Mystic Valley closely resembles Earth from its plant life to its various animals however, with twin moons rising every six months which have an unusual effect on the valley's residents it is obvious once you are here how very different from earth this place really is. The Mystical Gardens room has a GOTO PD inside which we call the portal to the valley which lies behind the cottages back wall. If you have no magical ability you'll never see the gardens if you are there for introduction of role play into Mystic Valley. The Gardens are used in RP for those who are to be invited into the Valley on Stars invite. As you enter the portal it dumps you out in the castle's main courtyard. Walking down the road to the south you will come across the town of Mystic Valley. You will find the market place, the magick shoppe, the Mystic Valley Bed and Breakfast as well as the first building Star built which is called Fairy Wings Tavern Owned and operated by The Pillywiggin Fae, Queen Devolyn and Princess Shaylee who also happen to be under the Guardianship of Star Angel being given the duty of insuring their race survive since they are the very last of Pillywiggin. Going northward you see a small path leading into the wilderness. Continuing on this path you will come across Mystic Lake. Mystic Lake has a waterfall which empties into it from above the cliffs and just behind the flowing water is the entrance to a cave. Continuing on the road which brought you to Mystic Lake you will come to a fork. One part leads you Northwest into the Dryads meadow and the other leads you North East into an area we call Fae Glenn which is now only home to various animals and Charlie the Leprechaun has his hut hidden somewhere there as well. There are mountain goats about on the cliff grazing there above the Shoreline. There are various Deer and Elk about the meadow as well. Various birds which adorn the skies and the sunset is often purple in summer. StarAngel is a Parasim who is not only guardian of the Pillywiggin but also guardian of this Valley, on Odin's invite since the valley was created by the Norse God himself. While most angels are either Lawful Good or Fallen becoming then neutral at best or evil most Parasim angel's are chaoitc good in that they will not follow the law to the letter instead making their own choices if it serves the good of this valley and its inhabitants. Parasim's are also known as Heaven's Calvary being known as the Angels of Equines, bursting into song to increase morale in battle as well they rarely shut up. StarAngel is the RC of this room as well as the entire realm. ALL mods in this realm WILL mod the roleplay as they see fit.


1. Mystic Valley is a fantasy based role play room for beginners. Which is why we have a NO KILL ZONE, NO CAPTURE, NO RAID, NOR FORCED COLLAR, NOR FORCED FEEDING rule in this room RPERS WITH EXPERIENCE AND PATIENCE NEEDED, GOD MODDING/GOD RPING IS PROHIBITED.

2. New characters are always welcome to join. However you must speak to StarAngel the RC of this room and entire Celestial Realm as well has an APPROVED CHARACTER SHEET up on the CR FORUM to which you have been made a member of by Star approving the account. The Link to the CR FORUM is located on the WHO CHAT within this realm. while many begin their characters in Mystical Gardens thus invited into this room the bulk of the role play takes place with in Mystic Valley itself. No stats are ever needed nor used in the creation of Character Sheets. The template to fill out is located with in the CR FORUM as well as the message board link on the Mystical Gardens Entry Page.

3. This room is FREE FORM. Some chars. Are DnD based but very loosely so. SPARRING IS AS FOLLOWS .. three actions per post 2 offense/1 defense or 2defense/1offense.

4. OOC CHAT within MV will be kept to a minimum. If you are in to Observe or to speak to a chatter roleplaying DO NOT POST THEM OPENLY. Please PM them or I would prefer you messenger them instead.

5. While new characters are welcome some character types are not suitable since this room is a newbie/novice fantasy role play room.This is why all characters must be discussed with the RC StarAngel prior to entering. Also Role Players who have experience are NOT to bring in a character so evolved in skill that the newbies/novices here are intimidated from playing along. We ask you tone down your Chars. Stats to play this room or choose a character which is limited in skill. For example the RC Star Angel who’s IC is only DnD based so far as race and skills has purposefully left off resurrection which any celestial would normally have

6. MEMBERS ONLY!! see rule number 2.

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