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Sanktejo Realms finally switched over to registered access for several reasons, and no, this wasn't something out of the blue.

It has been coming for a long time for several reasons:

The above are only SOME of the many reasons that have compounded my decision to make SR registered access only.

I require the person's name, date of birth and email in my registration because that acts as a statement on their behalf, that they have read and will follow the site rules, are over the age of 18 and are legally allowed to chat on adult sites.

The chain of events that led me to making SR registered access gave me three choices:

  1. Make the site pay access only.

  2. Make registration compulsory.

  3. Close Sanktejo Realms down.

Now, I think all of you agree that the option I chose is better than the other two, don't you?

SR is a privately owned site, but I still have to follow international law, the information is required for legal purposes and acts as a form of protection for me, the chatter AND the site to prevent minors, hackers and other undesirables from coming on site, while protecting others from certain undesirable effects.
The information is 100% confidential, only I have access to the information and the only way ANYONE will be getting it from me, will be through a court of law.


By filling out and submitting the registration form, I declare that I have read and will respect the site rules, that I am over the age of 18 and that it is legal for me to chat in such sites. 

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