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Layla Rose Miller
Layla Rose Miller
Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent
Health 90
Karma 36
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity 0


  • Prior to the events of House of M, Layla was a mutant with obvious physical mutations including horns and red skin, and, apparently, the power to breath fire. She lost these abilities and became "normal" in appearance after House of M, apparently one of the many mutants to be depowered by the Decimation.
  • Layla currently possesses the ability to see paths of causality to their ultimate conclusion, which allows her to alter events to prevent or cause certain occurrences; this gives her a sense of apparent omniscience. Her abilities apparently do not work as well on Quicksilver, due to a chaotic influence, possibly caused by Quicksilver's relation to the Scarlet Witch, or those related to Singularity Investigations, especially CEO Damien Tryp, whom she cannot read at all.
  • She has yet to make the connection that a similar "blind spot" she has concerning X-Factor member Strong Guy is due to his being connected to Singularity, unbeknownst to his teammates.



Layla Miller is a young mutant girl with omniscient powers. When the Scarlet Witch warped reality and provided everyone with false memories of living in the new, mutant- dominant world, Layla was instrumental in bringing down the "House of M".

Layla was one of four unaffected characters (the others being Wolverine, the Scarlet Witch, and the Witch's brother Quicksilver), and she was able to restore other characters' memories, helping them rebel against the House and restore reality. In House of M #7, Dr. Strange suggested that the Scarlet Witch had created Layla to help the heroes.

In the current X-Factor series, Layla joins X-Factor Investigations and has knowledge of certain private matters and future events. In her own words: "I'm Layla Miller. I know stuff." Contradicting Dr. Strange's theory of her origin, Layla is established to have had a life prior to the events of House of M, as a young mutant living in an orphanage; after the House of M reality reverted to normal, Layla is one of the majority of mutants who lost their powers at the Scarlet Witch's decree, a phenomenon referred to as the Decimation. However, Layla is the only such person thus far to have (apparently) spontaneously gained new powers without outside influence.

When asked, Layla has purported to understand how it is that she "knows things." However, she claims that if she were to tell anyone she would be struck down and die on the spot. Since she has proven to be capable of manipulation, the veracity of her contention is in doubt.

Layla can be cold-blooded and detatched in pushing events in a direction that she perceives as "right". She has admitted that she had prior knowledge of the vicious attack Siryn would suffer, and appears to have withheld this information because she surmised that X-Factor's reluctant leader Jamie Madrox would respond forcefully, directing his efforts against the source of the assault.

Layla's mission in X-Factor is to make certain the members of the team never learn the truth about the Decimation. However, this mission is made obsolete in X-Factor #8, (a crossover with Marvel Comics' Civil War), when Siryn acquires the details of the House of M and Decimation from Spider-Man. Siryn learns that Quicksilver, who has settled in the same area of New York City in which X-Factor operates, coerced his sister into warping reality and creating the House of M.

Layla refers to herself as Quicksilver's nemesis. At the same time she works to steer events in certain directions guided by the "stuff" she knows, Quicksilver desires to reverse some of the effects of the Decimation, using newly- gained abilities to restore mutants' lost powers. According to what Layla knows, Quicksilver's path is somehow dangerous in the grand scheme of things, and she believes the best thing for the world would be a future in which Quicksilver dies in an accident a future which events beyond her control have rendered null and void.

Layla has also taken steps to deal with Singularity Investigations, a rival firm determined to eliminate X-Factor Investigations by any means necessary. (Singularity arranged the vicious assault on Siryn.) Layla has provided cryptic (and useful) advice to X-Factor members in their confrontations with Singularity, and has engineered the events that lead to the death of a Singularity operative who had broken in to X-Factor's base of operations. (She then shipped the corpse, packed in ice, to Singularity's headquarters.)

On several occasions Layla has remarked that she and Jamie Madrox will eventually be married. Since Layla is his junior by at least a decade, this utterance causes Jamie repeated and considerable discomfort.

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