A curious wanderer may be lured into the vast thickness of The Shadowthorn Forest where creatures of every kind call home. The sun peeks through the tree tops just enough to produce a light eerie glow upon the paths and underbrush. You can push further in the wild if You dare to see what Mystery this land holds within.

The untrained eye could miss the sparkling flights of the Fairies, The trickery of mischievous Gnomes, Swift huge shadows casted by Dragons flying high above as they soar, Amazing sights of the Shifters that prowl around for their next kill, Or even the underground dwellers that has made Shadowthorn Forest their home.

Shadowthorn Keep lies just beyond the depths, High upon a mountain where the peaks of the Castle can be seen by far away lands or sea in the 11th Century, Ireland. So come weary traveler and pick Your path, Come and take a wild adventure through Our lands, If just passing through or staying a few nights, Or even making Our home Your own, Life is full of challenges and We expect no less here in Shadowthorn where Mystery and Magic is the adventure.

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