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(Spawn's Stats apply since they are a part of him)


  • Same as Spawn




A young boy who was contained in Spawn’s heart and is meant to replace his lost innocence. He was conjured by the Man of Miracles. In life, he drowned in a water tank after climbing to the top and slipping on the side and falling inside. He has a bad leg and had no way of getting out. His mother came to rescue him but neither could escape. Dehydration set in and Christopher fell asleep and drowned while his mother was confronted with a woman covered in plants who promised to allow him to return. She was on the verge of suicide and only Christopher’s prompt return kept her from killing herself. On the way, he was confronted and tempted by Billy Kincaid who for Chris had seemed to have taken on a similar role to The Clown. Christopher was given the choice of many action figures to choose from while Kincaid attempted to distract and stab him. His costume reacted and subdued Kincaid. As all of this was happening Christopher was also beginning to decompose. He left and headed for home. This is when he met his mother and Man of Miracles returned to him. Though badly decomposed, his mother could only see her son as he was. She saw Man of Miracles as the green woman. They left his mother again to search for Spawn. On the way, Christopher was left again to fend for himself. He ran into a comic book which filled in the details of his death and with this he realized he was dead. He also ran into a circus and Kincaid again, trying to kill him. He showed that he had kept two action figures from their previous encounter, Sam and Twitch and this distracted Kincaid, who shortly afterwards was grabbed and killed by the costume. Sam and Twitch were mystically transported to his location and saw Kincaid’s corpse and found Chris who had lost his eyes at this point after seeing Kincaid "do things" to other children, and was dressed fully in his hellspawn costume. Christopher is the key to unlocking the powers of The Legion. He moves in and out of Spawn to rest himself as well as to bring out other members. He has thus far summoned the Kitamuras and Surendras. It is theorized that he is the child that Bootsy warned Spawn about right after Spawn’s first encounter with Greenworld.

Hiroshi and Kumiko Kitamura

A Japanese grandfather and his granddaughter. Kumiko was a video game wiz and Hiroshi a practitioner of bushido. They are decendents of Oda Nobunaga, and Hiroshi was the holder of Nobunaga’s powerful katana. Kumiko had fallen into a bad crowd and began to prostitute herself and became addicted to drugs. She constantly fought with her parents, who knew nothing of her activities, as well as her grandfather who had been following her and knew what was going on. She had no respect for any of them, and Hiroshi was seen as feeble, senile and useless by the whole family. In order to protect the family’s honor Hiroshi followed Kumiko and attempted to pull take her from a group of thugs with his katana. Kumiko chose to take a bullet for her grandfather as he was slashing at his attackers and the two were gunned down. When they awoke from within Spawn neither knew that they were dead, only that they had been somewhere. They were summoned to clear Joshua Creek, TN of the zombies that had been taking over. Both share the symbiotic costume of Spawn, as Christopher does, and it manifests weapons for them. Kumiko originally wielded necroplasm-powered pistols, but ultimately chose a large, stylized katana-like sword while Hiroshi wields a katana fashioned after the sword passed down through his family. Their bodies have begun to deteriorate, also like Christopher and the charred Al Simmons.

Amal and Shanti Surendra

A married Hindu couple who died while Shanti was with child. In life they were doctors. While traveling to a relative’s house they ran into a truck on a narrow mountain pass and their car was flung down the cliff. Their attachment to their unborn child seems linked to why they neither ascended to Heaven nor descended to Hell. Unlike the previous two souls, Hiroshi and Kumiko, they knew already that they were dead. Amal and Shanti were summoned to Bengal, India and their role was to save Spawn from Kali by sacrificing to her the soul of their unborn child so that it might be returned to the wheel of fate, the circle of life and death. They had the courage to look Kali in the face and question her, as well as to give up what was most precious to them in the world. This sacrifice touched Kali, who allowed Spawn to live. Neither has employed the use of a hellspawn uniform, nor have either began to deteriorate. They have since returned inside of Spawn.

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