Miami...immedietly the mind brings forth images of beauty..bathing suits...sweat and nightlife. This however, is not all Miami has to offer. Miami is a hotbed of Crime, Sex and lies. Here the most beautiful come to soak up the heat by day and scheme against one another in plays for power at night..they say beauty is only skin deep..perhaps their right.

This is a Free Form Room. Based in the now This room has no can play angels..demons..humans..robots...there is nothing to stop you. Character sheets are not necessary here Nor will they be asked for. But with great freedom..comes great responsibility. Like in ages past this room does allow for folk to ignore you if they dont like the way you Roleplay So keep in mind if you are playing an uber powered character and are running over everyone..expect people to avoid you ic..and possibly ooc.

All Site Rules Apply

Note: We are NOT here to monitor babysit or otherwise tell you what to do. This means if your bored...rp somthing! have somthing happen! dont expect everyone else to keep you entertained. Roleplay is about give and take and the group creation of killer stories. Its painting moving pictures in the mind of the players for the enjoyment of all it is NOT a place for RT drama, fighting or bickering. If you dont like someone or dont agree with somthing..USE THE IGNORE BUTTON. So have fun, and play Nice!.

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