Phoenix Castle.

As you follow the well used path you see the spires of a large and beautiful castle above the trees, drawing closer you see the castle in a clearing in the midst of a huge forest, filled with beauty and light, you feel the magics of this realm welcome you, comforting and warming your soul. Behind the castle in the distance you see the peaks of mountains capped with snow adding to an already beautiful vista. The trail follows straight to the Main castle entry. With it's gates wide open, it gives you the sense of open arms welcoming you in.

Because this place is realm of magic which is bolstered by Portents, what people would percieve as magic and a diminsional shift, the realm is not a capture zone, the sanctity of the place is complete and the only way for a kill to be possible would be through an ajudicated death-spar in the arena, ajudicated by a member of council or Gaisa, the Lord of the Realm.

Magic is allowed, but all malicious arts/disciplines etc have been negated in total while outside of the arena.
Meaning only Gaisa and high council are capable of using such outside of the arena and would only do so in dire situations.
***No fatal attacks unless in a death match***
(There is NO way around the above.)

Vampire feeding may be considered unplesant by many but is neccessary for the survival of their kind and because of this, they are allowed to feed here but, for the sake of those whom are not embraced I ask that feeding be kept to PM and only with consenting "donors"
Bringing somone over into vampirism or trying to make someone your ghoul is not permitted here and any attempts to do so will be negated instantly through the portential protection.
(REFERENCE ONLY: feeding off of someone does NOT make them your ghoul, only allowing them the taste of your blood does that, allowing them to feed from you without draining them of their blood would lead to their becoming like a half vampire, whereas draining them and then letting them feed from you would make them a full vamp. As much as you may wish to make them such, this is prohibited here.)

Gaisa is the Lord of the Realm and his sister Raisa Valeska stands by his side as high council.

slaves, doulos (slaves by choice), submissives and servants are allowed within the realm but they are not allowed to be taken by force, if you want to become someone's slave, you need to actively submit.

The lands surrounding the castle are vast and are currently covered here too.
I hope to build other rooms to show different area's of the realm, they are equally covered by the room until then.

Within the castle is an enigmatic hall known as the hall of infinity, looking more like a giant corridor than a hall, it has an untold number of doorways that lead into numerous realms. Only a small number have been mapped, so be careful, we don't want you inadvertently stumbling into the world of Avaria (Exiles), or the prehistoric world of Finar and getting lost. . .
Or worse. . .



Phoenix Castle and associated rooms are based on Rory Gravell's Starglider series and as such, players should respect the style and try to keep to that, ( The books will be available soon) However, since many people have characters following different themes, the room allows for D&D (3rd edition), rifts, Shadowrun and Free form within reason.


The ultimate decision on whether something is legitimate or not falls back on the high council members or Gaisa, the creator of the SR system. (his word is final).

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