Forgotten Forest

EARTH, not the Earth you know, but a different Earth, an Alternate Earth. A world where technology never developed, a world where Magik never disappeared. What we do with science and machines, THEY do with magik and spells....Prepare yourself, for you are about to enter............The FORGOTTEN FOREST!

The Forgotten Forest (FF) is a realm like no other. The trees, plants and animals form a living 'being' all it's own. pollution, overcrowding, all the misery WE know on Earth, either does not exist, or exits in a different way. Wars happen, but are contained in specific "combat fields" so they do not destroy the important areas.

Many of the species that no long exist on Earth, or that WE consider to be myths, still exist in the FF today. the largest cities are barely 250,000 population, you might see centaurs working right alongside elves, dwarves, and humans, you might see a hobbit wife out shopping for the day with friends of several different races. Even the races that on Earth are considered 'dark' or 'evil' exist peacefully in the FF.

Religion, everyone is free to worship as they wish. Indeed there are so many different ways that it is hard to choose one. But ALL on the FF know of ONE thing that is greater than them all, and the is the FF, the 'being' itself. everyone have heard of "The Sacred Grove" the heart of the FF, nobody knows exactly where it is located, but the signs that it exists is everywhere.

ONE creature that is known far and wide in the FF is HEWOLF. HE is the Guardian of the FF, it's defender, it's protector. IF anything from outside threatens it, HE appears and stops it. all the inhabitants of the FF knows is that he is Huge, and he is UNIQUE.


* Machines does NOT exist on FF as we know them....their is magik and spells that duplicate the abilities/duties a machine does. ANY machine brought into the FF will be transformed into it's FF counterpart.

* Guns, rifles, any weapon that uses explosives does NOT exist on FF. they will NOT appear with you if you visit the FF but will remain in Limbo, until you leave and return to your own realm. the ONLY weapons that exist is the hand weapons (swords, spears, bows/arrows, etc.) Any exceptions must be made by HEWOLF, and his decision is Final.

* Vampires and other creatures that need blood to exist are fed by means of a magik spell that creates the blood fresh for them....FEEDING is not allowed in the FF. IF it is done in PM, fine. but any public feeding will be warned, and if not stopped, dealt with.

* submissives/slaves and their Masters/Mistresses are welcomed in the FF, but the FF is a NO KILL/NO COLLARING zone. Exceptions are HEWOLF's decision. Any punishments earned may be taken care of in FF, but WHIPPING is completely banned. anyone caught will Find out what it is like to be Mauled by a Wolf!!!!

* the FF is a freeform roleplay environment for magik and spells. If you wish to use a different roleplay style, please consult HEWOLF about the system, he may need copies of the books (E-books) to evaluate the system.

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