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A message about this room from Star:

I am StarAngel the Realm Controller of this realm and this room. I began this room for many who asked I run a LIGHT BDsM room. THIS IS NOT THE SITES FETISH SEX ROOM. However, this IS also a ROLE PLAY ROOM. Those who are temple members have chosen characters to play human careers in the town where this rooms setting is. Most characters have chosen careers in their respective roles of either submissive or Dominant. Some play neither only opting for the human role play as this realm is a TEACHING realm. That makes this room a TEACHING room of BDsM for those who wish to learn. This is not a dungeon. Here we RESPECT and CHERISH submissives. Here we have no slaves. Here we do not practice extremes such as one would find in GOR or a dungeon type atmosphere. I personally do not use intimidation to maintain control while many Dom/Dommes use this technique it would be acceptable within reason. I do not begrudge others to practice their BDsM THEIR WAY. However, ALL submissives who are not claimed by a Dom/Domme as their title or avatar would dictate are under the temple's protection at all times. This means ME personally and that of my MODS regardless if my mods are submissive Dom/Domme or neither.
This room will have OOC as well BDsM related events from time to time as well as scenes in progress and role play of our characters careers. It is RUDE to interrupt a scene between a submissive and their respective Dom/Domme as well as blabbing OOC during an obvious role play. Please read the screen after posting a hello since lurkers are immediately booted. NON HUMAN CHARACTERS are NOT to be in this room for the simple reason many here use this as their lifestyle room not just another realm to role play in. While I play an actual angel in fantasy role play I also use the same name in here but my character here is fully human and my title is Head Mistress/Real Estate Broker for the town. This rooms setting is present day Carolina coastline in the USA.


1. Submissives have the right to refuse service to A/anyone if they are NOT collared to the room. If they are collared to the room they will NOT refuse general services and comforts of the Dom/Domme's of the Home or visiting. Other forms of service is between the sub and the Dom/Domme of the Home, no such service to visiting Dom/Domme's is permitted. With this said A/all submissives regardless of collar or not are protected personally by Star Angel the RC of this room as well as her mods.

2. There will be a Probationary collar AFTER there has been constant participation in this room for a period of two full weeks. After this probationary collar a permanent room collar will be gifted depending on the decision Star Angel, the room's R/C.
2A. Those collared to the room will wear tags inside the room. NO EXCEPTIONS.
2B. A/any submissive has the right to refuse a personal collar for ANY reason.
2C. A/all submissives will address Dom/Dommes as Sir, Madam, Ma’am, Mistress, Master or any other appropriate title. When in doubt ASK. It’s that simple.

3. A/anyone being abusive or disrespectful will apologize on a board post to the one who was disrespected. If this type of behavior continues you will be asked to leave and your room status to this room revoked. There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. DO NOT CROSS IT OR YOU CROSS THE ROOM CONTROLLERS.

4. Mods are to be respected and obeyed at all times regardless if they are Room Controllers or Site Mods.

5. S/switches are welcomed and allowed but here is the restriction. You either enter submissive or Dom/Domme ..you will NOT change during a session.

6. Domme/Doms you are not here to collar, building your stable by claiming all submissives as yours. Each and every collar from a submissive to MY ROOM will be sanctioned by ME, Star Angel. Or it will be considered null and void.

7. Domme/Doms who are members of this room will protect all submissives who enter this room regardless of the tag/tags they wear. No Domme/Dom will request or demand service of a submissive who wears another Dom/Dommes name. WE WILL NOT ENCROACH ON OTHER DOMMES/DOMS submissives. If a personally collared submissive asks to serve a Dom/Domme who is not their Master/Mistress we must make damn sure we have the permission from their respective Dom/Domme to accept the service. Remember respect is earned it is also Unearned and any submissive has the right to throw your collar back at you for NOT caring for them. NO ABUSE WILL EVER BE TOLERATED. Though many seek U/us for discipline I cannot say often enough there is a line between discipline and abuse. This room WILL follow the rules of SSC=Safe, Sane and Consentual.

8. Anonymous names those who lurk will be booted immediately. If you wish to be anonymous GO elsewhere. If you wish to observe you are more than welcome.

9. StarAngel and Faith are the Room Controllers of this realm. Moderators regardless of title be they Dom/Domme or submissive are to be respected and obeyed at ALL times.

(21+ ONLY!!!)

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