-powered abilities including flight and energy projection. As she cannot exit her powered state herself, Karolina had a specially-designed bracelet which negated her abilities on contact. Karolina left the bracelet on Earth before leaving for space with Xavin.

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